AFK Arena Tier List (2021)

AFK is a mobile game that only works on Android and iOS. It pits you against some of the most important players in the world. You must plan your moves well to achieve your goal of becoming victorious. You must also consider your characters when planning your moves.

Every hero is unique and has their own abilities. Each rank also includes a number of heroes. With a variety of heroes available, which one would you choose to help you? Here’s where we come in. We’ve divided the different heroes into different groups based on their stats and abilities. 

AFK Arena Tier List

You can select the best APK players and create a pool that will guarantee you win!

What is the AFK Arena Tier List List?

Our heroes are not only ranked within the game. We also have divided them based on how they perform in different game modes (PvP/E, Quests, Arcane Labyrinth). This list will help you maximize your team’s potential.

These criteria were then divided:

Tier S:

Tier S heroes represent the strongest grouping of heroes on the entire AFK gaming platforms. They can get the most power-ups in a very short time. They have a wide range of abilities and utilities, with their Ultimates being especially impressive. 

Tier A:

Tier A has powerful players and strong abilities. They also rank at the top, but they have slightly lower HP than Tier S. But this does not mean that they are invincible. They can do more damage. 

Tier B:

Heroes of tier B are most well-known for their defensive and offensive stances. Although they have high tolerance and resistance, their HP and damage output ranks below the first two tiers.

Tier C:

Tier C heroes can also be useful on their own, but they have limited HP and damage output. While they are useful for a time, their effectiveness decreases over time. They won’t be able contribute much so they are best suited for a specific purpose. 

Tier D:

Tier D has heroes who aren’t quite as skilled or comparable to other tiers. They are the least powerful and have the lowest damage output and HP. They have amazing healing and resurrection abilities, which can be very helpful in many situations. They have an advantage because these abilities are only available to tier D. 

AFK Arena Mages Tier Listing 

Heroes who have been blessed by Dura’s sorcery can be classified as Mages in AFK Arena. They are experts in magic and can take severe damage. However, their spells can be very vicious and cause problems by obstructing the path of the opponent. They attack from a distance and are more likely to engage in a prolonged confrontation than they are from close range. 

They are equipped with the power of the Ultimates which allows them large amounts of magical output. However, their defense stats are lower than those of other heroes. They are easily killed by assassins or divers, despite their magical abilities. 

Tier Heroes

  • SAinz Ooal Gown, Khazard, Mehira, Merlin, Zaphrael, Eluard
  • AFlora, Lorsan and Morael. Pippa, Safiya. Skriath
  • BBelinda, Isabella, Oden, Shemira
  • C  –Satrana, Solise
  • DRaku

AFK Arena Rangers Tier List 

Rangers are fighters who can attack from faraway, just like their name. Rangers have a range that is nearly as great as Mages but are faster and more agile than Mages. They were blessed with Dura’s celerity, and have caused considerable damage in a very short time.

They are excellent assassins because they can sneak up on their enemies quickly and quietly. They are extremely important in battles because of the physical damage they inflict, especially when they have to deal with multiple enemies. They are also known as specialist damage dealers because of these facts.

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Athalia. Eironn. Ferael. Lucretia. Lyca. Ezio.
  • A –  Gwyneth – Joker, Kren – Nakoruru – Prince of Persia
  • B –  Cecilia. Drez. Fawkes. Kelthur. Respen. Theowyn. Tidus. Vurk.
  • C –  Kaz
  • D –  Oscar, Thane

AFK Arena Support Tier List 

They are the heroes who have received Dura’s sustenance blessing. The true backbone is the support group, even though they don’t have the best defensive stats or damage potential. They provide heroes and warriors with an increase in strength and health. 

They help to increase the utility and accuracy of their signatures. The boost-up ensures that fighters remain in peak condition which allows the team to last longer. You can do more damage when they are alive and your damage stats increase dramatically.

