RekSai LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


RekSai is a powerful and versatile champion in League of Legends. She is a fierce predator that can overwhelm her opponents with her relentless aggression and fast movement speed. Her mobility and damage output make her a force to be reckoned with in team fights, making her one of the most popular picks in the game.

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of RekSai so that you can get a better understanding of the champion and use her in your own games.

Overview of RekSai

RekSai is a legendary front-line tank brawler champion from the massively popular game, League of Legends. She is the only burrowing void creature that can roam around Summoners Rift taking advantage of terrain and surprise attacks. RekSai has been considered one of the strongest junglers due to her unique abilities such as her Burrow ability which allows her to unearth herself and launch surprise attacks on enemies, along with increased attack speed during unburrowed state and health regeneration while Burrowed.

In addition, RekSai is also a capable fighter in team battles, utilizing terrain obstacles to create ambushes or provide flank support for teammates. Furthermore, her ultimate Rage manifests into a powerful force known as Fury that increases its holder’s damage output and movement speed when they are engaging in combat. With all these powerful abilities combined with her already durable nature, RekSai proves why she is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends.

RekSai’s Abilities

RekSai is an incredibly versatile champion in League of Legends. Her kit supports an aggressive playstyle, allowing her to dominate the lane and prioritize objectives on the battlefield. Below are a brief overview of some of RekSai’s abilities that make her such a valuable asset to a team:

  • Burrow/Unburrow: RekSai can burrow underground in order to traverse terrain quickly and ambush unsuspecting laners. Additionally, she can use Unburrow to launch herself upwards and deal damage in an area around her landing zone.
  • Queen’s Wit: This passive grants RekSai bonus attack speed whenever she is below one third health. This allows her to take on opponents more confidently while still maintaining an aggressive playstyle.
  • PreySeeker: RekSai’s signature move sees her launching out a seeking projectile, granting vision of any enemies hit for four seconds. Once hit by Preyseeker, enemies near the impact area will be marked for four seconds and take bonus physical damage from all sources afterwards, making this move perfect for setting up kills from afar or securing objectives on the map.
  • Furious Bite/Tunnel: Furious Bite gives RekSai bonus attack speed and increases damage dealt from subsequent attacks against targetted enemies after each successful hit. Tunnel allows her to quickly create tunnels on the map for allies or herself to use for ganking opportunities or retreat when needed.

RekSai’s Strengths

Rek’Sai is the newest champion to join the ranks of League of Legends, and she comes with a whole lot of potential. With her burrow mechanic she can surprise opponents and slip away under the ground. Her ultimate also can cause a lot of havoc, dealing area-of-effect damage over a wide range of area.

Let’s dive into the strengths of this new champion and find out how she can help you dominate the battlefield:

High Mobility

Rek’Sai’s high mobility allows her to quickly traverse the map and to travel from lane to lane with ease. Her passive, Unburrow, allows her to move freely in the air for up to two seconds, making her a menace in team fights. She can also maneuver around jungle camps quickly thanks to her Burrow ability.

Her other abilities include Prey Seeker — which she can use as an offensive tool or defense— as well as Queen’s Wrath, which gives nearby allies an attack speed buff and Fury of the Xer’Ahn ultimate ability that increases all of Rek’Sai’s basic attacks and catches enemies off-guard. All these abilities contribute greatly to Rek’Sai’s strength and make her the highly mobile champion that she is.

High Damage Output

Rek’Sai is a powerful champion that can put up very high damage with her abilities and strategic auto-attacks. Her kit allows her to both burst down enemies in the laning phase as well as go full sustained damage in team fights.

At level one, Rek’Sai has a lot of physical damage from her Q ability, Prey Seeker. This ability does an AoE on hit that damages all enemies in the area when it hits it’s primary target for bonus true damage. Additionally, Rek’Sai’s passive does bonus true damage if an enemy is below 50% health when hit by one of her abilities or auto attacks.

At level 6, Rek’Sai gains access to Unburrow which can be used to jump onto an enemy or forward into team fights for massive AoE burst potential and crowd control through the taunt effect that comes with using the ability. This can give Rek’Sai a ton of potential that can be capitalized upon while making plays in team fights or when trying to secure objectives like Baron or Dragon.

