Syndra LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Syndra is an extremely powerful and versatile League of Legends champion that is capable of both offensive and defensive plays. She has an array of different abilities that can be used in combination to create powerful combos and strategies.

In this article, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of Syndra, from her strengths and weaknesses to her unique playstyle and tips on how to play her effectively.

Overview of Syndra

Syndra is a powerful and versatile champion in the popular MOBA League of Legends. She is classified as a Mage, and her main focus is to decimate her enemies with dangerous spells. She is capable of quickly and efficiently destroying targets with her abilities, but can also reposition her opponent and allies with the same skill set.

Her primary ability scaling stats are Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction, meaning that if you build items to increase these two things then she will be incredibly deadly. Her distinct features include an array of dark spheres that she can command at will. This makes for an interesting playstyle, as Syndra has to constantly monitor the field in order to effectively use her abilities. Her ultimate ability can be used from greater distances or on unaware enemies because its range is much greater than other spells.

Syndra has a solid kit for teamfights as well as for 1v1s/duels during laning phase. In teamfights, using her ultimate strategically allows Syndra to delete opponents out of fights quickly. When going into 1v1s or duels in lane Syndra excels due to her ability to sustain well while simultaneously dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy champion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign is an incredibly powerful mage who commands control over the orbs of dark energy that hover around her. When wielding these orbs, Syndra is able to perform a variety of unique and powerful spells that allow her to take out enemies quickly. Her power makes her a force to be reckoned with, especially when she’s behind enemy lines.

Despite her formidable strengths, Syndra has a few weaknesses that can be exploited by her opponents if they play smartly. First and foremost, she lacks any form of hard crowd control such as stuns or roots, so she can easily be kited by opponents who are fast enough. Furthermore, most of Syndra’s damage comes from individual skills rather than raw auto-attack power, making it difficult for her to apply sustained pressure in fights. Finally, Syndra is extremely vulnerable when forced away from her orbs; this means that if you can separate Syndra from her source of power then success should come quite easily against the Dark Sovereign!


Syndra is a popular champion in League of Legends, known for her ability to control her foes through her powerful spells. Syndra has a lot of utility, which makes her a great pick in teamfights. In addition, she has several versatile abilities, including her powerful ultimate ability called Unleashed Power.

Let’s take a look at Syndra’s abilities and how they can be used in the game:

Scatter the Weak

Scatter the Weak is Syndra’s Dragon Bite ability. This magical ability allows her to hurl a Dark Sphere at any enemy targer in range, dealing magic damage and reducing the amount of crowd control effects they can resist. In addition to the magical damage, Syndra will daze them for a short duration which makes them unable to take actions or use abilities. This ability has a short cooldown and can be enhanced with her passive from Force of Will, allowing her more reliable Crowd Control during team fights.

Syndra’s Scatter the Weak gives her an excellent source of crowd control which makes it incredibly hard to escape from her. It also gives Syndra great engage potential by setting up kills in team fights or pushing enemies away from objectives. Its long range means she can get good use out of this ability in both lane and mid-game engagements. Along with its reliable crowd control, it also allows Syndra access to multiple bursty combo opportunities which makes her one of the most popular mid laners among pro players right now.

Force of Will

The “+” on Syndra’s abilities represents the force of will which she uses to manipulate elements of magic by summoning Dark Spheres and using them as ammunition. This force is also used to empower her spells, making her one of the strongest mages in League of Legends.

Force of Will, when activated, converts all existing Dark Spheres into a numerical value that increases the power of the next ability cast by Syndra. For example, a fully stacked Force of Will may increase the damage dealt with her Q- spell – “Dark Sphere” – by 100%. This multiple can be increased or decreased depending on how many Dark Spheres are used when casting it.

For good execution in battle, players must quickly analyse how many Dark Spheres they have available and what spell should be cast first for maximum effectiveness. If players make this decision too late then they could miss out on a huge number of opportunities or lose momentum in larger fights where resources have to be carefully managed between allies and enemies alike.

Dark Sphere

Dark Sphere is one of Syndra’s main abilities and is her signature move. It allows her to create a dark sphere at the target location with a range of 675 units. The dark sphere deals magic damage upon impact, does damage over 4 seconds and slows enemies who come in contact with it.

If Syndra has at least 3 Dark Spheres on the field, she can pick up all of them to form an Unleashed Power that can be launched towards her enemies. The Unleahsed Power will do more damage than regular Dark Spheres and affect a larger area. The range of Unleashed Power is 925 units from Syndra’s current position and it deals damage upon impact as well as leaving a lingering area where enemies are slowed for 2 seconds.

