Twisted Fate LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Twisted Fate is one of the most iconic champions of League of Legends. He is known for his powerful abilities and spells, as well as his unique playstyle. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Twisted Fate, from his basic abilities and spells to his advanced strategies that can help you win games.

So, let’s get started on diving into the world of Twisted Fate!

Overview of Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is an iconic League of Legends (LoL) champion from the popular MOBA game. He has a unique set of skills that make him stand out among other champions in League of Legends. This guide will provide an overview of the champion Twisted Fate and his abilities, as well as give insights on the utility he brings in-game.

Twisted Fate is a Marksman and Mage hybrid character known for his versatility and ability to manipulate combat outcomes with cards. His ultimate ability allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, enabling him to assist teammates in need with speed or turn a battle’s tide by surprising an enemy team with unexpected aggression. His passive allows him to mark enemies as kills, increasing his gold income if they are slain by him or any his allies within three seconds. His other abilities all scale off attack damage and ability power so, depending on how items are chosen, these can be optimized for either damage or utility purposes.

Overall, Twisted Fate can be an extremely valuable teammate when used correctly who can change combat outcomes quickly with decisive actions – no matter if it’s winning teamfights or opening up jungle routes for allies – making this champion one of the most desirable picks in any role.

History of Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is a champion in the popular video game League of Legends, who has been around since the game’s launch in 2009. The character was designed as a multiplayer crowd-control champion, capable of controlling the flow of battle with his magical playing cards. By utilizing an intricate combination of card-based abilities, Twisted Fate can quickly change the tides of battle with his powerful spells.

Twisted Fate’s story begins with his birth on an island shrouded in mystery. He was born with a unique set of magical playing cards, each possessing its own unique power that could temporarily turn him from man to god. Over time, he mastered these powers and created a varied array of card-based abilities that enabled him to control fate itself.

Twisted Fate became known for using his powers for self-gain and not for any noble cause. His selfishness made him notorious among League players and amassed both admirers and haters alike. Despite his selfish behaviors, he also managed to make some important allies who helped him along the way, most notably Caitlyn (also known as Sheriff Veritas).

Though some believed he was simply out to make money by any means necessary, others were grateful for how the mysterious fugitive used his powers to provide protection when nobody else would – at least until they crossed Twisted Fate’s own personal agenda. After several instances of misdeeds on both sides, Twisted Fate gained a reputation as an infamous criminal within the world of League of Legends – one who takes what he wants when he wants it without regard for law or morality. These days he continues to use his abilities on Summoner’s Rift alongside thematically appropriate champions like Miss Fortune and Gangplank – causing chaos wherever they tread across Runeterra!


Twisted Fate is a champion in the game League of Legends (LoL). This champion is known for his powerful abilities, which can be used in different ways to counter opponents. Twisted Fate is one of the most popular mage champions, due to his versatility and ability to adapt to various situations.

Let’s take a closer look at the abilities that make this champion so powerful:

Wild Cards

The Wild Cards are Twisted Fate’s primary ability, allowing him to deal huge amounts of AoE damage. It is a skillshot ability which can hit multiple enemies in a line. It has a low cooldown and mana cost and can be used both defensively and offensively. As with most of Twisted Fate’s abilities, this spell benefits from having the Gold Card active, dealing bonus magic damage with an additional hit on the fifth card throw. With the use of Smart Cast, this spell can easily be triggered by using two Quick Cast buttons – ‘Q’ for throwing cards to your left, and ‘E’ for doing the same to your right.

Twisted Fate’s Wild Cards offer great:

  • waveclear during team fights
  • lane freezing when combined with his Pick a Card ability.

In addition, it can be used as:

  • an initiator if positioned correctly
  • an escape tool if placed behind you when running away from fights.

It is important to know that due to its narrow width it requires precise aim in order to hit more than one target at once – making the use of Move Quick highly beneficial when throwning cards against clustered enemies.

Pick A Card

Pick A Card is a fun and simple party game for groups of up to 10 players. It is suitable for all ages and requires no special equipment. The game is used to test your ability to make decisions quickly, as well as your creativity. All players are required to pick a card from a shuffled deck, without looking at it. Each card has two faces: one green that grants the player an ability, and one red which puts the player in a challenging situation. The goal of the game is for each player to utilize their chosen ability in order to move ahead in their situation and eventually win the game.

