Karma LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


The champion Karma in League of Legends is seen as one of the best support champions in the game, due to her versatile kit and her ability to provide a unique set of utility. Karma is well known for her ability to heal, protect and even empower her allies, allowing them to make plays that would normally be impossible.

In this article, we will be taking a look at her abilities, her playstyle, and how you can use this champion to help your team win.

History of Karma

Karma is a League of Legends champion characterized by her strong connection to spiritual energy and her ability to manipulate life force. Karma has been in the game since the launch of the original version of League of Legends in 2009 and continues to be one of the most popular champions in the game.

Her backstory explains that she was born in Ionia as a former prodigy chosen by an ancient order known as The Order of Shadow. After mastering her skills with nature’s energies, she decided to take up arms in defense of her homeland against those who would threaten it.

During this time, Karma gained recognition for her unyielding spirit and courageous feats, becoming a symbol for freedom among Ionia’s people. She eventually left Ionia to explore the world even further and discover new ways to use her abilities—a journey that made her even more powerful as she went from strength to strength seeing all corners of Valoran. Steadfast in defending justice wherever it needed protection, Karma now stands ready for any challenge that awaits on Summoner’s Rift or beyond.

Karma’s Skills and Strengths

Karma is a champion in the online strategic game, League of Legends. She has the ability to heal her allies from afar while also dealing significant damage with her abilities. She is known for being a very team-oriented champion, making her a great asset to any team composition.

Karma’s main strength lies in her shield and self-heal combo which allows her to bestow high sustain and survivability onto any ally that is caught out in dangerous situations or needs extra protection. Her core ability Mantra further enhances these effects, providing additional effects for each of Karma’s other abilities when activated.

Karma specializes in single target damage as well as poking enemy champions from afar. The passive on her Q (Inner Flame) allows every subsequent cast within 4 seconds to give bonus area of effect (AOE) damage while Inner Flame reaches maximum range at its 4th consecutive hit.. This makes it very efficient to weave in during extended fights by constantly hitting Inner Flame during combat and gaining the bonus magic damage output at a distance with only one ability on cooldown.

Her E (Focused Resolve) allows Karma to root an enemy champion enabling her and her allies more time to either advance forward or reposition themselves safely away from danger. Focused Resolve also deals good levels of magic damage along with its root capability making it not only great crowd control but also a powerful nuke if left unchecked.


Karma is a long-range champion in League of Legends, able to quickly annihilate enemies from afar. She boasts powerful abilities, including a shield to guard her allies, an empowered root to keep enemies in place, and an AOE snare that deals considerable damage. Karma can also bring an alternative win condition to her team, with her Mantra scaling her allies to powerful levels.

Now let’s look at how you can use these abilities to dominate the battlefield:

Karma’s Basic Abilities

Karma is a versatile champion in League of Legends that can support her team in various ways. Her basic abilities are as follows:

  1. Gifting of the Lost Art (Passive): Karma gains additional ability power based on how close enemy champions are to each other.
  2. Inner Flame (Q): Karma fires a fireball at a target, dealing damage and slowing targets hit by the explosion for 1.5 seconds. She also heals herself for the damage dealt to enemy champions and restores mana for each living enemy champion hit by Inner Flame’s explosion.
  3. Inspire (W): Karma increases her allies’ movement speed, allowing them to expand their combat range with ease and providing them with extra maneuverability during teamfights. This movement speed bonus lasts for 3 seconds and does not fade over time or distance traveled by the ally affected by Inspire’s stackable buffs.
  4. Focused Resolve (E): Karma tethers an enemy unit to her, damaging and stunning them after a brief delay if they fail to break the tether within 2 seconds of its initial establishment. While tethered, nearby allied units deal bonus magic damage over time but cannot move away from the target until it breaks away or is killed/stunned by Focused Resolve’s effects.
  5. Mantra (R): After charging up a special ability over 3 seconds, Karma can unleash an empowered version of her basic abilities upon activation of Mantra – usually dealing more damage or granting additional bonuses such as increased healing or increased stun duration upon succesful application against enemy champions or minions/monsters respectively in League of Legends’ Summoners Rift map game mode when used either offensively or defensively during teamfights and skirmishes alike depending on showdown scenarios – making it quite versatile potential threat / utility based ulti-skill depending on use case deployments; uniquely providing versatility amidst versatility regarding supporting with offensive prowess complementing teammate damage synergistically thus incentivizing strategic showdowns against opponent players throughout each game mode instance wherein heightened usability spots require proper Insightful decision making as suitable fits elicit greater rewards from maximizingTeamTactical Threat capabilities overall alongside teammates’ deathblow momentum streaking – both utility-wise & AP-wise.