At level 11, Rek’Sai gains access Fury of the Xer’Sai which increases her attack speed greatly allowing for high sustained DPS against enemy champions and objectives alike. This bonus attack speed also helps with pushing down minions which is important early game to provide map presence and zone enemies out away from objectives or even the jungle itself so your team can achieve objectives faster than your opponents.

Lastly at level 16 RektTalon Strike gives Rek’sai massive poke power from long range as well as maximum range engagement if used correctly. This ability will fire off two separate attacks one of which will slow all enemies it hits prior to having a explosion emptying a whole chunk of hit points from anyone standing near its radius at maximum range and difficulty for your opponents attempting to retreat after being consecutively damaged by this ability given its long CoolDown Reduction Time (CDR).

High Durability

Rek’Sai is a high durability character due to her many skills that make her hard to kill. Rek’Sai has the ability known as “Fury of the Xer’Sai,” which gives her bonus attack speed when she kills an enemy. The bonus increases with each enemy killed and can make Rek’Sai extremely difficult to kill. When stacked with her passive skill “Unburrowed Fury,” her attack speed increases immensely, making it tough for enemies to keep up with her damage. Her ultimate skill “Void Rush” turns Rek’Sai into a fierce tunneler; invisible in the shadows, and able to attack after or during uneven fights or engagements.

Rek’Sai also has crowd-control abilities which can aid in escaping or setting up team fights consisting of:

  • Burrowed
  • Prey Seeker
  • Furious Bite

All of these abilitys make it unlikely for any foe to escape easily from an encounter with Reksai as she has multiple ways of either uprooting them with knock ups or damaging them away!

Making use of all these tools, Rek’Sai is one of the league’s tanks that require more tactical play to be successful while at the same time enabling more chances for her allies to make decisive plays against their opponents!

RekSai’s Weaknesses

While RekSai is a powerful champion in League of Legends, she does have certain weaknesses. For starters, RekSai has a relatively low health pool which can make her vulnerable to high-damage opponents. Additionally, she lacks range in her abilities, which can limit her ability to control the battlefield.

Let’s take a closer look at RekSai’s weaknesses and what players can do to mitigate them:

Low Range

RekSai’s low range makes it difficult to engage effectively in fights or close gaps, as she generally has to get much closer than her opponents. In teamfights, this severely restricts her ability to disrupt the enemy team’s backline in comparison to certain other junglers.

Another weakness many RekSai players struggle with is being able to properly position themselves when out of Burrow state. Without the utility offered by Burrowed Movement speed, RekSai is far more vulnerable when caught out of position, and can easily be punished by enemies who are paying attention.

RekSai’s ultimate, Void Rush also has its fair share of weaknesses. It offers very little leeway for movement and decision-making while channeling, allowing enemies with sufficient burst damage to take advantage of the long cooldown that follows. Smart players are able to use crowd control abilities both before and after a Void Rush in order to completely cancel it out or even punish RekSai on her own terms.

Low Crowd Control

One of RekSai’s main weaknesses is a lack of crowd control. Although her Burrowed Movement passive allows her to quickly make it around the map and gain advantageous positioning, it does not provide any form of crowd control. This means that she often struggles against champions with high amounts of crowd control, like Leona and Malzahar, as they can easily shut her down for long periods of time. It also makes engaging in group fights very difficult if enemies are able to stay out of her basic attacks range.

For this reason, RekSai players should focus on building items that give them increased attack speed and mobility so they can quickly dive in and out of combat while keeping their enemies at bay.

Low Sustainability

RekSai is a champion that is fairly effective in 1v1 situations and excels at quickly dashing across the map. However, this aggressiveness makes it difficult for RekSai to sustain itself during sustained team fights. Due to its short range, RekSai’s attack range is rather narrow and it can be easily focused down in a coordinated fight.

Additionally, because of RekSai’s lack of hard crowd control abilities and its inability to initiate strong teamfights, it has difficulty providing the sustain or utility needed to carry the team. RekSai relies heavily on its natural tankiness, allowing it to scale better with health than with defensive items. As such, RekSai is ideal in early game skirmishes but can easily be out maneuvered in late-game situations due to its lack of damage output compared to other champions.

RekSai’s Playstyle

RekSai is a popular champion in the Moba game League of Legends. This champion has a devastating attack, excellent crowd control and mobility, making it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. RekSai is often played as a jungler, however it can be played in the top or mid lane as well.