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Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck is Twisted Fate’s passive ability. This ability allows him to gain a stack of Fate whenever he uses an ability. Stacks can be accumulated up to four times, and each stack will grant Twisted Fate increased attack speed and double the mana cost regeneration, while further reducing the cooldown of his basic cards on each successive stack.

When at full stacks, Twisted Fate’s next basic attack will trigger a powerful burst of damage in an area around it, dealing total area-of-effect damage calculated from their attack damage and critical strike chance multiplied by the number of stacks currently held. In addition, playing cards will remove all gathered stacks, dealing enhanced damage with every cast.


Destiny is a targeted global ability that reveals (at maximum range) an area of the map while granting Twisted Fate bonus movement speed and revealing units in the line of sight of enemies it moves towards. The effect lasts five seconds, or until Magnetic Field is cast, a card is drawn, or Fate Cards has run its course.

The time it takes Twisted Fate to cast Destiny is 1.5 seconds and has a base range of 4500−8900 depending on level (increasing by 500 every level). If there are enemy champions within 1400 range when the spell is cast, TF will choose the closest one to be revealed with Destiny. Additionally, use of any Swain’s Last Breath Hextech Gunblade combinable with essence Reaver secondary effects gives a target extra vision for two seconds as well as damage reduction for four.

  • When TF casts Magnetic Field destiny will be halted immediately if it has already been cast, this allows Twisted Fate to react quicker should he need to react on different targets present in an area quickly.
  • Additionally gathering information from various angles presents many opportunities that utilize his cards more efficiently since his ultimate allows him player a wider spread field control over enemies revealing them while using teleport to make aggressive plays essential in any game mode Twisted Fate finds himself in.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Twisted Fate is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. He has strong offensive capabilities and can quickly switch between different roles depending on the situation. His ultimate, Destiny, can give him the advantage in teamfights with its global range and stun.

But like any champion, Twisted Fate has his strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of Twisted Fate and how they should affect your decision when choosing the champion.


Twisted Fate is a ranged mage in League of Legends with a strong kit that allows him tremendous pick potential in the right situations. Here are some of his strengths:

  • Global ultimate ability: His ultimate card, “Destiny,” allows him to lock down enemy champions anywhere on the map. He has great synergy with champions on his team who can capitalize on this long-range pick potential.
  • Flexible laner: Twisted Fate’s mana costs are relatively low and he can often dictate the pace of play in lane by switching between spells and auto attacks. His crowd control makes him difficult to engage on, so he can pressure opponents from afar with his spells.
  • Item dependent: Twisted Fate excels when he builds scaling AP items like Luden’s Echo and Archangel’s Staff, which increase his damage output significantly later in the game. He also benefits from boots early to stay out of range when harassing enemies.


Twisted Fate is a ranged assassin who uses his various abilities to choose between offensive and defensive playstyles. His weaknesses lie in his inability to sustain damage in battle due to his lack of survivability, as well as vulnerabilities to crowd control effects. He furthermore has a weak early game, and can be bullied easily by opponents during this phase.

His biggest weakness is the lack of an escape ability on his kit, which renders him vulnerable during key fights and skirmishes. Furthermore, Twisted Fate also cannot switch easily between different lanes due to his limited range – this makes it difficult for him to get back into the action after he’s been pushed away from a fight or teamfight.

Finally, Twisted fate lacks strong waveclear capabilities which limit his territory control capabilities when playing in the mid-lane. Combined with his low mobility, landing good picks and making timely rotations can be difficult if your opponents are aware of your mobility limitations.


For those players who are just starting out with the champion Twisted Fate in League of Legends, strategies are key to success. The champion and the strategies you use for him can totally change the outcome of a match. Knowing how to use the champion effectively will increase your chances of securing the win for your team.

Let’s dive into the strategies that you can use with this champion:

Early Game

Twisted Fate is a champion who excels at fighting early in the game, so it’s important to capitalize on this. When playing Twisted Fate in the early game, you should focus on positioning yourself to get good trades and look for chances to roam and pressure objectives.