Karma’s Ultimate Ability

Karma’s ultimate ability, Inner Flame, is a powerful tool that can be used to great effect. When activated, Karma will launch a beam of energy at her target and stun them for 1.5 seconds. The stun duration increases with level, so it’s important to make sure your ultimate is leveled up as much as possible.

In addition to the stun effect, Karma gains a shield and a buff while Inner Flame is active. The shield offers 200% damage resistance for the duration of the channel, while the buff grants 10% movement and attack speed per second for 4 seconds after activation (this effect stacks up to five times).

Finally, whenever an enemy unit enters or leaves the area of effect, they will be dealt 90 (+20 per level) magic damage and receive an additional 2 (+1 per level) stack of the buff. This makes Inner Flame especially useful in teamfights to control where enemies are and disperse them when needed.

Karma’s Passive Ability

Karma’s passive ability is called Gathering Fire. This allows Karma to gain charge when she casts a basic ability. Each time she casts an ability, she will gain a stack of Gathering Fire, up to three times. When she reaches maximum charge, her next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage and grant her Movement Speed.

Karma’s passive also provides a bonus on her abilities if it is available every 5 seconds or if 1 enemy champion or 3 non-champion units are struck by any combination of Karma’s spells within 3 seconds. This bonus increases all of the damage that Karma deals and can help her quickly burst down targets with ease.

The combined effects of Karma’s passive encourages players to stay in fights and push their advantage by using consecutive spells with the bonus damage; this helps ensure that Karma can make plays aggressively while still maintaining a degree of defensive play by using Gathering Fire’s Movement Speed buff when retreating from fights.


Karma is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and mastering her requires knowledge of the right strategies. Being a defensive support champion, Karma can be difficult to play, but her unique techniques can be used effectively in the right situations.

In this section, we will discuss different strategies and techniques that can be used to make the most of Karma’s abilities:

Early Game

The early game is a key factor to success in any match of League of Legends. As the champion Karma, you want to be careful about your positioning and use your abilities for maximum effect.

In the early game, try to stay back and use your Inner Flame, which deals AoE damage from afar and can even proc Inspire upon hitting a target hit. This will get you more chances at gaining health and mana over time. When taking lane minions make sure to position yourself for maximum safety – pay attention to enemy champions movement, try not to be too aggressive until you have enough health and mana resources or someone from your team shows up in the lane to support you.

Also try to keep an eye out for enemy jungler movement as they will likely be looking for an opportunity to gank you if they suspect that you lack health or mana resources or they see an opening in your positioning. Try using Contemplation with Soulshield when this situation occurs as it gives both defensive protection and rewards some health regeneration when used correctly on an ally champion. Remember that with its low cooldowns, using Soulflare or giving shields on vulnerable allies can make all the difference.

Mid Game

The mid game of a strategy game is the middle part of the match, when both players begin to gain strength and expand their empires while also attempting to outwit and outmaneuver each other in order to try and gain a strategic advantage. This can involve building stronger units, forming alliances or taking key locations on the map.

To succeed in the midgame, it’s important for players to have a good understanding of their troops and what weaknesses they have. Many players will also look for opportunities to set up traps for their opponents; strategically placed blocks that can help lock down an area or control important resources.

At this stage, each player should also be thinking about:

  • Multiple paths to victory
  • Assessing which actions are necessary in order to prevent the opponent from achieving their goals
  • Future moves that could be taken beforehand; otherwise one may have already missed out on an advantageous position during the early part of the match.

Late Game

In the late game, strategies tend to focus on dealing with a few specific problems – development, conquest, and unemployment.

Development: In the late game, you should strive to maximize your territory’s infrastructure and technological development. Build more roads to increase trade routes, build more plantations to increase food production, and research advanced science technologies for further boosts in population growth, wealth production and defense.

Conquest: In the late game stages of your strategy game playthroughs you can begin to expand your territory by attacking other entities. This can be difficult but can ultimately be rewarding if done correctly. To do this properly you need to consider three factors:

  • Strength of enemy forces
  • Counterattacks technology
  • Available resources

Unemployment: Late game progress also entails dealing with any problem of unemployment that may arise in the territories that you possess. This might involve constructing any number of public works buildings – factories or trading posts – which work together to increase both the population and the taxation revenues at once.

Tips and Tricks

Karma is a popular champion in League of Legends and is often used in competitive matches. Having a good understanding of Karma can be a great advantage in the game because she has a versatile kit and can be played in multiple roles.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks for playing Karma successfully that will help you win more games:

Harness the Power of Mantra

The power of mantra has been used for countless centuries and can be seen as one of the oldest methods for spiritual and personal growth. Mantras are words or syllables chanted, repeated in order to create a certain effect, whether it be calming the mind, healing physical or emotional pain, or improving focus. Many believe mantras help open us up to receiving some kind of divine wisdom or guidance that can show us our true path in life. While they are traditionally part of Buddhist meditation practice or Hindu devotional worship, mantras can be used by anyone interested in deepening their own consciousness.

