Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger has become more popularly known as Heimerdinger. He is an unusual Yordle scientist. The Yordle is an alien race that looks like mammalian bipeds and lives in Runeterra.

Piltover is home to a respected and innovative inventor. Heimerdinger, despite his neurotic obsession, thrives on solving the problems of the world. Most impenetrable questions.

While Heimerdinger’s theories may seem esoteric at times, he has created some of Piltover’s most powerful and efficient machinery.

Heimerdinger continues to innovate in order to make his inventions better. Lethal.


Who is Heimerdinger?”

Although Yordles can be found in Runeterra, it is rare to find them outside Bandle City. Heimerdinger, a Yordle who has wandered from Runeterra to pursue his fascination for science, is an example.

By the time Heimerdinger finished his third doctorate, he was already one of the most prominent Yordle scientists. He made his way to Piltover and met many great scholars. He set his sights on the City of Progress.

Heimerdinger was a Yordle that made a difference and is now one of Valoran’s most respected and well-known minds. Heimerdinger was a great success but he also did something unique to expand his knowledge.

But he was able simultaneously to get some of the brain to work. It came with a cost. Heimerdinger witnessed his brain expand and his head change.

Regardless of the experiment distorting him, Heimerdinger believes that science is the key to saving the world—and continues to prove that to the world.

Heimerdinger’s Skills & Abilities

Heimerdinger, a top-five Elos player, is one of the best damage dealers in League of Legends. Heimerdinger can inflict significant damage even when you’re behind or feeding.

Let’s take a closer look to Heimerdinger’s abilities and skills:

Hextech Affinity: Heimerdinger can sometimes gain 20% bonus movement speed from nearby ally Turrets like his H-28G Evolution Turret, and H-28Q Apex Turret.

H-28G Evolution Turret Passive: Heimerdinger will gradually stock a Turret Kit of up to three.

Active: The champion deploys an H-28G Turret at a target area. It can be used until its enemies destroy it. Heimerdinger can deploy 3 Turrets at once.

H-28Q Apex Torret Heimerdinger activates the H-28Q Apex Turret and selects targets. This takes eight seconds.

Hextech Micro-Rockets: Heimerdinger launches microrockets in waves, which converge at a target area and beyond. Each rocket from Hextech Micro-Rockets can inflict moderate magic damage on its foe.

Rockets that hit enemy champions provide a 20% beam boost to all enemies and allies turrets within the 1000-range. You can get a 100% beam cost if you hit five rockets at an enemy champion.

Hextech Rocket Swarm You can launch four rockets at once by activating Heimerdinger. Each shot inflicts magic damage.

The rocket’s first launch reduces the damage that is dealt to enemies champions and monsters. Hextech Rocket Swarm is compatible with Heimerdinger’s Upgrade rank.

CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade: Heimerdinger fires a grenade at a target area. It deals magical damage to enemy units, and slows them down by 35% for more that two seconds.

All allies turrets within 1000 meters of an enemy champion will be charged with a 100% beam if Heimerdinger strikes them. All enemies hit by Heimerdinger will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

CH-3X Lighting Grenade: Heimerdinger launches an unusual weapon at the target. The grenade bounces off the target three times, and explodes each time. The CH-3x Lightning Grenade can only be used to damage enemies from a certain distance.

To damage enemy champions, only one CH-3x Lighting Grenade may be used. It can be stun or slow it down multiple times.

UPGRADE!!! Heimerdinger activates the ability to enable his other abilities and places it on the same cooling down as its primary form. This skill allows you to change the damage and give it away completely free.

Upgrade can be recast after three seconds. This is useful for crowd control and sticky situations.


Heimerdinger is one of the easiest champions you can play in Esports Pro League of Legends. He is soft and squishy but has exceptional abilities that make it difficult for enemies to catch him.

Heimerdinger has unique abilities and powerful powers that can make it challenging to master. These tips and tricks will help you get going.

  • If Heimerdinger has been used, it is important to place the Turrets correctly. Be smart. 
  • The success of Heimerdinger’s attack on the CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade is crucial to his survival. You should not use it unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Spreading Hextech Micro-Rockets is a great way to inflict greater damage and efficiency on multiple targets. 
  • Heimerdinger is strong because of his ability to hold on to his Turrets and keep enemies away from his Rockets, Grenades, and Rockets. 
  • Although the H-28 Evolution Turret is able to be used as a “ward”, it’s not ideal since they can’t stealth. 
  • Heimerdinger will be able to significantly increase his casting abilities by using the Upgrade skill. 
  • You can defeat Raptors camps by purchasing four ranks of Hextech micro-Rockets and one rank in the CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade. 
  • Heimerdinger must have the turrets ready in advance so it is possible to get the blue buff for maximum health and mana. 
  • Heimerdinger’s H-28G Evolution Turret can be used as a ward to keep “brush” under control. 
  • The CH-2 Electron Strom Grenade can be used to cover large areas that aren’t visible to enemy units. 
  • Before leaving the Lanes, place both Heimerdinger’s Torrets. Teleport back and see one of your turrets getting hacked. It will then be invulnerable.
  • Keep enemy units at Heimerdinger’s tower to increase your chances of winning lanes. 
  • Heimerdinger’s CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade (Hextech Micro-Rockets) and H-28G Evolution Turrets (Hextech Micro-Rockets) are ideal for enemy minions. 
  • Maximizing Heimerdinger’s Hextech Micro-Rockets is the best way to ensure direct hits.
  • Heimerdinger might be granted a “stun effects” by having one rank on the CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade. This gives him the ability to fight against enemy champions. 
  • Heimerdinger can use Heimerdinger’s CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade to uncover hidden areas and attack enemy units with Hextech Micro-Rockets.

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