Starting with an AP scaling item such as an Abyssal Mask, a Luden’s Echo or an amplifying Tome is a great idea when playing Twisted Fate. These items give you the ability to take control of fights and push leads.

When playing Twisted Fate in the early game against aggressive opponents, it is important to make sure that you can keep your distance from your opponent and time your E (Stacked Deck) appropriately. This will help you avoid taking unnecessary damage while also giving yourself time to get off a good AA or Q (Wild Cards). Learn how to weave your AAs in between your spells and you should be able to put out tons of damage without taking much in return.

Try also not to rely too much on Summon: Tibbers when playing Twisted Fate as he will often be targeted first by enemies trying to shut him down, which can leave you vulnerable in teamfights due to his mobility. If used at the correct moments with correct target selection though, Tibbers can turn around many sticky situations with his huge amounts of damage output and crowd control!

Mid Game

The mid game is the period between the laning phase and late game, when turrets start to get destroyed and team fights happen more frequently. During this stage of Twisted Fate, your role will focus on pushing side lanes to chip away at turrets, split-pushing objectives like the Herald and Drake, setting up ganks for your team, and thus enabling them to take objectives.

At this stage of the game it is necessary to equip yourself properly in order to increase your chance of success. Arrangements such as Last Whisper, Hexdrinker/Blade of The Ruined King/Demonic Embrace (depending on the enemy), Guardian Angel and Lich Bane are ideal choices that can create a devastating effect during teamfights or when split-pushing.

When pushing a lane with Twisted Fate, it is important that you stay safe by correctly positioning yourself so you don’t fall victim to unexpected enemy ganks – especially if you intend to push near their turret – since its range ensures their escape or backup. To prevent this from occurring it’s key to understand where each side’s wards are located in order to make sure an unexpected surprise doesn’t occur. Additionally it’s essential that you know how many enemies may be roaming around so that you don’t get caught off guard – especially if they’ve maxed out their Ultimate ability!

Late Game

Twisted Fate’s late-game power is based largely upon the fact that he can teleport anywhere on the Rift for an actionable item or to break a siege. This makes him incredibly useful in team fights and pushes. He is also incredibly mobile with his W and R, allowing him to quickly join team fights from different angles with little warning.

Twisted Fate is not a damage carry, so he ramps up power with builds containing items like Hextech Gunblade and Archangel’s Staff. These items allow him to sustain in and out of combat using his passive ability (Destiny) as well as his spells (Pick A Card). In addition, these builds allow for more powerful Qs because of their mana scaling, making him tough to deal with if farmed properly.

Tips and Tricks

Twisted Fate is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends, offering an array of unique abilities, playstyles, and strategies. His ultimate can give him the ability to teleport right into the middle of the enemy team and wreak havoc. In this guide, you’ll learn the key concepts and strategies that will help you make the most out of Twisted Fate in League of Legends.

Using Wild Cards

Wild Cards is one of Twisted Fate’s core abilities and it’s important to understand its uses. When used, Wild Cards deals magical damage to multiple enemies in a cone formation. When maxed, the card itself can deal up to 436 glorious magical damage, making it an essential part of Twisted Fate’s rotation.

Wild Cards has two key aspects that make it invaluable. First, the ability will hit multiple enemies in an area – perfect for clearing minions from lanes or preventing enemy champions from pushing too far near your turret or base. Second, you can direct where the card will land with relative ease as you can move your mouse cursor slightly off center – allowing Twisted Fate to easily pick off enemies hiding behind walls or obstacles.

The ability also makes for a powerful tool in team fights and ganks. Its AOE effect make it perfect for hitting multiple enemies with one shot – potentially disabling them all at once – while its directional control allows Twisted Fate to thin out a fight quickly by making sure his damage hits those who are staying back and dealing the most harm.

It is also useful when trying to secure objectives such as Baron Nashor or even Dragon out of combat safely if need be, given that you set up away before hand so that you can take out damage dealers at range with Wild Cards without having them retaliate unless they are able to enter its range without being seen by anyone on your team due to terrain and/or walls. Combined with Destiny/Gate, this makes him an excellent choice for securing high priority objectives if timed correctly.

Pick A Card

Twisted Fate’s unique ability, Pick A Card, allows him to choose between four suit cards (blue, red, purple, gold) that each have different effects. Blue card deals the most damage and restores mana when used while gold card deals less damage but stuns the target. Red card is the area of effect version of blue while purple card reveals nearby enemies for a few seconds.

