How To Change Your Name In League Of Legends

League Of Legends can be described as a multiplayer combat game. Riot released it in 2009. Popularly the game is called in its abbreviations- ‘lol’. League of legends is the most popular esport. People love to be crazy about league of legends skins Play thousands of hours just to level up the honor in lol.

You are required to select two names when you first start playing League Of Legends. One is your user name and one is your Summoner Name. You might be wondering how you can change your name in the league legends. To find out more, please read the following article.

What is the Difference Between Summoner Name and UserName?

Now for those who haven’t played League of Legends must be wondering. It is difficult to tell the difference between username and summoner names. It can be summarized as follows:

Username refers to your name, or the name you use for the game. Summoner name refers to what your opponents or teammates see on the field. Once you create an account, username and summoner names must be chosen. The username can be changed as often as you wish, but the summoner name cannot.

Why is it necessary to change your name in League of Legends

You may not have chosen the most recent trends since the username and summoner names are set at the beginning of the journey. You may feel the need for a change in your names later on. This is where the question of how to change my name in the league legends for free arises.

Another reason could be the recent actions of RIOT.  Riots recently announced that usernames and summoner names were no longer linked on Lol. The team RIOT may have sent you an email informing you about the changes. 

It is possible that you were asked to modify your username. The official LOL website allows you to easily change your username. However, the summoner name remains unchanged.

How to Change Your Name in League Of Legends

There are many ways to change your summoner name free of charge. If you have sufficient in-game currency, and you need immediate effect, we can help you. It takes 1300 RP to apply the effect. How do I change my name? Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the League of the legends login site.
  • To log in, enter your username and password.
  • Locate the store by clicking the header tab. It is represented by coin stacks.
  • Go to the Account section in the Store.
  • Your account has been reverted. Here you find the “Summoner Name Change” option.
  • You can change your name by clicking on this option for 1300 Rp

How to Change Your Name in League Of Legends for Free

You may not be able to change your name for free at 1300RP. You might be wondering how you can change your name in the league legends. We have the answers. Two effective solutions are possible through close observation and research. 

These are the steps to easily change your name without any cost.

If Username and Summoner Name are the Same

You are fortunate if you happen to have the username and summoner names the same. This is because you can now change your summoner name free of charge.

This task can be performed for free, as Riot doesn’t appreciate the same summoner and user names. 

A similar username or summoner name could pose a risk to security and compromise the game’s integrity. You have the opportunity to change your name free of charge. To request assistance with a name change, all you have to do is write to Riot.

You can use the subject line: Change Name to make your email stand out. The body can be written as follows:

“ This email is about initiating my summoner name change. This is because I have the same username as my summoner name. Please help me to change my name in order to protect my game and system. Thank you.”

Additions Special

It is possible to hack the name without security concerns. This also comes at no cost. Confused? Let’s simplify it. These are some simple ways to improve your Lol summoner name:

  1. Spaces: You can use spaces in summoner names, but not username. To change the name, you can add spaces to it. Here are some examples.
  • Night Rider = Night Rider
  • ThunderCloud= Thunder Cloud.
  1. Special Characters are another way to change your summoner’s name. To change names, you can add special characters. This will change the name and add some spice. You can take this as an example:
  • JackHoomes = Jackie@Home
  • WithTrend = #with@trend

Riot must approve the changes. You can contact Riot support email to do this. You can include the subject: Name change in your email. Here’s an example:

“ Hey, this is about a name change request. I have added a few spaces or characters to the name. It would be greatly appreciated if you could approve the changes. Thank you.”

What are the Most Frequently Asked Question?

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Final talk 

Many players want to be able to change their names in the league. This article covered all possible solutions to this question. These methods have been tested and proven effective. To find 100% effective answers, trusted lines were used. If you are still having problems, don’t hesitate to write us. We’ll help you find the best solution. 

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