Thresh LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Thresh is a champion in the game League of Legends and is one of the few supports who can both provide utility and damage to their team. He is commonly used for his chain hook, which can be used to set up teamfights and engage the enemy team. Thresh is a unique champion with a playstyle that can be difficult to master, but when done correctly can be incredibly rewarding.

In this article, we will be going over all you need to know about Thresh:

Overview of Thresh’s Abilities

Thresh is a champion in the online battle arena game League of Legends. He is a fierce fighter, specializing in crowd control spells, heavy damage spells and solid defenses. Thresh’s abilities can help him take control of the battlefield, shut down enemies and even guarantee kills.

Damnation – Thresh’s passive ability grants him an increasing armor stat every time he kills or assists in killing an enemy unit. This accumulation of armor gives Thresh great durability and survivability, allowing him to duel with other champions more successfully than many support champions.

Death Sentence – This is Thresh’s main engage tool that lets him latch onto enemies with a chain, stunning them while also pulling himself towards them. Simply put, it functions like an advanced version of Flash that enables Thresh to set up key plays whenever it is off cooldown.

Dark Passage – He can throw out a lantern which nearby allies can choose to grab on to be pulled towards himself or his team in safety from harm’s way – acting as a sort of mini-Teleport if used correctly. It also grants bonus armor for himself and anyone nearby when summoned, which further increases their effectiveness in fights.

Flay – His flay ability causes him to swing his chain from side-to-side – dealing damage and knocking back enemies caught in its area of effect whilst also pushing them away from himself or his allies if an escape route is needed for survival during some combat scenarios.

The Box – Thresh can summon walls made up of ethereal chains at you enemies feet that serves as one his most powerful ability act as both crowd control tools as well offensive weapons depending on where they are positioned upon usage. Enemies that walk into the box will be greatly slowed while taking damage over time inside the area.


Thresh the Chain Warden is a fearsome spirit of the Shadow Isles who preys on the living. He is a fabled, spectral figure whose name has been spoken with a hushed tone for centuries. As a living specter, Thresh lurks atop a mountain of souls he has collected from his victims. From there, he watches and waits for his next quarry to come within his reach.

Let’s explore the lore of Thresh in more detail.

Story of Thresh’s Creation

Once upon a time, in the region of Kalamanda, a town called Demacia was governed by its King. A young man called Thresh was born into the kingdom and found an affinity with the souls of those who had passed away too soon. He was able to find solace in them and understood those coming from a life that needed healing.

Thresh devoted himself to his newfound ability, devising ways to shepherd the dead into the afterlife. He crafted special tools from tear-soaked cloths, hammering out intricate patterns that he believed could channel spiritual energy with greater efficacy. The ghostly figures of spectral light began appearing when he brought these tools together, conveying subtle knowledge about their suffering and what waits beyond life.

Pleased by his success and eager to take action, Thresh presented his abilities and inventions to the King of Demacia with hopes that it would eventually benefit everyone throughout the land—each individual could decide for themselves how best to use its delightful secrets. The King humbly accepted this gift, surprised at its power but intent on using it as best as possible for his people’s protection. With this notion in mind, Thresh was given new armor—the same hue as his ghostly apparitions—to help him protect all whose lives were touched by death or injustices within Demacia’s borders.

With this new suit in hand and his newfound purpose clear before him, Thresh embarked on a journey throughout Kalamanda helping others confront their mortality in order to better appreciate life itself.

Thresh’s Role in the League of Legends Universe

In the League of Legends universe, Thresh is an Immortal Bound to the Shadow Isles and serves as a spectral jailer. He was once a holy knight who fought in the Freljord War, until he was cursed by an ancient spell and bound to serve the kingdom under a malevolent spirit’s command. By preying on human souls, he slowly turned into something more than just a man—a sentient being with untold power.

Thresh is able to traverse both realms, passing between them through gates called Death Beacons. These beacons can be found in various places throughout Runeterra: at old battle sites, in forgotten forests, or even deep within mountains or oceans.