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Elijah and Lailah Ezizh Leofric Rowan, Silas Talene, Tasi
  • A –  Desira, Mortas, Nemora, Rosaline
  • B –  Numisu, Peggy
  • C –  Raine
  • D –  Arden

AFK Arena Tanks Tier List 

Tanks are the only ones who can take out the most damage from their enemies, in a team of heroes. Dura’s resilience means that Tanks can come in even when it is the most difficult to take all the damage and the rest of their team will fight. 

Without Tanks, a team would fall. They would be weak and would take the most hits from their enemies. The Tanks, despite being bulky and strong, are there to protect their fellow teammates from permanent injuries. They are also able to withstand the worst hits because of their body frame. 

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Daimon, Thoran, Titus, Albedo
  • A –  Arthur, Grezhul, Mezoth, Orthros, Skreg
  • B – Brutus, Hendrik
  • C –  Anoki, Gorvo, Lucius, Torne
  • D –  Ulmus

AFK Arena Warriors Tier List 

In any battle, the most crucial part is the warrior. They have the blessing of Dura’s might, and they can do much more than simply punching their enemies. They can take substantial damage from the enemies while still being able to use some good offensive abilities. 

The Warriors protect the back, while Tanks guard the frontlines. They can deliver more damage than any other hero and pack powerful punches. They are reliable because they can absorb the damage. 

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Alna, Saurus, Izold
  • A –  Nara, Queen, Wu Kong
  • B –  Zolrath, Estrilda, Warek
  • C –  Baden, Khasos, Ukyo
  • D –  Antandra, Rigby, Seirus

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the strongest hero of the AFK arena

All AFK Arena gamers agree that – is the strongest character. Brutus. He is rightfully proud of his title. His large, muscular frame makes him ideal for taking on all kinds of damage and supporting them. His bulk is a great asset and makes it easy to fight off enemies. 

His skill sets are outstanding. His signature spell moves Brutal Defiance, and Last Gasp – make him the strongest character in the game. They are fast enough to kill enemies and allow him to absorb twice the damage of any other hero. He can also survive for quite a while due to these factors.

His performance is excellent at all levels. He can reach the maximum cap in just 240. Unfortunately, he is rare and hard to find. You can still get extra copies of him by attending events.  

2. Which characters are the best support in the AFK arena and why?

We have Nemora & Tasi as the two most popular support characters. 

Nemora is a formidable support character in the AFK arena. Her best-known roles include the Twin Peaks mode and the Labyrinth mode. However, she never loses her enthusiasm in regular battles. It is her incredible talent of Beguile, which really helps us to see her extraordinary skills. 

This ability, which she reaches at level 4, allows her to charm enemies by using their Ultimates against other teammates. As her enemies become stronger, this ability becomes more important. The fact that she can be borough from the shop means that you can ascend her endlessly.

Tasi is the next. Tasi is best known for her defense skills. In just four seconds, she can capture her enemies and teleport to the battlefield to attack them or help their teammates. Her Ultimate puts her enemies in sleep mode, so by the time they wake up, it is already too late. 

3. Who are the most heroic characters in AFK Arena

These are the AFK Arena’s top overall heroes

  • Elijah & Lailah
  • Rowan
  • Talene
  • Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Daimon
  • Eironn
  • Ezizh
  • Tasi

4. Are Thane and AFK good friends?

Thane is a damage dealer and works for the Lightbearer Section. His ultimate is good enough to inflict damage on random enemies. It takes him a total of 141 levels to master better skills. 

He was a strong character who started out ambitiously and had a lot faith in his abilities. Since then, he’s developed a survivor guilt over Baden and has started to develop self-destructive tendencies. His skills reflect this personality, making him somewhat unreliable. 

5. Oscar is Oscar a good performer in the AFK arena.

Oscar, a lightsaber faction member, is known for being agile. Although his damage rate is ridiculous, his focus spread makes it difficult to score a kill. He is able to fight low-tier enemies with his teleportation skills and is quick on his feet. The knives can do moderate damage to enemies. 


These are the AFK arena’s top players! It is easy to determine which heroes you are most suited for each other, and then create a winning team! Tiers can be a great way to optimize your team with some of the most outstanding heroes. 

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