Renata Glasc LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Renata Glasc, better known as Rune Queen, is a champion of the Legends of Runeterra game. She is a League of Legends character based off of one from the original game and is an aspiring magic user from Icathia who holds the secrets to rune power. As one of the great magical prodigies in Runeterra, Rune Queen Renata Glasc combines her inherent magical talents with runes to harness powerful new spells and abilities.

Renata Glasc is an off-meta champion with extraordinary potential in any role. Combining powerful spells and abilities such as her Ultimatum and Overdrive, she has no problem making quick work of enemy champions if they are not careful. Her unique playstyle allows her to be very adaptable and she can easily adjust to whatever lane or position she needs to fill in order to win the game. With some finesse, Renata Glasc can be a formidable opponent for any team that goes against her, making her a great choice for competitive play or for newer players looking for a challenge.

Overview of Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is a powerful and formidable champion in the world of League of Legends. She is known for her potent abilities that can be used to take down opponents quickly and efficiently. She is a champion that should be respected and feared, as her range of effective powers can be used to great advantage.

In this article we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Renata Glasc so that you can learn more about this powerful champion.


Renata Glasc is a fierce demacian individual. She hailed from a once-prosperous noble family whose great ancestors were protector of their city. To fulfill the blood oath to protect her city and the people within it, she forsook them, erased all traces of her lineage, and donned the insignia of an elite Demacian military unit – The ‘Valkyrie’s Wrath’.

Renata is a fierce warrior whose loyalty to Demacia knows no bounds. In battle, her absolute and burning resolve in defending Demacia’s honor lends her unparalleled strength and courage as she fights alongside incredible warriors like Garen, Lux and Xersternia. Her dexterous combat abilities was further sharpened through endless training and great observation by her fellow Valkyries – giving her excellent reflexes in any combat situation.

In every fight Renata faces, Renata meets them with calmness as if reading their movements ahead of time – ready to counter any surprise attack they seek to throw at her shield or blade. She often fights until there’s no breath left in her body while keeping a cool head even during tumultuous times – despite all the raging battles that rage on around here.

However underneath that unflinching stoic exterior lies an untamed ferocity burning stagnant inside of her aura – The mighty power contained within that could be released during specific incidences such as honour duels…


Renata Glasc is a champion in the popular video game League of Legends that excels at short- and medium-range burst damage. She has a unique ability set comprised of three active and one passive ability.

Her passive ability, Unearthly Empowerment, grants her bonus attack speed each time she lands a basic attack or uses an ability. This bonus increases with each successive attack or spell cast up to five times and allows her to quickly build up attack speed and thereby increase her damage output.

Her first active ability is Shattered Soul, which summons a damaging soul orb that explodes upon contact with an enemy champion or after traveling for a certain distance. The explosion deals area-of-effect magical damage to all nearby enemies and briefly slows their movement speed.

Her second active ability is Flashblade, which dashes forward quickly while dealing physical damage to all enemies in her path and granting herself bonus armor penetration if she hits an enemy champion during the dash. This can be used as both an offensive tool to deal burst damage as well as an escape option when needed.

Her third and final active ability is Searching Strike, which causes Renata Glasc to lunge forward with her swords extended towards her target location, dealing magic damage to all enemies along the straight line between Renata Glasc’s position and the target location upon impact. So long as Searching Strike makes contact with an enemy champion it will return back toward Renata Glasc, dealing additional magic damage along its path back home.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Renata Glasc is a potent champion whose unique capabilities are capable of turning the tide of team fights. Her primary focus is drawing fire and controlling the frontlines, while providing support and utility to her teammates. Equipped with a variety of defensive mechanics and offensive abilities, Renata Glasc can be surprisingly tough to take down and can launch devastatingly explosive barrages in team fights.


  • Impressive survivability through large health pools, lifesteal effects, mobility mechanics and active shields
  • Capable of mitigating damage for herself and her teammates
  • Instrumental in positioning during teamfights and sieges
  • Can create surprise burst moments with powerful crowd control tools


  • Reliant on positioning for maximum effectiveness
  • Prone to kiting by opponents with increased mobility or range presence
  • Highly vulnerable to targeted crowd control or high damage single targets

Renata Glasc in the Meta

Renata Glasc is one of the most popular champions in the MOBA game, League of Legends. She is known for her versatility and has been a staple of the meta for quite some time. Her kit allows her to engage in teamfights, poke out enemy champions, and provide cover and protection.