Once inside these portals, Thresh’s objective is to capture restless or evasive souls that have yet to find their way across the veil of death—usually those who are unwilling or unable to make the journey on their own. His victims comprise an ominous collection known as the “Cursed Ones” from which no one has ever emerged alive. To take them away requires great strength—Thresh is able to wield magic and often wields massive scythes when called upon.

Should his captives prove worthy of his efforts, Thresh grants them by gifting them powerful artifacts which bolster defensive capacities tenfold. Thresh commands an array of spectral creatures known collectively as Fiddlesticks: they appear as harbingers of death and usually accompany him on his soul-collecting duties. Despite their sinister appearance and nature, these beings are loyal servants sworn to protect their master against any force that attempts to stand against him—no matter where it may hide in Runeterra.


Thresh is a champion in the game League of Legends and has a high degree of playability. When played properly, Thresh can be a powerful addition to any team’s composition. His kit of abilities features useful crowd control and immense utility for his team.

Let’s take a look at his gameplay and why Thresh is a powerful champion.

Thresh’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Thresh is a defensive champion who excels at supporting his allies in battle. He has the ability to open enemy initiations and lockdown opponents with Spiked Chain, a long ranged hook that will drag any enemies it hits toward him and stun them. Thresh can also protect allies by shielding them with Dark Passage and using his ultimate, The Box, which creates an impassable wall of energy.

Despite his strengths, Thresh lacks mobility and crowd control compared to some other champions. His only escape tool is Death Sentence, which needs to be used carefully as it can be blocked by minions or interrupted by spells from other champions. Furthermore, he has no hard disable spells which makes it harder for him to reset fights. To maximize Thresh’s potential in-game, players must learn how to properly utilize all of his abilities effectively in order to both protect allies and prevent enemies from making successful plays.

Thresh’s Recommended Items

League of Legends players who select Thresh as their champion should focus on purchasing items that will help him survive in a fight, deal more damage with his abilities and support his allies. Items that increase health and mana regeneration, defense, health, armor and magic resistance are essential for Thresh.

It is recommended that players add items such as the coin-purse ‘Spellthief’s Edge’, which offers bonus money earned during kills or assists to purchase items more quickly. The item ‘Ionian Boots of Lucidity’ increases cooldown reduction while ‘Rylai’s Crystal Scepter’ offers magical power and slow effect of spells. After these core items players may choose to further specialize their Thresh by building defensive items such as the Spirit Visage or tankier teammates with Iceborn Gauntlet or Knight Walks alongside damage dealers with Hextech Gunblade.

To finish off a full build, two additional supportive/damage output items can be added such as Redemption for helpful healing or Morellonomicon for excellent spell vamp.

These are only suggestions; depending on building goals and team compositions some deviations may be necessary in order to better suit your team’s needs. It is important to remember that League of Legends involves five interconnected teammates so staying focused on the objectives of the game and helping out your team will give you your best chance at victory!

Thresh’s Recommended Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are a crucial part of playing any champion in League of Legends. For Thresh, the recommended Summoner Spells consist of Flash and Ignite.

Flash allows Thresh to jump over obstacles and reach enemies with his Death Sentence (Q) ability, while Ignite can help with securing kills through its damage over time effect. Flash can also be used defensively, either to reposition or escape an unfavorable situation. The combination of Flash and Death Sentence is especially useful in team fights – both for engaging or making a quick retreat – as you can flash on top of your target enemy champion before casting your Q.

Keep in mind that certain items, such as Zhonya’s Hourglass, can effectively counter Thresh’s ability kit if enemy champions know how to use them correctly. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to first get accustomed with the basics before equipping Summoner Spells like Ignite – this way you can increase your chances of gaining an advantage in both lane matchups and team fighting scenarios.


