Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

DayZ offers a realistic visual experience with a post-apocalyptic setup, making it an excellent choice for survival-shooter players. 

Bohemia Interactive’s popular game, Bohemia Interactive, may have the cross-play feature. This feature is a great way for players to share data across platforms and allow them to play on different devices. 

We will be talking about DayZ’s cross-platforming. Find out if it is available on all devices that support the game.

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Does Dayz Support Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Dayz Cross-Platform

It is possible that most readers are unaware of the fact. DayZUnfortunately, XP does not support cross-platform gaming between any of the devices. 

This clarifies that console players cannot join your PC game or wait in a survival battle queue if you’re a PC player. 

You may be interested in the reasons behind this decision by developers. We have listed a few reasons below.

  • To prevent piracy of your game which can happen in any online community.
  • You want to enjoy the game without any technical difficulties or lags.

Even though Bohemia Interactive genuinely means no harm to players but just to improvise in the game’s mechanics, cross-platform makes a game more user-friendly and interactive for players to enjoy to the fullest. 

Cross-play has many benefits, including the ability to queue with players on different devices, like consoles and PCs, as well as data transfer and access to an account on another platform. 

We have no hope other than an update from DayZ developers.

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Dayz Cross-Platform Support Xbox and PC

DayZ does not support cross-platform gaming between Xbox and PC. It means that Xbox players cannot play the game’s multiplayer with PC players. 

This may be caused by the incompatibility of Xbox and PC software as well as the intense security system on the console. 

It is possible to still play the game with other people using the same device, which is a plus. 

Dayz Cross Platform Support for Xbox and PS4

Cross-platform gaming is not possible between Xbox and PS4, even though they have similar consoles. 

This problem could be caused by the differences in software and support systems between Sony and Microsoft to allow only one communication platform between console networks.

Xbox One or Xbox X/S Series console owners can only play with Xbox One users. The same principle applies to PS4/PS5 players who want to play DayZ.

Cross-Platform Support by Dayz for Xbox and PS5

DayZ is unable to handle cross-platform gaming between Xbox One and PS5. This means that Xbox players cannot play with other Xbox users, and PS5 gamers can only play with PS5 users. 

This is because of the difference in the networks that are handled by consoles, the controllers used for both consoles and the timeframes for updates. 

This issue could also be caused by specific criteria, such as tick-rate variation between the consoles.

Dayz Cross Platform Support for PS4 & PC

DayZ does not offer cross-platform support for PC and PS4. This seems to be a huge disadvantage for players who want to play the game on multiple platforms. 

Cross-play is a feature that allows PC gamers to play with PS4 consoles. PC gamers cannot queue with other PC users to enjoy a multiplayer experience at DayZ.


Cross-platform gaming is a great way of keeping players interested in games that are growing in popularity and increasing the player base. 

DayZ is unable to provide cross-play for Xbox, PS4/PS5 and PC players. DayZ also does not host cross-save on different devices. DayZ players cannot play the game on the same device as other DayZ players.

I hope you found this article helpful in understanding DayZ’s cross-platform gaming engagement. Bohemia Interactive will unfold the feature. It is best to wait. 

You can continue to survive the zombie apocalypse at DayZ, and you will get better at your goal!

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