Arcane is the Highest Rated Netflix Series

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You won’t believe how much Arcane is loved! (c/ Riot Games | © Riot Games

Arcane’s rapid success has caused a stir around the globe. The show has seen a lot of success thanks to the many marketing campaigns. It’s one of the most viewed shows on Netflix and has garnered huge media attention.

Is this crazy? Positive attention is the majority of the attention.. Both from within the League of Legends community – who let’s be honest like to shit on everything Riot does – and from complete newcomers to the world of Runeterra.

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Insane Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes

The show is new, and not everyone has reviewed it yet. However, the first three episodes are very encouraging. A staggering 98% of the audience scored the show.This means that nearly all of the fans have rated this show at least 3.0 or higher.

The average score stands at 100%This makes it an excellent show with very few complaints. This doesn’t just pertain to rotten tomatoes though, other sites have just as high ratings for Arcane.

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Arcane is the highest rated Netflix Original Series according to IMDB

Yes, that is correct. Arcane is the top and most loved original Netflix series. Ever. It’s amazing that Riot Games could bring in so many reviews and get so much attention for a show that was developed.

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The French studio Fortiche He did an amazing job animating the series and bringing out the characters and champions. They did such an excellent job that even the on IMDB Arcane has a rating of 9.4/10.

This is the highest number of original Netflix series. What is the second-best series? Black Mirror at 8.8/10. So if you weren’t convinced to check out Arcane, then this should be just another reason for you to go out there and give it a shot.

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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