Thresh is a Champion in the game League of Legends that is both versatile and flexible. He can play multiple roles and positions in the game, and his skillset can be utilized in various ways. With Thresh, there are multiple strategies worth considering when it comes to winning.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the most effective strategies with Thresh, and how these can give you an advantage in the game:

Early Game Strategies

Early game strategies are the most important tools players have to gain the advantage in a match. Make sure you’re familiar with these techniques and adjust your strategy according to which of your opponents may be using them.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with concepts such as macro and micro, as well as common base-building patterns, so you will understand how your opponent is likely planning their next move. Having a solid early game strategy is key for any player looking for consistent victory.

Here’s a list of the different strategies used during the early stages of a match:

  • Harassment – Using fast-moving forces like Zerglings and Speedlings or air-to-ground splash damage from Mutalisks against vulnerable enemy workers or mining operations preying on their resources.
  • Proxy – Building quickly away from where your opponent can spot you while using minimal scouting building up forces close behind enemy lines.
  • Scouting/Counter Scouting – Scouting out what kind of units, upgrades, or tech builds your opponent has gone for so that you can adjust accordingly and deny them an edge in tech superiority.
  • Turtling Up – Building large numbers of fortified defenses (Turrets) while tanking hits with additional powerful ground troops (Ultralisks).
  • Tier rushes – Going straight for pricey high tier units without prior scouting or determining the setup used by the opposition by forcing them into game changing situations that often tip the balance in favor of one side or another mid game transition into late game tech builds.

Mid Game Strategies

As the midgame approaches, your primary goals should be to focus on gaining map control and accumulating gold. With Thresh’s toolkit, you should have no trouble controlling your lane and pushing towers. Taking advantage of Thresh’s CC will help you secure kills in skirmishes and team fights. Make use of flay and Death Sentence to stun your opponents. Additionally, you can use Dark Passage to set up your teammates for a successful play if they are low health or out of position. As a result, you can make it easier for your team to gain an advantage in the early game so they can carry it forward into the later parts of the game.

When team fighting starts, use Dark Passage to protect allies while they engage in battle with their opponents. Focus on landing successful Death Sentences as this will disrupt enemy formation and create opportunities for your teammates to land killing blows over their enemies. Also, don’t forget about flay as this crowd control spell is incredibly useful for locking down enemies at key moments. Lastly, Thresh’s lantern ability is incredibly useful in assisting allies who have been caught out of position or are struggling to keep up during a fight; make sure you time it correctly when using lantern or else it won’t do much good!

Late Game Strategies

Every game is unique, but there are a few strategic tips to keep in mind if you’re playing a game that has reached the late stages.

  1. It is important to understand the way resources can shape the board state. Identifying which resources are most or least valuable is critical in making decisions about how to approach a game in its later stages. Knowing that certain resource combinations may be more powerful than others can be beneficial in leveraging your resources for a potential victory.
  2. Understanding your opponent’s strategy can help you formulate your plan for success. Pay attention to their build order and note any changes they make as the game progresses. Identify their key strategies so you can anticipate any attacks or defensive tactics they might use in the late game.
  3. Learning how to utilize specialized units effectively after mid-game opens up new frontiers of tactics that often lead to victory objectives. Learning how to manipulate air units, defend against enemy siege artillery, or watch out for flanking enemies will give you an edge in late-game scenarios.
  4. Remember that with every turn you and your opponent are pushing closer toward a potential victory condition every turn – so don’t forget to confirm that your own strategy works towards meeting it! Good luck!

Tips and Tricks

Thresh is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and if you want to master this champion and become a better player, you should definitely learn some tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best tips and strategies to help improve your Thresh gameplay. We’ll also be looking at some of the best builds and champion matchups to help you get the most out of this cool champion.

How to Use Thresh’s Abilities

Thresh is a champion with three distinct abilities – Death Sentence, Dark Passage, and his ultimate ability The Box. Each can be used in different ways to help your team win a fight or remain safe from an enemy advance.

The first of his skills is Death Sentence, Thresh’s signature hook that can pull enemies towards him. This spell has a long range and if the hook lands, Thresh can either pull enemies towards him for his team to attack or pull himself towards an enemy for an engage. With proper positioning and timing, this spell can enable your team to make critical plays during team fights.

