Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

Minecraft gamers have enjoyed ten years worth of entertainment. You can build buildings, mine, and even have pets in the game. However, it gets dangerous when you face zombies, Skeleton, and other enemies. You have two options: you can play solo or join the multiplayer game.

The next question is: What happens if your friends play on different platforms than you? What if your friends play on different platforms? Would you still be able interact with them? What about cross-play in Minecraft? We’ve got you covered! You can find the answers you need in our sections.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

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Minecraft Cross-Platform

Minecraft allows players on different platforms to play together since its initial release. Minecraft is cross-platform, so it can be said. But only for the particular versions. Now, if you aren’t aware, then Minecraft works under two versions- Java and Bedrock. Only those who are registered in a specific version of Minecraft can play together.

The Bedrock version players can only compete against other versions. This edition is compatible for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Series S/X Series S/X, Series S/X PS 4 and 5, Android, iOS and iPhone phones and personal computers.  

Java users can access the Java version of Minecraft, also known as the original Minecraft version. These two platforms allow players to cross-play. 

Both versions differ in software architecture, control, and features. The cross-play process used to connect the devices also differs. 

Is Minecraft compatible with cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and Linux?

Minecraft is not currently available for cross-platform Nintendo Switch or Linux. This is because both these platforms have entirely different versions, which aren’t compatible with each other.  

Is Minecraft compatible with cross-platform between iOS and Mac?

Although they are both from the same company the platforms iOS and Mac do not support cross-platform Minecraft. 

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Is Minecraft compatible with cross-platform between iOS and Android?

Yes, both of these operating systems are compatible with Minecraft cross-platform. 

Is Minecraft compatible with cross-platform between Mac and Linux?

YES! Both these platforms, Linux or Mac, are compatible with the Java Version Minecraft. 

Minecraft supports cross-platform support between Xbox Series X/S, Android and Minecraft?

They are! Both the Xbox Series and Android support cross-platform Minecraft. 

Can Minecraft support cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4?

PSN and Xbox are the main problem for most games. These platforms are fierce competitors and won’t allow cross-platform gaming. Minecraft managed to convince the media to agree. 

So yes! Minecraft is compatible with both PS4/PS5 as well as Xbox series.

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Can Minecraft support cross-platforms between Linux and PC?

Cross-platform gaming is not supported by both these platforms. This is due to the Minecraft versions. While PC runs on the Bedrock Version, Linux runs on the Java Version. And since both of these are not compatible with each other, they won’t allow cross-platform. 

Is Minecraft compatible with cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and PC?

Yes! Minecraft supports cross-platform gaming between consoles and computers. Because they share the same Bedrock version, even though they have different system architectures, this is possible. 

Can Minecraft support cross-platform play between iOS and PS4 devices?

Absolutely! Because they both support the same Bedrock version, Minecraft can be played cross-platform on consoles and phones. You can cross-play if you’re on one of these platforms, and your friend is on the other.

How can you play cross-platform with Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

These steps will allow you to cross-play Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

  • Sign in first using your Minecraft account. You will automatically be granted an account if you have an Xbox One. If you’re a console user, however, you will need to sign up for an online membership. Some membership hosting platforms include Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Next, you will need to either create a brand new world or join one that is already there. 
  • Open the pause menu within-game. This should only be done after your environment is fully loaded.
  • There you will find the “Find Cross-Platform Friends” under the “Invite to Game” option. 
  • Now you need to “Add friends” after locating them through their Minecraft ID or the Gamertag.
  • The players available to play will appear under the “Online Friends” tab. To invite them, click the  “Send 1 Invite” against their Gamertag and once they accept, get ready to play! They will now get automatically added to your “Friends” list.  

Be aware that you can’t play all environments together before you add your friends. This is due their nature. Some features are exclusive to consoles and cannot be transferred to other devices. These environments are not available for cross-play to avoid any mishaps. 

Like the Nintendo Switch, users cannot share the “Mario Mash-Up” world with any other device. This is only possible between Switch users.

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How do you play Minecraft Java Edition cross-platform

The Java edition makes it a bit more difficult to cross-play than the Bedrock. This version is old and does not offer cross-platform support. These steps will allow you to play this Minecraft version between Linux and Mac.

  • Invite your friends over to a Minecraft server. Or create your own. Simply use their IP addresses for connection. 
  • Another way is Minecraft Realms. It’s a paid service, where multiple players can play together. Mojang offers several servers that you can purchase. 
  • If your friends and you can physically meet up in one location, then LAN connections are another way to cross-play. Connect to the same Local Area Network.

How can you join your friends’ Minecraft games?

You can also invite your friends to join you session! First, ensure that they are present in your “Friends” list. Once confirmed, scroll through the list and join their session under the “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends.” 

These sessions are limited to eight people, but your friends can invite you directly to their games. You’ll see a popup that displays their request. Click on it to accept or decline. 


Although Java and Bedrock are both cross-platform, it is a disappointment that Java and Bedrock have not been included in cross-play. This is a bad news for Java version players, who are limited in their player pool. While we are able to see the difference between the two versions which make cross-play virtually impossible, it is still a sad fact. 

Even if developers make the necessary changes to the base code, it could be many years before we see any results. We do hope that one day all platforms will be cross-platform and we can all enjoy each other’s company.

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