This makes Twisted Fate an amazing champion in early-mid game as he can use his pick a card to effectively bully enemy champions or clear minion waves. In addition to this, Twisted Fate is also very good at roaming around the map as his pick a card allows him to dash around quickly looking for kills or objectives. He plays best when ahead of enemies so that he can make picks and snowball into late game where his ultimate becomes very powerful in team fights.

Stacked Deck

The concept of a stacked deck can seem a little complicated but, in its simplest terms, it is simply manipulating the order of the cards in your playing deck to give you an advantage when playing card games. When properly done, this will usually guarantee that you have the cards you need when you need them and increase your chances for winning.

Before attempting any type of card stacking, it is important to understand some basic techniques and concepts such as false shuffles and dealing from the bottom. A false shuffle is a set of shuffling techniques used to make it look like the deck is properly mixed but still leaves it in its original order. Dealing from the bottom can involve peeking at the cards or arranging them so they are easy to identify while avoiding detection.

Once you understand these techniques, then you are ready to move on to creating your own stacked deck. This can be done in several ways including introducing extra cards into the mix or grouping together certain sequences during shuffling for easier retrieval later on during game play. If you are playing competitively against experienced opponents then caution should be taken not to draw suspicion from your actions or moves by making them less predictable and more random looking–a well-stacked deck must still appear randomly mixed!


The Destiny ability is a key part of the Twisted Fate Champion. It allows players to get an overview of current map situations, which in turn helps them track their enemies and make better decisions.

Destiny can be cast once for each team, which reveals the position of all enemy Champions and reveals stealthed units for 6 seconds. Every 15 seconds players will begin to generate passive gold from destiny – 1 gold per second at max rank.

Unlike other spell-casting abilities, destiny has no cooldown. Activating it multiple times in a row will result in increased gold generation but will also reduce enemy vision, so timing is important.

When activated, all allies within range get an icon next to their portraits indicating that they have been granted vision by this ability. Such allies see multicolored dots on the minimap representing nearby visible enemies regardless of terrain type or line vision blocking objects like cliffs and wards (turrets or banner do not block vision provided by the destiny ability). Enemies inside a bush are revealed when destiny is cast and remain revealed until they leave it or 4 seconds elapse after casting the spell; they become only minimap icons again upon leaving it but remain visible as long as destiny’s effect persists.

It also grants vision to nearby wards placed by you or allies – including traps – for 6 seconds allowing you to blow up traps through projectile spells like Wild Cards allowing your team to safely move around without worrying about being tracked down.


Twisted Fate is a great champion for difficult carries due to his strong scaling, waveclear and crowd control. However, he also performs well in laning phase despite not having many defensive tools. He has an incredibly unique kit that allows him to flex between multiple roles depending on the pressing needs of each game. His flexibility as a champion allows him to be picked in any lane or role, which is why it is important that you understand how to use Twisted Fate’s abilities properly.

With good decision making and practice, you can make amazing plays with this champion and carry your team to victory:

  • Understand how to use Twisted Fate’s abilities properly.
  • Be aware of your team’s pressing needs.
  • Make good decisions in-game.
  • Practice and master Twisted Fate’s kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What role does Twisted Fate play in League of Legends?

A: Twisted Fate is a mid-lane mage in League of Legends, with a focus on burst damage and crowd control. He is known for his ability to maneuver around the battlefield and outplay his opponents with his unique ultimate.

Q: What abilities does Twisted Fate possess?

A: Twisted Fate has four abilities – his passive Pick a Card, Wild Cards, Stacked Deck, and Destiny. Pick a Card allows him to choose between three cards each with a different effect. Wild Cards are AoE damage spells, Stacked Deck increases his attack damage and attack speed, and Destiny allows him to teleport across the map.

Q: What is the best way to play Twisted Fate?

A: The best way to play Twisted Fate is to use his mobility to your advantage. Try to pick fights in which you can use your ultimate to outplay your opponents, and use your Wild Cards to harass enemies from a distance. Be sure to use your Stacked Deck to maximize your damage output, and always remember to pick the right card for the situation.