The Bot Lane Tier List for LoL Patch 12.18

Who is LoL Patch 12.18’s strongest bot laner?

LoL Patch 12.18: The Bot Lane Tier List

Patch Notes

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A few more ADC targeted nerfs have hit the rift, so lets see what that means for our Bot Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 12.18!

Check out the following to find the top bot laners in meta if youre looking for a new main!

Bot Lane Tier List: Who can play in LoL Patch 12.18

4. Jhin

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin
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Jhin is back at the top of the meta in Patch 12.18. As a strong weakside attack damage carry, this means that we will see a lot more of him at Worlds 2022. 

This champ is a great choice for anyone looking for an ADC that will let you relax and not worry about snowballing.

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3. Samira

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Samira is rarely at the top LoL tier list. However, her performance in current meta has been exceptional. She excels in skirmish-heavy matches where she will have the opportunity to fight for an extended time and snowball.

While she isn’t the most perfect hyperscaling AD champion, she can carry games even if you learn Samira from Patch 12.18.

2. Draven

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You are welcome back to League of Draven, folks. Although it’s been a while since Draven could be definitively said to have been the best ADC in meta, the statistics don’t lie. Currently, Draven is holding a 25.2% ban rate – that means he’s being banned in 1/4 of games in Platinum + Worldwide Ranked Matchmaking!

Draven is often one of the most banned champs in League of Legends. But this is just a little insane! We recommend that you ban Draven or pick him up because he is a great ADC in this meta.

1. Miss Fortune

Halloween Miss Fortune
Do you have the guts to buy this incredible halloween skin? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Miss Fortune remains a dominant player in the current meta, despite a few hotfixes. LoL Esports fans are encouraged to follow Miss Fortune.
She is certain to be a hotly contested selection at Worlds 2022.

MF’s current best build is the crit oriented one with items such as Kraken Slayer or Collector. This build will allow you to scale tremendously in the mid-to late game and still have that dominant laning phase that MF has become known for.

Bot Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 12.18: The Other Bot Lane Champions

We’ve now taken a look at the S-Tier picks for League of Legends. It’s time to see the rest. Which bot lane champions should you drop and which ones should you spam in LoL Patch 12.18?

Bot Lane Tier List Patch 12.18
Bot Lane Tier List Patch 12.18

The A-Tier Bot Lane Picks of Patch 12.18

These are your picks when the S-Tier have been banned. They are solid picks and will earn you the W. However, it won’t be as strong than the S-Tier. These are the best picks for a high winrate in the League of Legends bot meta.

A-Tier Champions

Win Rate

Choose Rate










Jhin is a great pick. He’s a joy to play with. It is easy to get started He deals incredible damage when you reach the final game. Because you know that each fourth shot is crucial, his consistency is key. Will It’s a great resource!

Kai’Sa has just had a buff to her AP (and another one in 12.19). This is huge because she is very similar to Kayn from ADC. You can adapt your build for every game, and she’s very versatile.

F-Tier Bot Lane Picks from Patch 12.18

Avoid these champs if you want to win. Trust us!

F-Tier Champions

Win Rate

Pick Rate










Perhaps you have seen it. Ruler will decimate T1 with ZeriYou won’t do the same with him in the bot-lane, however. Zeri’s pro-play power caused her to be nerfed again, making her one the worst solo queue champions. 

She got it! Aphelios treatment And look at who she has joined in the F-Tier! A-phel-i-os. We recommend staying clear of these champions as you will lose LP. Season 12 is so close that you can’t afford it. 

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