Let’s take a closer look at RekSai’s playstyle:

Aggressive Playstyle

Rek’Sai is a very aggressive jungler, excelling in early ganking and fast objectives. As one of the fastest champions in the game, his unique tunnels allow him to quickly traverse the map, allowing him to be one of the best split-push champions. He excels at sticking onto opponents, all while having enough CC at his disposal to easily finish off fleeing enemies.

One of Rek’Sai’s key strengths lies in her ability to quickly clear camps and rotate across the entire map. Her Unburrow dash can also often catch foes off guard by unburrowing onto them from unlikely angles. Despite her strong mobility and incredibly efficient clear speed, Rek’Sai does have her weaknesses due to her lack of ranged attacks or any real escape options other than Flash or Unburrow. She can be countered by opponents who frequently engage on ranged champions such as Sivir or Vayne as well as champions with strong disengage options like Nautilus or Morgana.

Rek’Sai does however remain a deadly force when used correctly and should always be respected for being one of the strongest junglers in League of Legends!

Defensive Playstyle

Rek’Sai is best known for her defensive playstyle, which usually revolves around building an early lead and then transitioning into a scaling late-game monster. Rek’Sai’s passive ability, Queen’s Wrath, allows her to start team fights while her Unburrowed and Burrowed communities of tunnelling can provide vision and safety. Early on in the game she can use her Burrowed Q to poke down the enemies health bar and force them out of their lane.

Rek’Sai highly benefits from buying and utilising items such as Trinity Force, Sunfire Cape, Sanguine Blade and Deadman’s Plate to both increase her damage output while also granting increased sustain. She should be especially careful when playing against champions with a lot of crowd control such as Nautilus or Morgana as they can easily disable her or sideline her during team fights.

Furthermore, Rek’Sai should remain focused on staying alive as long as possible during team fights as she thrives during the later parts of the game where she can 1v1 most enemy champions with ease due to the plentiful amounts of survivability items she possesses. It is important that Rek’Sai is constantly looking for objectives such as towers or dragon/baron in order to capitalize on the lead she has built earlier in the game while also giving utility to both herself and her teammates by creating map pressure that will eventually win games.

RekSai’s Build Paths

RekSai is a powerful champion in the League of Legends game. Building RekSai correctly is essential if you want to win games with her. RekSai has multiple viable build paths depending on your playstyle and the situation in the match.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the different build paths available for RekSai, as well as some tips and tricks to help you decide which path is best for you:

Damage Build

Rek’Sai is naturally tanky and deals a lot of damage. For this build path, you should focus on maximizing Rek’sai’s abilities’ damage potential while still keeping a balance between mobility and tankiness (building defense).

Starting Items: Doran’s Blade, Refillable Potion and a single ward.

First Purchase: The Black Cleaver or Tiamat – These items provide Rek’Sai with both offensive stats and some much needed mobility.

Core Items: Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Frozen Mallet, Statikk Shiv – These three core items make sure Rek’Sai has the necessary armor penetration/attack speed/crit chance to be able to deal as much damage as possible.

Defensive Item: Guardian Angel – This is an important item that forces enemies to have to choose between trying to take Rek’Sai down in one burst or fighting for longer if Guardian Angel procs before he dies.

Late Game Purchase: Sterak’s Gage – Sterak’s Gage gives Rek’Sai an additional burst of stats when his health drops below a certain percentage – perfect for when he needs that extra bit of kick in fights.

Tank Build

When playing Rek’Sai as a tank, there are a few items that you should consider purchasing. Generally, tanks should purchase items that increase their health and armor pools, such as Wooglet’s Witchcap, Randuin’s Omen, Warmog’s Armor and Locket of the Iron Solari. These items will help you to soak up incoming damage from enemies while also providing yourself with a large health pool to stay alive throughout the match.

As for offensive items, building core tank stats is recommended. You can also supplement your build with items like Trinity Force or Righteous Glory that provide additional movement speed to increase your map presence or Iceborn Gauntlet for extra CC if needed. With Trinity Force and Iceborn Gauntlet being so expensive – look for cheap defensive options as an alternative like Zeke’s Herald or Banner of Command if needed instead.

Do not forget to build defensive cooldown reduction too! Adaptive Helm and Gargoyle Stoneplate are two great choices that can help you survive when initiating a fight with your ultimate. They will also help reduce the cooldowns of abilities like Void Rush or Burrow Charge so you can use them more frequently in teamfights.