The process is actually quite simple – choose a phrase that speaks most deeply to your heart, focusing on an aspect of life you wish to explore further. It could be anything from “I trust the universe provides” to “I am capable and empowered” – whatever resonates with you most strongly. Then close your eyes and begin repeating this phrase over and over again for 5-15 minutes (typically longer periods yield better results). During the chanting process, try breathing deeply from your belly instead of quickly from your chest; this will help prepare your body for the transformative effects taking place! By providing yourself with a consistent point of focus over extended periods of time, positive changes tend to happen more rapidly.

Keep in mind that as beneficial as mantras can be, there are still many layers beyond simply repeating words each day – it also involves truly connecting with what lies beneath our innermost thoughts and feelings so we may begin recognizing patterns better suited for long-term growth. And like any other skill worth having takes time and patience! Think of mantra practice as some much needed self-care: honoring yourself by carving out moments where you’re gently redirecting your focus back into what matters most – because when we take care of ourselves spiritually – everything else seems to fall into place more easily!

Use Karma’s Movement Speed

Karma’s movement speed can be increased by using her Q and W abilities, which grant bonus attack speed when activated. This bonus attack speed will increase your movement speed, letting you zip around fights with ease.

For up-close encounters, try to cast your mantra-empowered spells first before firing off her ultimate ability. While Karma lacks mobility abilities, she makes up for it in her movement speed while out of combat and in combat, giving her an advantage to turn the tides of battle in teamfights.

Utilize Karma’s Crowd Control

Karma is a powerful champion that has various crowd control and defensive abilities to devastate her enemies. When playing Karma, players must utilize her special abilities to work through the lanes, burst down enemy champions and protect teammates.

Karma’s primary crowd control consists of her Inner Flame and Soulflare. Her Inner Flame immobilizes enemies in an area of effect, while Soulflare deals severe damage over time and snares an enemy in place. Through careful positioning of herself and these abilities, Karma can ensure that she can take advantage of her opponents’ surprise or lack of focus when using these crowd control effects.

Karma also has many other crowd control options available to players in addition to Inner Flame and Soulflare:

  • Focused Resolve – a tether between Karma’s allies or enemies which can pull them closer together or farther away from each other depending on the situation.
  • Inspire – allows for a burst of speed for one allied champion that can be utilized for either chasing down fleeing enemies or fleeing allies.
  • Renewal – offers additional healing if there are fighting directly nearby.
  • Defiance – gives Karma power after performing certain actions.
  • Renewed Focus – provides increased armor, magic resistances, movement speed, and attack speed when activated.

All these additional crowd control options makes it easier for players to win fights quickly by taking advantage of situations where their team has a numerical advantage over their opponents or when they simply need some extra utility that can turn the tide in their favor.

When played correctly, Karma is a strong yet versatile champion who provides plenty of utility through both damage dealing and controlling fights in the team’s favor with Crowd Control utility spells such as Inner Flame, Soulflare, Focused Resolve, Inspire , Renewal , Defiance & Renewed Focus.


In conclusion, Master Karma is one of the most powerful LoL champions out there and is a great mid-laner to practice with early on. Her capability to move between lanes and make plays when your team needs it most, as well as her sustained damage output potential makes her a fantastic pick for almost any squad composition. Her kit is incredibly flexible, allowing players to make the most of their time using this champion.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your win rate, then learning how to use Master Karma in LoL could provide great assistance in accomplishing that goal. It’s important to remember that she may struggle against tankier champions depending on builds, but her ultimate and ranged poke capabilities are always useful when it comes to neutralizing an enemy threat or engaging with an unfavorable fight scenario from afar. With proper understanding of Karma’s abilities and playstyle, you can feel confident that she will carry your team towards victory in almost every clash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Karma in League of Legends?
A. Karma is a League of Legends champion and one of the oldest champions still in the game. She is a support mage champion and is known for her ability to heal allies and protect them with shields. She is also capable of dealing damage with her spells and has the ability to control the flow of battle through her ultimate ability, Mantra.

Q. What are Karma’s abilities?
A. Karma has four main abilities: Soul Shield, Inner Flame, Focused Resolve, and Mantra. Soul Shield creates a protective shield around an ally, Inner Flame deals damage to enemies in an area around her, Focused Resolve deals damage to a single target while also healing Karma, and Mantra enhances her other abilities.

Q. What type of champion is Karma?
A. Karma is a support mage champion. She is capable of dealing damage with her spells, but her main strength is her ability to heal allies and protect them with shields. She is also capable of controlling the flow of battle with her ultimate ability, Mantra.