At lower levels, Dark Spheres allow for great crowd control as Syndra can slow down or trap large groups of enemies near turrets or other locations using multiple spheres. At higher levels, the large range and recommended comboing with Syndera’s other abilities make this an incredibly powerful tool for engaging fights and securing kills in team fights or taking down turrets quickly.

Unleashed Power

The defining ability of Syndra is her “Unleashed Power” – a powerful AoE ability that releases stored Dark Spheres. The number and power of spheres she can have stored varies depending on the level of her ultimate power, “Fury of the Ac(r)idian”, which gives her four “Increased Spheres” at higher levels.

Syndra can also use her rods to manipulate the Dark Spheres, shooting them in different directions, or pulling them together in a line or clump to cause massive AoE damage. Her rods can also be used to stun enemies with successive shots from different angles. Castor-calibrated field imaging provides visuals for Syndra’s “Unshackled Power” abilities, allowing her to easily track and manipulate up to 6 spheres across all of Valoran’s fields simultaneously.

The Unleashed Power also grants Syndra extra movement speed as it decimates enemies who stand within its reach – this powerful mobility allows Syndra to quickly engage and disengage from fights depending on the situation without losing momentum. Finally, Unleashed Power has perfect synergy with the spell combo system that has been developed specifically for League Legends – building up and dispensing maximum damage while hovering around unseen terrain increases Syndra’s overall effectiveness when looking to make an impact in battle!

Tips and Tricks

Learning to play with Syndra can be quite a challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, you can become a master of the champion. In this section, we’ll be discussing Syndra’s abilities, how to use them effectively, and helpful tips to remember when playing Syndra in League of Legends.

From her strengths and weaknesses to her ultimate abilities, we’ll cover all the information you need to know about this champion in order to succeed in the game:

Harass with Dark Sphere

Harassing your opponent with Dark Sphere is one of the primary strategies for playing Syndra. Instead of using it simply to last-hit minions, use this ability to launch multiple spheres in quick succession to pressure the enemy without them being able to recover in between shots.

The good thing about this strategy is that Dark Sphere has a wide area of effect, and you can use that to your advantage by spreading out your shots. If you aim them slightly differently as they come out, they can be a major annoyance to opposing champions trying to get near or zone away from Syndra’s menacing presence.

Be sure also to pay attention to when Dark Sphere is placed on marked targets (points where the beams converge) and use that as an opportunity for some additional damage too. An advantage of this kind of harass with Dark Spheres is that since Syndra’s Focus rewards her for managing her mana pool, she can spam plenty of these and not worry about overshooting her resource bar. Plus since it has pretty low cooldown even at early levels, Dark Sphere is an almost guaranteed way of annoying enemies who wants nothing more than stay away from you.

Use Unleashed Power to initiate teamfights

Syndra’s Ultimate ability, Unleashed Power, is a powerful tool that not only multiplies her sphere count and the damage they deal but also works as a very effective tool to initiate teamfights.

In order to maximize its potential, use the ‘Unleashed Power’ in conjunction with her other spells. Cast ‘Dark Sphere’ to stun vital targets in a fight, followed by some well placed ‘Force of Will’ which supplies crucial crowd control effects. Use Unleashed Power while your spheres are still active on the enemies you’re targeting. The Order should be:

  1. Stun target with Dark Sphere
  2. Leash Target with Force of Will
  3. Unleash Max Damage upon Target with Unleashed Power
  4. Apply pressure with Additional Spells/Attacks

When initiating teamfights, try and aim for stunning multiple members. This will severely limit their reaction time and gives your team an edge in battle by immediately neutralizing high-value targets such as enemy carries. After that point it will be up to your team’s coordination to capitalize on the advantage you provided them.

Use Scatter the Weak to set up ganks

Scatter the Weak is a versatile spell in Syndra’s kit. It can be used to set up ganks from your jungler, help you escape an unfavorable encounter, and effectively zone off enemies in team fight situations. When used to set up ganks, be sure to use Scatter the Weak intelligently and strategically.

Start by waiting for your jungler to move into position. When they are ready and lined up behind the enemy laner, cast Scatter the Weak towards them. This creates an ideal situation for a successful gank as your opponents are pulled into both you and your jungler’s range simultaneously.

When applying this tactic in mid-lane, use Scatter the Weak’s long range and incredible speed utility to pull your opponents into tower range while they are pre-occupied with other minions or actively engaging in combat scenarios with Syndra herself.

In addition, don’t forget that Scatter’s wide level one area of effect is perfect for zone control during team fights; using it against a team of enemies caught out of position can really give Syndra’s allies a great advantage during those intense skirmishes!


Itemization is an important part of League of Legends, as it can determine the strength of Syndra in a game of League. It is important to consider the various items that are available to Syndra in order to maximize her potential in a match.