Lastly – do not underestimate the power of Ultimate Hunter runes if playing on tabletop forms of League of Legends (ARAM/SR). They will provide improved overall utilities like movement speed, increased vision control and quicker ultimate cooldowns which all work in tandem with your Tanky Rek’Sai build path in order to maintain strong overall utility and survivability throughout any game mode type you might be playing in!

Ability Power Build

The Ability Power build for Rek’Sai is based around maximizing the damage of her Unburrowed combo. The primary goal of this build is to maximize Rek’Sai’s damage output and minimize cooldowns to allow for constant burst potential. This build sacrifices tankiness and survivability, so it is important to make sure that Rek’Sai’s initiate choices are correct and that the correct items are bought in order to ensure maximum safety while using this build.


  • Morellonomicon, Manamune – These two items are designed to increase Rek’Sai’s ability power while also increasing both her unofficial mana pool (the combined maximum mana of all her spells) and granting a scaling ability power boost when active through Manamune’s passive. Both item’s passives will also result in a large amount of spell vamp which aids in keeping Rek’Sai alive during fights.
  • Dead Man’s Plate – While Dead Man’s Plate does not have an overt AP effect, satisfying the Movement Speed requirement allows Rek’Sai’s passive Fury (which increases her spell damage based on movement speed) to reach its full potential which adds lots of extra damage on top of her already powerful burst combination. Additionally, the Armor component helps negate some of the survivability she gives up when focusing more on Ability Power than tank stats.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – A must have Ability Power item that provides an extra 30% bonus to flat Ability Power stats making it essential on this build path and improving countless aspects of all Unburrowing abilities at once, such as their base size and range as well productivity performance through additional tool health gained or enemies feared.


  • Abyssal Mask/Void Staff – Based on what type of team you’re facing, Abyssal mask can help improve your team fighting capabilities if they are Magic Damage-heavy or Void staff if you want more individual harassing capabilities against enemy champions due its magic penetration bonus it grants upon purchase which makes it potentially one of the best picks when looking for added bonus offense, regardless between AP builds or other most popular competitive builds available for Rek’Sai alternative options should never be forgotten during a match in order gain total control over not just any lane but game alike too!


Rek’Sai may be a unique champion given her several characteristics. Her attack speed and movement provide her with great mobility, and her Ultimate ability which allows her to burrow into the ground is a great asset in both defensive and offensive maneuvering. This really makes Rek’Sai hard to hit and escape from her enemies. Her ability to throw an enemy with the shocking unrevealability can turn the tide of battle at any time.

Rek’Sai is an extremely powerful top lane carry that can bully most carries easily unless they are prepared for it. When played properly, she can become more than just a top laner; she can become one of the best chase down champions in League of Legends. With proper positioning and timing, Rek’sai is able to close down on enemies with ease regardless of how far away they are from her as long as they have low HP or have committed errors while running away.

By utilizing Rek’sai’s various abilities, players have a chance to

  • surprise their opponents in combat,
  • dictate tempo through aggression and
  • create angles that other champions could never dream of taking advantage of.

These advantages further enable Rek’sai to contest objectives early on due to the unpredictability she offers which other champions simply cannot match. While learning this champion takes time and effort, it is well worth it when playing competitively or climbing ranks within League of Legends itself as Reksa’the Void Burrower has so much potential waiting for players willing to put in the effort required for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is RekSai in League of Legends?
A1: RekSai is a champion in the popular MOBA game, League of Legends. He is a Void Burrowing Beast who excels at roaming the map and ambushing enemies.

Q2: What abilities does RekSai have?
A2: RekSai has a variety of abilities including Queen’s Wrath, Prey Seeker, Unburrow, and Void Rush. Queen’s Wrath is a basic attack that deals bonus damage and applies on-hit effects. Prey Seeker is a skillshot that deals damage and applies a slow. Unburrow allows RekSai to dig up wards and increase her movement speed. Void Rush is an ultimate ability that allows RekSai to burrow and become untargetable for a short period of time.

Q3: What is RekSai’s playstyle?
A3: RekSai is a champion that excels at ambushing enemies and roaming around the map. She is best played as a jungler or roamer, as she can easily set up ganks and ambush enemies.