Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform

Ark: Survival Evolved has become a beloved game. You will be tested for patience as you find yourself on a prehistoric island. Fans have been hooked for years by the daily struggles to survive with limited resources and ward off large creatures.

Its stunning graphics combined with an exciting storyline has helped propel the game to great popularity. It’s a great game to play with friends. This brings us to the question: Is Ark cross-platform for 2021? The answer is YES However, this feature is limited to certain platforms. Continue reading to see if your device supports it!

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Ark: Survival Evolved Overview

Ark: Survival Evolved lets you rely only on yourself. You will be faced with dangerous environments such as deserts and jungles filled with 176 different types of dinosaurs. To survive, you’ll need to create weapons for yourself! You will also need to battle other players for your resources. 

The map measures 50 km by 50km and allows you to explore the entire country. But the journey won’t be easy at all. It is difficult to find resources and there are always hunger, thirst, or weather changes. There are no shelters or caves you can use to double as shelters. You have to build everything from scratch and hope it holds up against all odds.

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

Ark Cross-Platform Xbox One Version & Windows 10 PC Version

Yes, it is! Cross-Platform is one of the platforms that Ark supports. This means you can play Ark with your friends, even if they have one or the other of these platforms. This is due to the fact that Xbox runs on Windows. So playing these together isn’t really hard!

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Ark Cross-Platform Android, and iOS

Yes, absolutely! Ark Survival is cross-platform for both Android and iOS. This feature is available to players with friends who use different OSes. This is because these OS are inherently similar, so they can be used to play.

Ark Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox and PS4

Unfortunately, no. Cross-platform play is not possible for any console, Xbox or Playstation. So, if either you and your friends own a console, then cross-play won’t occur.

This is due to the differences in the software’s architecture. The hardware architecture of consoles is different than that of a mobile or PC. This is possible only if the environment changes significantly. No news or updates have been received from developers that could hint at a possible cross-platform development in the future. 

Ark Cross-Platform Play on Xbox and Mobile

No. No. Mobile is generally compatible with Android, iOS and other similar operating systems. Xbox can run on Windows, but Mobile works on Android, iOS and other similar platforms. The base code would need to be rewritten if they were compatible. 

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Ark Cross-Platform Play Between Mobile and PS5

No. Playstation has a different PHP from Mobile OS so cross-platform is not possible. 

Ark Cross-Platform play between PS4 & PC

Unfortunately, Ark cross-platform is no longer available between PS4 (and PC) as of 2021. This includes the latest PlayStation 5, i.e. PS5. So, if you and your friend own either of the platforms, you won’t be able to play this survival game.

Ark Cross-Platform play between PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Playstation and Nintendo have different architectures. Cross-play is impossible due to the structure differences. So, the bottom line is-  Ark is not cross-platform between PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This arrangement excludes PS5. 


Ark: The Survival will challenge you to think strategically and reevaluate every decision. Multiplayer gaming makes the game even more enjoyable! It would be great to play with our friends. However, cross-platform gaming is still under discussion.

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At the time of writing, the guide’s availability was limited to Xbox, Windows and iOS. All types of consoles are not currently eligible for cross-play. We can only hope that developers will soon take into consideration the needs of gamers and make it cross-platform.

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