In this section, we will discuss the best item builds for Syndra and how they can help her in various scenarios:

Core Items

Core items are the basic items that make up the build for Syndra. The importance of items can’t be overstated; you build these to increase your overall impact on the game. Your overall playstyle, as well as strengths and weaknesses, will determine which core items you use.

For Syndra, her core items focus mostly on offense since she has good defensive stats in built-in spells and passive stats. Zed’s core items include:

  • Luden’s Echo: This is a great item on Syndra due to its base damage increase and added burst potential with her spells. It provides great Mobility, Wave Clear Speed, Burst/Kill Potential and Overall Damage Output Increase.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: This is an excellent item for increasing both aggressiveness and survivability since it provides health bonuses while slowing down enemies hit by Syndra’s damaging spells. This makes it harder for them to escape or take refuge in order to avoid team fights or tower pushes.
  • Hextech Gunblade: An amazing allrounder item that gives powerful bonuses that are just what Syndra needs such as Attack Damage, Ability Power and Spell Vamp for some nice sustain during battles or grueling teamfights.
  • Abyssal Mask: A solid defensive item designed for protecting against magic damage from Mages & AP Champions with its bonus MR & bonus based against Magic Damage dealer enemies which helps against Crowd control/burst heavy setups restricting her movement/mobility/kiting ability significantly lessening strength of attack pattern engagement when rushing in or positioning your attacks versus opponents in lane.
  • Void Staff: For poking safely out of range while still having a larger area damage radius when dealing with entrenched enemy teams at longer distances without getting punished by heavy crowd control effects like snares & stuns etc greatly enhancing team objectives like squads kill potential & procs – plus beefing up Surge mechanic capability causes spell based nukes are capable of true area denial between towers one corridor pinching superior mobility speed being able pull off more kills also if right positioning holds true versus foes!

Situational Items

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Common situational items that can come in handy include:

  • Flashlight: A portable, lightweight flashlight with good illumination output can have many uses beyond just providing light – navigating in the dark, scaring away wildlife or signaling for help when needed.
  • Matches and/or lighter: Having multiple ways to light a fire quickly if needed can be extremely valuable in an emergency scenario; this might include situations requiring warmth and/or a cooking source.
  • Pocket knife: A pocket knife does not just add aesthetic value; it serves practical purposes too –opening cans, slicing ropes, carving shapes out of wood – among several other things that may present themselves during a precarious situation.
  • Multi tool: Multi tools are sophisticated tools with multiple functions built into one tool – ideal for any number of tasks including cutting sharp objects like wiring as well as loosening screws and nuts with ease.
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Syndra is a powerful, intimidating champion in the League of Legends universe. Known for her amazing deadly force and cunning ability to manipulate magic, Syndra is a ranged mage who is able to manage immense amounts of power and gain an edge on her enemies. She is capable of channeling immense amounts of power, as she is known to harness the power of the stars, making her a fearsome opponent in any lane.

Let’s take a look at all that Syndra has to offer:

Pros and Cons

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Summary of Tips and Tricks

Syndra, The Dark Sovereign is a powerful mid-laner with her ability to control multiple spheres of dark magic. As one of the strongest Mages in the game, Syndra has a wide array of ways to deal with any situation she may face.

For those who are just starting out with Syndra, here are some important tips and tricks for mastering her:

  • Learn and practice Syndra’s combo. Learning how to use her Unstable Matter and Force of Will together can be a deadly move.
  • Know when to commit. Don’t dive recklessly into fights; it’s better to wait for the right opportunity to strike than throw your life away foolishly.
  • Timing is key. Using her abilities properly is critical; learn the optimal placement of your spells and the appropriate way to activate them in order to maximize your damage output.
  • Keep an eye out for enemy counterpicks – if they have a champion that’s capable of stunlocking you, it could spell disaster for your team!
  • Positioning is also essential; try not to get caught alone in lane or it could be fatal for you or your team!
  • Utilize Syndra’s range advantage – keep poking opponents from afar when possible and remain out of sight when enemies come too close for comfort!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Syndra’s Role in League of Legends?

A1: Syndra is a powerful mid-lane mage in League of Legends. She is capable of dealing huge amounts of magic damage to her enemies. She is also a great asset in team fights, due to her powerful crowd control abilities.

Q2: What is Syndra’s Ultimate Ability?

A2: Syndra’s ultimate ability is called Unleashed Power. It allows her to gather all of her Dark Spheres and launch them at her enemies. This ultimate can deal huge amounts of damage, as well as stun enemies for a short duration.

Q3: What is Syndra’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

A3: Syndra’s strengths include her high damage output, powerful crowd control abilities, and her ability to quickly reposition in team fights. Her weaknesses include her lack of mobility, her vulnerability to ganks, and her being mana-hungry.