Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List 2021 – The Complete List

The combat game FGO was launched by Delightworks, a Japanese company. FGO is a fighting game between the player (or the enemy) that appears to be featured in a novel. The player fights with the help of his servants and is authorized to be the ‘Master.’ three.

These servants are historical or mythological characters. They come from different cultures and represent different powers. A batch is made up of six servants. Three servants participate actively in any game while three others are backups.

FGO tier list

The master can trade, buy, or sell the servants. Each group was divided into six groups based on their rarity and class. Higher stars have more servants, making them rarer and thus more expensive. 

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FGO Tier List

The tier of a servant is determined by his class. You will get a greater return on your investment if you have a servant with a higher rank. They will last longer in the game. They can handle average or moderate players easily.

Saint Quartz, an in-game currency that can be used to purchase servants, is available for purchase. Turn-based gameplay is used. With each turn, you get “Command Cards.” These command cards are to be used judiciously with the assistance of the powers of the servant. These cards can be used to attack. Three attacks are allowed per turn.

An easier choice is a servant with more stars. These tiers are what?  How can you tell which level has what? It’s easy to do. For your clarity, here is a list of groups:

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S Tier

The highest tier of all the tiers is called the S Tier. These servants are rarer than others. The majority of servants are 5-star. You can also be at the top if you know the players of this tier.

Servant Rarity (Stars).
BB 4
Zhuge Liang 5
Orion 5
Mordred 4
Amakusa Shirou 5
Alter 5
Euryale 3
Scathach Skadi 5
Nikola Tesla 5
Merlin 5

D Tier

This tier is the lowest ranked. Here are the least skilled and effective players. These servants are not optimal for the initial stages. You must catch up with any viable servants for the rest of the game.

Servant Rarity(Stars)
Altera 5
Caligula 2
Thomas Edison 4
Semiramis 5
Nezha 4
Musashibou Benkei 2
Mata Hari 5
Geronimo 3
Chacha 4
Katou Danzo 4
Phantom Of Opera 2
Ryougi Shiki 5
Gilles de Rais 3
Archer Of Paraiso 4

A Tier

The S Tier is the next Tier. These servants stand alongside you. These players are strong and skilled and can be your companion until the end. These players have weaknesses that are Walkthroughvisible. They often need to be balanced in order to compensate for their weaknesses. These players can be an excellent addition to your team, we cannot deny.

Servant Rarity( Stars)
Altira Pendragon 5
Arjuna 5
Atalante 4
Emiya 4
Enkidu 5
Francis Drake 5
Georgios 2
Heracles 4
Ishtar 5
Lancelot 4
Katsushika Hokusai 5
Medea 3
Okita Suji 5
Rama 4
Sieg 4
Robin Hood 3
Valkyrie 4
Okado Izo 3
Enkidu 5

C Tier

This tier contains most players who are only viable for the first few steps in the Fate Grand Order tier list. These players are slightly more difficult to acquire than Tier D. The players are more rare than Tier D players, but they can be trusted for the entire journey.

Servant Rarity( Stars)
Vlad III 5
Romulus 3
Napolean 5
Hektor 3
Nightingale 5
Siegfried 4
Astolfo 4
Emiya 4
Ereshkigal 5
Gorgon 4
Li Shuwen 4
Saint Martha 4
Abigail Williams 5
Chevalier d’Eon 4
Cu Chulainn 3
Fume Kotarou 3
Henry Jekyll 3
Marie Antoinette 4
Rider of Resistance 3

B Tier

The third-best tier is known as the balancing tier. This level is the break point between the highest and lowest levels. This tier contains average players. They may or not be able to assist you to the finish. This tier has many servants. From this tier, the rarity of servants is gone.

Servant Rarity (Star).
Avicebro 3
Caster Of Midrash 4
Altria Pendragon 4
Xuanzang Sanzang 5
Tristan 4
Scathatch 4
Sasaki Kojirou 1
Leonidas 2
Kiyohime 4
Karna 5
Ivan The Terrible 5
Frankenstein 4
Eric Bloodaxe 2
Kid Gilgamesh 3
Jing Ke 3
Medusa 3
Shuten Douji  5
Elisabeth Bathory 4
Chiron 4

Best of the Best

FGO characters have a unique skill. This skill is classified as the ‘Class’ in the game. Each servant comes from one class. These classes include Riders, Assassins and Breakers. The skills of the servant are specialized. You can find the rare servants by looking at the tiers above.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve divided the servants into classes and selected the best. Is it possible to guess which of them is the best? Is there one who is better than them all? Take a look at the article to discover.

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The archers are the best for long-term combat. They can use the Noble Phantasms powers. You have many options for incredible archers to add in to your team. These are the top archers in the game.

Tesla: The first skill of recoiling for a player is the nack to improve NP. He can be unbeatable for three consecutive turns if he has the command card. Galvanism, Natural intelligence and passive skills such as independent action are some of the active skills that this servant excels at. The servant can destroy the enemy team quickly with selfish intent.

Orion:  The character is able to balance both defense and attack. He has the ability to increase his critical hit rate by 11%. He is a master archer because of his multi-purpose skills. Orion excels in both independent action and playful bonds.

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Crazy warriors. They are insane. They know they can’t help but win and will spare no one. They would use every tactic possible to eliminate them all. These are the most powerful of all classes according to the Fate Grand Order tier list.

Mysterious Heroine X: She is the most powerful Berserker, with blood rage and self-healing powers. She is an excellent attacker, excelling in support artillery and cosmo reactor. Although she comes from an anti-saber niche her choice is not the most widely accepted. The best berserker, but the worst assassin.

Chu Chulainn: He is a Berserker of great skill and dominance with his Shouts. This servant can kill any archer or assassin. Chu is one the most useful servants you will find in the game. His survival skills are exceptional.

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Assassins are the right choice when you need to carry out an operation silently. They’re like silent killers, who are skilled in coveringt games. Who is the most powerful among them? 

Jack The Ripper  A calm, decent character who knows when to strike and when to remain calm. Her ability to conceal her presence is a plus. She is a skilled NP and is quick. You should note that she is a big investor. This is why masters might think twice before raising her. We believe she is well worth all the investments.

Kama: This character is all in the attack. He is the most skilled assassin.  He is the fastest and most deadly of all the characters. She is also proficient in defensive skills. Her NP raise is also admirable.


The riding skills of the Riders are unmatched. They can subdue any beast that stands in their way. It can be either a mythological or mechanical beast. They can overtake them all. They make the best riders.

Achilles: Tank rider plays in a mixed style. It is unique because of its player. Dromeus Komets is Achilles’ best active skill. He is well-known for his attacking abilities and does not require a lot of investment. Achilles has the potential to be raised with his performance history and stars.

Final Talk

That’s it for the FGO – Fate/Grand Order Tier List. It’s important to understand the strengths of each servant before they are available. It will assist you in your game strategy development. You will be able to identify the different tiers and rarities of each servant by using the above list. We also list the top characters according to their classes. We hope you found our help.

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