LoL Item Guide: Trinity Force

LoL Item Guide Trinity Force
A Mythic Item to the Niche

The Guide to Items from the League of Legends Series It continues today with Trinity Force. What if you look at the item shop and have an epileptic fit. All the bonus, Legendaries, MythicsYou can’t keep track of it anymore. Do you want to go back in time to when Lee Sin could still purchase Sightstone? It’s okay, we prepared something: We take closer look at Trinity Force. This Guide to the itemLet us help you understand the essence of what it is. TriForce It’s amazing. You’ll even get to meet the champions!

Our item guides don’t just cover the top lane mains. There is something for everyone. Even if you want to play the new champion Akshan.

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Trinity Force Stats & Ability Breakdown

  • Cost: 3333 Gold
  • + 30 Attack Damage
  • + 200 Health
  • + 20 Ability Haste
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • 86,01% Gold efficiency without Abilities

The stats itself don´t make Trinity Force a mythic item of course. However, beauty can have some side effects.

What makes Trinity Force so special?

Trinity Force is an item that AD-Fighters can use in the top lane and in the jungle. With it´s changes and buffs in Patch 11.7 it really had its much needed comeback. TriForce´s passive now gives 3 AD, 3 movement speed, and 3 ability haste For every legend item held. This adds the perfect amount to the package for some champions. But let´s comeback to that in a second.

The big plus is that there are no taxes. Trinity Force has a very flexible build path. TriForce offers everything you could need, including HP, extra damage to your on-hit abilities, attack speed, and AD. That way it´s possible to optimize and adapt to your current situation in lane.

The second plus is Trinity Force´s movement speed bonus, after using an ability. It basically gives you six more pairs of boots in six seconds. Did we mention the? Procc after this ability: 200% base damage?

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Trinity Force will be built with the help of Champions

Even though few champions use Trinity Force the item can trigger a large power boost in the fortunate ones. These are champions that need all the stats mentioned above but can’t get them with other items.

What are the Champions on which Trinity Force excels?

  • Gangplank
  • Vi
  • Yorick
  • Camille

It’s better to build. Trinity Force AD-based top losers who eventually wish to 1-vs-1 in the side lane. The best Champions for this item are strong split pushers that can benefit from empowered Auto-attacks.


Trinity Force certainly has its place. There is however strong competition. This competition is called Divine Sunderer. It is the preferred choice for many top laners. You can do a lot of damage to tanks (i.e. The damage to tanks, i.e. opponents in the lane is immense and you are also more vulnerable than if fighting with Trinity Force.

But, you must give. TriForce credit for the fact that the item can be built really versatile and won´t leave alot of weak spots on its building path.

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