LEC Summer Playoffs 2022: New Kings of Europe Crowned

Vitality vs MAD Lions
LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 are coming soon! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

The LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 will be held. The top European teams are about to compete for the League of Legends European Champion title and for four World Championship 2022 seeds. We are here to give you information on all the dates, the schedule, and the teams.

The LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 are coming soon! Regular season is finally over and we know which team will join the competition of becoming the top team in the LEC and who will finally get a chance to compete amongst the best of the best in the League of Legends World championship.

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the LEC Playoffs 2022. We will give you information about Dates?, LEC Playoffs format and scheduleAnd Which teams are currently qualified?

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LEC Summer Playoffs 2022: End and Start Dates

The LEC Playoffs begin Friday 26 August. After the Playoffs have ended, LEC Summer Finals will take place September 10-11.

This season, Europe will experience thrilling playoffs. This year, Four European seeds are available for the 2022 World ChampionAfter a very close encounter, Regular splitWe are sure to be thrilled about the event.

LoL European Championship Playoffs – Schedule and Format

LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 will start off on Friday, 26 August with Rogue vs. MAD Lions. The following day, Saturday, 27 August, G2 Esports will meet Misfits, and the final match of the weekend, will be Fnatic vs. Excel. The loser in that match is out of playoffs.

All matches in the playoffs will take place in a best of five format. This format is divided into Two brackets: We have the Winners bracket. We will locate the Top four teams G2 Esports (G2 Esports), Mad Lions (Rogue), and Misfits were the European regular seasons. G2 finished first in the regular season and they chose to play against Misfits rather than Rogue.  

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Second, we have Losers bracket. Here, we will find the fifth  and the sixth best team after the regular season playing against each other, Excel vs. Fnatic. You are out of the playoffs if you lose one best-of-5 in the losers bracket.

LEC Schedule
LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 Schedule | © Riot Games

However, this is not the case for those who are in the winners’ bracket. The winners bracket is only eliminated if they lose two best-of-5s. Basically, if you loose the first game in the winners bracket, depending on where you were in in the regular season standings, you will either meet the winner of game one or game two in the loser bracket. Imagine, for example, that you were fourth in regular division and lose to the winners bracket. You will be playing in the second round of the loser brackets if the team that lost in winners bracket was over you in regular Split. 

Final note: If you win the first game in the winners bracket but lose the second, you can still play yourself in the final game. You will meet the winning team in the finals if you have won both of the games in the winners bracket.

Still unsure about the LEC Playoffs format This article will help you understand the LEC Playoffs format. 

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LEC Playoffs 2022 – Teams Qualified

After a very close regular season, the teams qualified for LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 are finally set. Six teams are guaranteed to make the playoffs. This is after a tie-breaker between Excel and Vitality. Vitality is eliminated from the playoffs contention. These are the final standings

Rank Team Champion Points W-L


G2 Esports (Playoffs Winners bracket) 36

12 – 6


MAD Lions (Playoffs Winners Bracket) 36

12 – 6


Rogue (Playoffs Winners Bracket)


11 – 7

4 Misfits (Playoffs Winners Bracket) 33

11 – 8

5 Excel (Playoffs Losers Bracket). 30

10 – 9

6 Fnatic (Playoffs losers bracket) 30

10 – 9

7 Vitality (Eliminated). 27

9 – 10

8 Astralis (Eliminated). 21

7 – 11

9 SK Gaming (Eliminated) 21

7 – 11

10 Team BDS (Eliminated 9

3 – 15

LEC Summer Playoffs Bracket

Round 1

Date Team Score Team Score


Rogue 3 MAD Lions 2
27.08.2022 G2 Esports 3 Misfits 1
28.08.2022 Fnatic 3 EXCEL 2

Round 2

Date Team Score Team Score


Misfits 0 Fnatic 3

Round 3

Date Team Score Team Score


MAD Lions 1 Fnatic 3

Semi Finals

Date Team Score Team Score


Rogue 0 G2 Esports 3
10.09.2022 Fnatic 1 Rogue 2

After a four-game fiesta, Rogue advances to the finals against G2 Esports. Fnatic lost the first game, but came back in the third. Is Rogue able to break the Finals curse and win their first LEC Trophy?


Date Team Score Team Score


G2 Esports 0 Rogue 3

Rogue won six consecutive games during the finals’ weekend, winning 6-1 to win the crown and be crowned champions of Europe. This is the first time the org has won, after reaching finals multiple times. 

G2 did not have an answer for Rogue. The team won the Spring Split Champions title in a clean sweep of 3 – 0. 

LEC Summer Playoffs 2022 Live Stream

There are many ways that you can watch the LEC’s competition. It is up to you where you choose to view it. At this moment, you can choose between three different options:

This is all you need to know about the LEC summer playoffs. We’ll update you with additional information as soon as it becomes available. 

Which of these people do you think will become the European League of Legends champions

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