How to Delete Your LoL Account

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Wondering how to delete your LoL Account? Riot Games Headquarters (c) Riot Games| © Riot Games

Are you considering deleting your League of Legends account but aren’t really sure how to do so? We got you covered.

You are fed up with players chasing after first blood of the enemy or seeing them die, Yuumi’s Here are some steps to help you win every game. You can delete Your LoL account will remain active.

Riot has two options available for players who are tired of League of Legends. There is one option: Deactivate your account. If you deactivate your account, Riot still has access to all your user data, but you will not be able to play the game while it is deactivated. Once you’re ready to play again, however, your account can be reactivated.

You also have the option of You can delete your account. You cannot reverse the deletion of your account. Also, all the data connected to the account will be deleted. You will need to be 100% sure that you want your account deleted before you can do this. 

This is a good way to temporarily deactivate an account. If you feel satisfied with your choice, you can then choose to delete it. 

How to delete your LoL account 

There are some things that you should know before you delete your account. First, delete your LoL Account. Then delete all other games linked to that Riot account.You can find them at VALORANT, Wild RiftAnd Legends of Runeterra. You can technically not delete your LoL account. Instead, delete your Riot account.

All items purchased cannot be returned. You can delete all skins, chroma and other data from your account. You will lose all your money and the account is permanently deleted. 

Before permanently deleting an account, you should know that all data will be deleted once the deletion process has ended. not be able to access your account ever again.

If you are not certain that you wish to delete your account, you can still read. Here are four simple steps to delete your Riot account.

  1. Click here to get to Riot Support Page for account deletion
  2. Then press the button “LOG IN” Log in to the account that you wish to delete.
  3. Riot will ask if you are the original account creator. If yes, then select the option “YES”.
  4. After you have completed step 3, Riot will display the games associated to your account. It will also show you your account name and RiotID. If everything looks good, click on “CONFIRM START DELETION PROCESS.”
Riot Games Support Account Deletion
(c/ Riot Games)| © Riot Games

After you’ve completed all of these steps, the process for deleting the data will start. You will receive a mail with all details. It will take approximately It takes 30 days to complete the deletion

Riot offers an alternative if the link fails. Submission of tickets.

Click here to cancel your account by submitting a ticket. here Follow these steps:

  • Select “Request type”Account Management, Data Request or Deletion
  • Write “As a Subject”Account deletion
  • In the DescriptionPlease fill out the following information: 
    1. Name of the Account (what you sign into the different Riot Games with)
    2. Summoner Name (your in-game LoL name)
    3. Creation date of the account
    4. Location that you registered the account from (City, Country)
    5. Email address used to originally register your account
  • In “REGION”, select the region that is tied to your account
  • For the Inquiry Selection, pick “Account Deletion”
Riot Games Ticket Submission Web Page
How to delete your LoL account through ticket submission | © Riot Games

Can I Reverse My Account Deletion? 

If the 30 days of the deletion process is over, you cannot reverse the account deletion. This is because Riot deletes all information tied to the account deleted, so there is no way to bring that back once it is gone. 

If you happen to regret your decision during those 30 days of the deletion process, you have to act quickly if you want to retrieve your account. When you started the deletion process, you received a mail with deletion confirmation. In this mail, there is also a link you can click if you regret your choice during those 30 days. 

If you manage to request a reverse of the deletion maximum five days before the process is done, you might be able to retrieve your account back, but it is not guaranteed. The sooner you reverse the account deletion, the bigger the chances are of the deletion process being canceled. When it is only five days left of the deletion process, you will not be able to retrieve your account. 

How to Deactivate my LoL Account

Maybe you still aren’t sure about deleting your account, or just need a break from League of Legends, and your own willpower isn’t strong enough to contain yourself. Here, deactivating your account for a while might be the best option. When you deactivate your account, all your data will be stored by Riot, but you cannot log in to any of Riot’s games. 

Before deactivating your account, Riot does recommend you to delete all payment information tied to the account

Here are the steps to follow if you want to deactivate your account: 

  • Click here to submit a ticket to riot.
  • Choose request type “Account Management, Data Request, or Deletion
  • As a subject, write “Account Deactivation
  • In the description, fill in this information: 
    1. Account Name (What you use when you sign up for Riot Games).
    2. Summoner Name (Your LoL name in-game)
    3. Creation date of the account
    4. Localization That you registered the account in (City or Country)
    5. EMail address Used to register your account
  • Select the region that is linked to your account in “REGION”
  • Choose “An Inquiry Selection” to access the Inquiry Selection.Account deactivation

Maybe these champions are the reason for your LoL break…

Can I Reverse My Account deactivation?

Yes. You don’t need to be concerned about reversing deactivation. Simply contact us if you ever want to play again. submit another ticket Instead of “Account Deactivation”, you should write “Account Reactivation”. 

Should I delete my LoL Account?

You can delete your account at any time. If you feel it is the right decision, then you should do it. 

However, it is important to remember that deleting your Riot Account can be a difficult step, especially if the account has been a source of income and time. You might want to deactivate your account before you delete your account. 

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