Let’s discuss the power of Renata Glasc and why she is such a versatile and powerful champion.

Popular Builds

When it comes to Renata Glasc, there are a couple of popular builds that can be used to great success. Each build offers its own advantages and disadvantages, and is suitable for different styles of play. It’s important to consider your champion synergy when selecting a build; not all builds are effective in all situations or with every champion.

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular Renata Glasc builds:

  • Tank Build – This build focuses on crowd control, sustain, and survivability. Items like Thornmail and Adaptive Helm help make Renata harder to kill, while Liandry’s Torment and Spirit Visage offer additional damage reduction and healing. This build is ideal for crowd control-heavy fights where the enemy team is looking to disable your backline quickly.
  • Hybrid Build – This build focuses on providing utility while still dealing consistent damage throughout a fight. Core items include Trinity Force, Black Cleaver, and Sorcerer’s Shoes which combine mobility with consistent damage output. This style is great for quickly taking out enemy targets as you move around the map while still providing support to your team with healing or shields from Zhonya’s Hourglass or a Righteous Glory effect respectively.
  • Assassin Build – With this build you prioritize dealing massive amounts of damage in short periods of time over providing utility or taking huge amounts of punishment yourself. Some common items used include Iceborn Gauntlet and Deathfire Grasp which provide bursty single target damage as well as Assassin’s Shoes for additional movement speed during ganks or teamfights along with Frostfang for additional gold income throughout the game subseqently giving you an edge during late game fights where your opponent may lack funds for purchasing desired items. Because this build offers very little survivability it is best suited when opposing teams have low CC capabilities allowing you pick off crucial targets without fear of retribution afterward.

Common Strategies

Common strategies for Renata Glasc in League of Legends involve assessing the enemy team’s composition as well as your own. Renata is a very powerful tank/fighter champion, able to withstand a lot of damage while dishing out significant amounts of damage. This makes her an ideal pick when the enemy team has a lot of physical damage champions or mobile champions who require disruption.

Renata should usually be built with armor- and magic resist-heavy items, although hybrid builds that focus on both offense and defense can be effective as well. Additionally, most active abilities focus on physical damage output, which means that Renata should have some form of attack speed scaling abilities in order to maximize her potential.

Renata excels at initiating teamfights with her ultimate ability Shadow Slam and can bully more fragile targets into unfavorable positions through creative use of her knock-up abilities such as Horsewoman’s Call, Bullseye and Round Offside shots. Good positioning is key for Renata — always try to stay behind your teammates who will protect you from any incoming engagements from the opposing team.

Finally, always look out for opportunities to farm minions or neutral objectives while maintaining vision control over key locations on the map; this will grant your team an advantage over the enemy and make it easier to secure objectives later on in the game.

Best Team Compositions

When team composition plays a major role in deciding a match and Renata Glasc is part of the team, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. While she may seem like a one-woman army, it’s best for her teammates to complement her skills and playstyle to bring out the most effective use of this champion.

For starters, Renata Glasc works best with tanks who can take all the damage and provide crowd control while she concentrates on finishing off targets with precision. Champions such as Ornn or Maokai are ideal supporters as they can shield or reposition her if need be. Similarly, champions such as Caitlyn are valuable allies as they can provide excellent zoning capability to keep enemy crowds away.

Moreover, Renata Glasc should not be left alone when carrying out objectives or attacking enemies because of her squishiness—it’s better that another teammate join in to help push the map along and attain victory. Her ultimate also requires constant upkeep through either heals or shields so it would be beneficial if an ally could supply that extra assistance accordingly. Lastly, champions such as Pyke come of great importance due to their stuns which helps Renata Glasc lock down targets much more efficiently than before—thus completing the loop for maximum efficiency and mobility across objectives for longer lasting success!

Tips and Tricks

Renata Glasc is a powerful champion that can be used to great advantage in League of Legends. To really master her abilities and become a powerful force with her, you should learn some tips and tricks.

