Illusion Connect Tier List (2022)

Illusion Connect is a Gacha game that you should have seen. It is all about strategy. You must form a team. Your character should become stronger as the game progresses. Radiants are these characters.

You have the choice of having a character or no character. The character can be swapped. You should be aware that not all characters are the same. Some are stronger than others. We have the Illusion Connect Tier List to clarify any doubts. These lits will provide you with a complete overview of the characters available. It is vital for games that are tactics-based.

Illusion Connect Tier List

We offer a tier list called Illusion Connect that will help you make the process of choosing characters easier. The game revolves around characters. Take a look at the article to learn more about each character.

What is Illusion Connect?

Superprism Technology has developed Illusion Connect, a turn-based RPG game. The Radiants are the player who attempts to save your base in Nightmare.

You must use tactics to stop your enemy from entering and capture your base. This team can be built during 15 levels. You have 50 choices. 

Every character is unique and each one has its own power or skill. One character is your starting point. You can modify their appearance and attributes. This is your character in the game. To build a strong team, you will need to exchange, get, or leave Radiatnts. Below is a guide that will help you. 

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Types of Characters

Before we jump into the Illusion Connect Tier List, it is important to know that each character has a type. They can be Sorcerers (attackers), Guardians, Healers/Healers, Summoners/Light Partners, or Spell. What is so special about them? Continue reading:

1. Attackers:

Their gameplay revolves around attacking, as you can see from their name. They make great combos with passive characters such as Nightmare Hunter Leader, Light Paradin and others. 

2. Sorcerers:

They used to be the strongest of all characters. In recent years, however, their power has diminished. Yuffie and Nicola are the characters that have retained the Sorcerer’s name.

3. Guardians:

Angela is the Guardians. Since the addition of the UR weapon, this character has undergone a lot of development. This character is your chance to win. She can be your best friend if you keep working hard at her.

4. Healers: 

This is the lowest of all the categories. They are difficult to find. Ming is the strongest, followed by Anna or Diana. There are only seven healers available in the game.

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5. Summoners:

The summoners are the strongest of all the characters. Annis is the strongest summoner after she wakes up. Summoners can be equally challenging and fun to play with. They can bring you victory.

6. Light Partners

They may not be strong, but they can hold an enemy for long periods of time. They can serve as a buffer zone between leader and enemy. Phoebe, the strongest Light Partner, is the most powerful.

Illusion Connect Tier List

The characters are listed in tiers, from strong to weak. The journey will not be complete without the help of weaker Radiants. You should try to learn more of the stronger players in your journey. This list will assist you in making your decision.

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S Tier

The highest-ranking tier. This tier contains the strongest characters. They can be trusted to defeat any enemy with ease. Who are they all? Take a look at the list:

Character Category
Anna Healer
Hachi Sorcerer
Nicola Sorcerer
Yuffie Sorcerer
Shiki Sorcerer
Gemmy Attacker
Kasumi  Attacker
Miyuki Light Spell

A Tier

The A tier is located next to the S-tier. They are strong characters that only stand next to the S ones. Against strong enemies, you can trust them. 

Character Category
Annie Guardian
Berialon  Guardian
Angela Guardian
Kiraya Guardian
Ann Summoner
Gaguku Summoner
Charlotte Light
Eileen  Light
Vivian Light
Phoebe Light
Maki Attacker
Hersey Attacker
Pan Attacker
Gigi Attacker
Hotaru Attacker
Nina Sorcerer
Fenebeth Sorcerer
Rotania Sorcerer
Rikia Light

B Tier

This Tier is good enough for fighting enemies. They can be a great asset if you use them properly. Let’s take a look at the people in this tier.

Character Category
Shanti Guardian
Cubie Light
Brooke Light
Beatrice Spell
Carol Attacker
Edward Attacker
Chiyo Sorcerer
Mary Sorcerer
Frantiva Summoner

D Tier

These characters could be described as average. They can be trusted up to the middle of the journey but they are not very trustworthy. They might not be strong enough to defeat your opponents. Make sure you are careful when choosing them.

Character Category
Mei Attacker
Mia Attacker
Tiffany Sorcerer
Ashwaya Summoner
Flora Summoner
Harto  Light

E Tier

The lowest tier. Radiants in this tier are of little use. Only at the beginning of the journey are the E Tier Radiants possible. They can be easily defeated by their opponents. Try to keep them from entering the arena.

Character Category
Loro Guardian
Bontenmaru Guardian
Penny Attacker


Illusion Connect is very popular. It is a game that players love to play and are always trying to improve. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your characters is very important as it’s a tactical-based game. The characters can be used in the game according to their strengths and weaknesses.

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For players who wish to improve, the Illusion Connect Tier List can be very useful. The list can be used to filter Radiants according the game plan. The best team leaders are good at getting to know their teams. These are just a few of the many things you can do to help. We are grateful for your assistance.

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