Rek’Sai, a formidable predator who tunnels below ground to attack and eat unsuspecting victims, is a fierce Vetospawn. Her voracious starvation has laid waste to complete areas of the once-great nation of Shurima—sellers, merchants, even armed caravans will go lengthy distances out of their strategy to evade her and her offspring’s looking grounds. Everyone knows that if Rek’Sai is seen on the horizon it is certain that there will be no life below.

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Who’s REK’SAI?

Rek’Sai, a vicious predator that tunnels through the earth to attack and swallow her prey is probably the most dangerous and fullest of all her species.

Her insatiable hunger has decimated entire areas of the once great Shuriman realm. Although armed troops can travel long distances to avoid these vast areas, intelligent bandits can be used to lure unprepared people into her territory. Your fate is sealed when Rek’Sai accepts you. She has already fallen from the sand and there is no promise of rescue.

Rek’Sai, the void burrower who destroyed the once-great Shurima realm, is known as Rek’Sai. To avoid being seen by Rek’Sai, retailers, merchants, armed forces and others circle around an immense space. Once she catches her prey their future is sealed. This merciless predator lurks under the sand and leaves no room for maneuvering or to cowl. There is no escape from her clutches.

REK’SAI’s Talents and Expertise


Rek’sai makes Fury through Assault and beatings with important talents. She uses this Fury to make herself well.


Rek’Sai’s three subsequent major strikes offer Bodily Injury as a bonus to end enemies. Rek’Sai, on the other hand, begins a burst void-charged earth which offers Bodily Injury to close by enemies.


Rek’Sai burrows deep into the earth to acquire completely new talents as well as an elevated motion velocity. Her imagination and prescient are noticeably lower and she or he cannot handle fundamental strikes. Rek’Sai may choose Un-burrow, which is similar to Burrowed. This will allow them to harm their enemies.


Rek’Sai accomplishes her goal and deals double true harm if it has max Fury. Rek’Sai, unlike Burrowed, produces a re-usable and long-lasting drift. Attackers can stop it by standing on top of both paths.


Rek’sai marks targets indifferently by hurting them. This ability to transform quickly into an unforgettable prey for immense harm is largely based on their misplaced health will enable her to do so.

Enjoying REK’SAI

  • Rek’Sai can be a great early recreation champion if done well.
  • Her knockup makes scuttle taking so much easier and is great for ganking. Tunnels are great for simple steals. They can also be used to escape from or find a hole. You can steal more profitably if you work together with your workers’ crowd management.
  • Burrowing will allow you to instantly flash onto an enemy champion, knocking them down immediately. It is powerful to play against and can often result in a profitable play.
  • Rek’Sai, an early fighter, is a great goal to achieve in the recreation’s early stages. Keep an eye on her fury bars, as she can provide bonus harm and specific harm to fights when the fury bar is full. Clearing her tunnels quickly will make her less visible. As she is likely to be clearing this camp most frequently, it will be essential information that you keep close to her Raptors.

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Suggestions & Tips

  • Your final can be used to dodge an opponent’s CC. If you knock down an enemy with a capacity for CC (Syndra or Annie, Sona and so on.They will almost handle their CC as fast as they can. You’ll be able beat them up with AA + Q reset and then finally instantly evade their Disengage Data. This works flawlessly even for professional gamers.
  • You should unburrow sooner than you do all your final. It is an excellent way to unburrow sooner than ulting if you are a Prey Seeker champion and wish to win more matches. You can burrow faster after you arrive out of your terminal, and then look forward to a knock up or launch together with your pit.

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What is REK’SAI?

REK’SAI is a fictional character from the League of Legends franchise. REK’SAI was launched as an murderer in October 2015. REK’SAI favors burrowing to shock enemies and tunnels to chase down those that flee as REK’SAI pursues REK’SAI’s prey.

Which class is Rek Sai in?

The Rek’Sai prices $2 in Teamfight Tactics (which you can play here). This Champion is of Metal Origin, the Predator Class and can synergize with Riot Boa for 20% max HP. The Livid Chunk Means has 650 / 1170 / 2340 HP, and Rek’Sai can deal 46 / 82 / 164 Injury Per

Are there other names for REK’SAI?

REK’NAR, The Void Burrower REK’IR, The Terror Beneath the Floor REKSAR, The Queen of Feces REK’ZAR, The Terror REKSAI REKAY REKA

What is Rek’s Sai fury?

Rek’sai’s Fury is generated by attacking and utilizing fundamental talents. She consumes the fury, while Burrowed heals her own well-being.

Is Reksai difficult?

Rek’Sai isn’t as easy to grasp as many gamers imagine. If you wish to grasp this champion, you’ll have to put in a whole lot of effort! The goal of the early game is to gank every chance you get so your teammates can gain an edge. You’re a powerful Jungler within the early recreation, due to this fact