In this article, we are going to share the best tips and tricks for Renata Glasc, so that you can use her to the fullest potential to dominate your opponents:

Early Game

At the beginning of the game, take some time to familiarize yourself with your character and the controls before heading into battle. Practice the basic moves, check out the combat skills available to your character and learn how to counterattack. Working on combos can help you make the most of your attacks and be prepared for when you meet stronger opponents!

Familiarize yourself with each level before entering a fight. Plan ahead by noting choke points or places high ground which can give you an advantage during battle. Check out each environment carefully as certain objects can be used as weapons in a pinch!

If you’re playing solo, take some time to upgrade your base. Strengthening its defenses will help keep enemies at bay and make sure your allies are safe from raids by enemies. Collect resources from defeated enemies so that you can craft new weapons or upgrade existing ones for more damage output.

Communicate with other players in-game via voice chat or text message to coordinate attacks and get tips from experienced players around you. Remember that ultimately it is your own skill that will determine victory – use every trick in the book to gain an edge over other players!

Mid Game

Mid Game is the stage when Renata Glaz usually takes on a supportive role in team fights, providing protection, healing and crowd control. Her passive ability gives her lifesteal and extra health regen when she fights in close quarters, allowing her to help her allies while also staying alive herself.

Renata’s W skill is a powerful shield that can block damage for up to three nearby friendly champions. Her E skill gives her a crowd control effect that reduces enemy damage output for several seconds. She also has an ultimate (R) ability, called Guardian Fist that deals huge area of effect damage, especially if Renata has built up her health by using her passive ability.

Thanks to these skills and passive regeneration, Renata can often come out unscathed from a battle even though everyone else from her team took heavy damage. This makes Renata an ideal mid-game teammate who can bolster the team’s defense and help secure objectives. She is also highly mobile thanks to her E skill’s stun effect and with the right items she can provide some good sustained area of effect damage as well.

Late Game

Late game is a critical and challenging phase of any match. Players must work together and make quick and effective decisions as the game progresses. When playing as teams, it is important to coordinate strategies, stay organized, and continuously assess the current battlefield situation.

Executing a successful defense or offense can mean the difference between victory or defeat. It’s important to think ahead, remember what worked in previous games, and be flexible with adapting strategies when needed. Utilizing relevant spots on the map during late game rounds is critical to controlling key areas and thwarting enemy advancement.

When attacking objectives like a control point or payload, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and rush in without proper coordination. A strategic approach may be better than an all-out assault – by coordinating pushes with teammates, players can take advantage of distractions created by ambush plays while preventing enemies from giving reinforcement at crucial moments. Taking calculated risks when they arise can also pay off if done correctly – just make sure to know what you’re up against!

Having good communication between team members that can translate into useful tactical insights will also prove useful for making the best decisions possible during this phase of the match. Keeping morale high despite an impending loss or frustration from mistakes made is just as important than having a plan of attack – strategizing goes hand in hand with staying positive for success!


Renata Glasc is a powerful champion in League of Legends, who blends damage output, crowd control and utility. She has the ability to punish enemies by her devastating area of effect spells, while also providing strong zoning and survivability. She has an array of tools to select from when looking to engage or disengage, which makes her very versatile in any lineup.

You should choose Renata Glasc when your team needs a reliable frontline bruiser – someone who can charge into the enemy team, apply pressure and disrupt the lanes. Her unique kit enables her to master multiple playstyles as needed—making her a well-rounded asset that any team should consider for quick pick-offs, or for dominating team fights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Renata Glasc in LoL?

A1. Renata Glasc is a fantasy champion in the popular video game League of Legends (LoL). She is a mage champion who specializes in powerful magic and quick thinking. Her abilities allow her to control the battlefield and manipulate the flow of combat.

Q2. What is Renata Glasc’s role?

A2. Renata Glasc is a mid lane mage champion. She excels at wave clearing and zoning out opponents in the mid lane. She is also capable of dealing massive damage to enemies from a range.

Q3. What is Renata Glasc’s playstyle?

A3. Renata Glasc is a champion that relies on her ability to quickly outplay her opponents. She is best played as a ranged harasser, picking off enemies from a distance and avoiding direct confrontation. Her kit allows her to easily transition from harassing to teamfighting and back again.