His second skill is Dark Passage, which allows him to throw out a lantern to protect himself or any teammate from harm by allowing them to teleport back to safety. Given the distance Thresh can throw out the lantern and its long duration tethering effect before it explodes, Dark Passage requires good game sense and positioning on the part of both Thresh and those around him in order for it to be used successfully in fights.

Lastly, The Box is considered one of the strongest ultimate abilities in League of Legends. As its name implies, this ability creates a prison of walls around enemy champions while they remain stunned and damaged within it. Teams with well-coordinated crisis management can use this skill efficiently as it effectively removes big threats temporarily while allowing your other allies ample time for damage output on those caught inside.

How to Harass Opponents with Thresh

Thresh is a unique, versatile champion in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. His ability to manipulate his opponents’ positioning and crowd control them makes him an exceptional tank and great initiator for teamfights. He also has the unusual ability to disrupt foes from long range with his combination of traps, lanterns, and his lethal hook. Here we will look at some tips and tricks on how to harass your opponents using Thresh’s abilities.

The first way is to use Thresh’s Death Sentence (Q) ability. With it, you can hook an enemy champion from long range, dash forward with your Flay (E) ability and then use Dark Passage (W) to bring yourself back safely or help your allies reach the fight. This can be used in a variety of situations; either in teamfights as an initiator or when dueling someone alone as a way of gaining control over their position.

Another effective way of harassing enemies is by setting up traps with Thresh’s Lantern (D). By placing these strategically around chokepoints or lanes, you’ll be able to stop enemies from getting too close or making unexpected plays on your team. You can also use these traps defensively by baiting out enemies who may plan on ganking you unexpectedly or trying to escape from a bad situation.

Finally, try not to underestimate the power of Thresh’s passive ability; Damnation. Every soul collected from fallen minions or enemy gods heals him for a flat amount which allows him great sustain for every teamfight regardless if he wins it or not. Use this as an advantage by actively farming souls during laning phases whenever possible and punishing anyone who steps out of line with their health bar too low!

How to Position Yourself as Thresh

Thresh is a powerful support champion in League of Legends who many players find difficult to master. He is often played in duo lane bot positions and can be a great team asset if played correctly. When playing Thresh, it’s important to know how to position your champion, as this determines your effectiveness in lane and across the map.

When playing Thresh, positioning is key. You want to be aware of your surroundings while staying relatively safe. Here are some tips on effective positioning:

  • Stay close enough to the battle but far enough away not to get caught out of position easily.
  • Keep the majority of the minions between you and enemy champions. This will give you time to react if they approach you or attempt ganks, without losing too much potential leash or gold income from your lane partner’s minions
  • When pushing for objectives such as towers or baron, scout ahead with Death Sentence (Thresh’s Q ability). This will give you vision so that if an enemy suddenly turns up, you can react quickly by heading into safe territory
  • Learn when it is safe to move up into attack range and when it’s better for you and your team to stay back
  • Utilize fog of war if possible (e.g., by ward hopping from brush to brush) to avoid being counterganked by the enemy team
  • Be aware of the areas with good shielding options such as walls, minion waves or jungle camps; these areas can provide temporary safety while waiting for an opportunistic time
  • When defending objectives such as turrets or inhibitors, wait until enemies’ CC abilities have been used before engaging them directly with Flay (Thresh’s E ability). This should eliminate their ability to kite effectively away from you
  • When roaming around map try getting vision where possible so that teammates will have more information about opponent positions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Thresh’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Thresh is a support champion in League of Legends. He excels at controlling the battlefield by providing crowd control, defensive utility, and assist his allies in combat with his unique abilities.

Q2: What unique abilities does Thresh possess?

A2: Thresh has a range of unique abilities which make him a great support champion. These include Death Sentence, Dark Passage, Flay, The Box and his ultimate, Last Breath.

Q3: What items should I buy when playing Thresh?

A3: When playing Thresh, the best items to buy are Sightstone, Locket of the Iron Solari, Athena’s Unholy Grail, Mikael’s Crucible, and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.