Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: Seasons (Nov 2021)

Mobile legends is the best MOBA game out there with over 80 million monthly users and continuous updates that make it more fun. The quick matchmaking, quick battles, and human opponents make it a lot more fun as you don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes just to get into one battle and get disappointed with bots as your opponents. 

Since its inception, the game has been entertaining players for approximately 5 years. Over that time, there have been many changes to graphics, characters, gameplay, and other aspects. We have already started Season 22, and we decided to share the Mobile Legends Tier list to help you decide which player to choose, and which one to work harder for this season. 

Mobile Legends Hero Tier Listv

Mobile Legends Hero Tiers: Seasons

This Mobile Legends Hero Tier list will help you decide which player to pick and which you should avoid. These lists can be divided into five categories: S, A, C, D, where Tier S includes all the most powerful and elite characters. 

We’ll kick off with the most powerful Tier of Mobile legends Hero, i.e., Tier S.

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Mobile Legends Tier S

Tier S characters can outperform opponents in smaller moves. These heroes can take out opponents with just one hit. They also have the ability to defend themselves. 

You may have seen these heroes helping teams to win the match with the highest score each time. They have the tools to defeat any enemy that comes their way.

That’s the benefit of choosing a Tier S hero, and with this being said, let’s move forward to Tier A.

Hero Role Specialties
Valir Mage Guard against damage
Grock Tank Crowd control, Initiator
Yu Zhong Fighter Regen, Damage
Natalia Assassin Chase, Reap
X.borg Fighter Regen, Burst
Khufra Tank Initiator and Crowd control
Zhask Mage Chase and Damage
Ling Assassin Chase, Burst
Claude Marksman Burst and Chase
Silvanna Fighter Magic Damage, Initiator
Kimmy Mage, Marksman Mixed Damage
Hylos Tank Initiator and Guard
Kaja Fighter, Support Control and Charge
Badang Fighter Burst, Charge
Bruno Marksman Reap, Burst
Luo Yi Mage Crowd Control and Support

Mobile Legends Tier A

The heroes listed in Tier A might be less powerful than Tier S heroes, but you can’t underestimate their moves. You can take down your opponent and change the game with a few power hits. 

Hero Role Specialties
Wan Wan Marksman Reap, Burst
Selena Assassin and Mage Reap, Initiator
Jawhead Fighter Burst, Charge
Chang’e Mage Poke, Burst
Granger Marksman Burst, Reap
Cecilion Mage Poke, Burst
Masha Fighter Push or suffer
Diggie Support Keep an eye on your poke
Hanzo Assassin Poke, Burst
Lylia Mage Push or suffer
Atlas Tank Crowd control, Initiator
Lancelot Assassin Chase, Burst
Thamuz Fighter Chase and Damage
Gatotkaca Tank, Fighter Burst, Crowd Control
Esmerelda Mage, Tank Regen, Mixed Damage
Pharsa Mage Burst, Poke
Helcurt Assassin Push, Burst
Uranus Tank Regen
Chou Fighter Chase and Control
Freya Fighter Chase and Damage
Lolita Support the Tank Control the Crowd.
Karrie Marksman Recover, Damage

Mobile Legends Tier B

Tier B heroes are weak and may not perform well. However, they can help you win matches if you’re able to plan a strategy.

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You can also move these heroes with better rankings to increase your chances at winning. In the end, Tier B heroes can be very effective against Tier-lower Tier opponents.

Hero Role Specialties
Carmilla Support Crowd control, Damage
Angela Support Guard and Support
Hayabusa Assassin Chase, Burst
Kagura Mage Poke, Reap
Gord Mage Poke, Burst
Terizla Fighter Burst and Crowd Control
Leomord Fighter Chase, Burst
Aldous Fighter Burst, Support
Lesley Marksman, Assassin Reap, Burst
Belerick Tank Crowd control, Regen
Kadita Mage, Assassin Burst and Charge
Ruby Tank, Fighter Crowd control, Regen
Odette Mage Burst, Poke
Hanabi Marksman Reap, damage
Yi Sun-Shin Marksman, Assassin Chase, Reap
Roger Fighter, Marksman Reap, Burst
Gusion Assassin Burst, Magic Damage
Tigreal Tank Crowd control
Harley Mage, Assassin Burst, Poke
Guinevere Fighter Burst, Magic Damage
Nana Mage, Support Poke, Guard
Harith Mage Chase and Damage
Estes Support Regen, Guard
Hilda Fighter, Tank Damage, Regen
Moskov Marksman Chase, Reap
Franco Tank Control, Initiator

Mobile Legends Tier C

Tier C includes less powerful heroes and requires a group of great teammates to move up the rankings. They need help at landing as well in maps such as jungle control or lane dominance.

Hero Role Specialties
Lapu-Lapu Fighter, Assassin Chase, Burst
Popol and Kupa Marksman Push, Burst
Balmond Fighter, Tank Damage, Regen
Minotaur Tank and Support Crowd control
Irithel Marksman Reap, Burst
Fanny Assassin Chase, Reap
Martis Fighter Reap, Fee
Lunox Mage Burst, damage
Johnson Tank Crowd Control and Support
Aurora Mage Crowd control, Poke
Dyrroth Fighter Burst, Charge
Rafaela Support Regen, Guard
Faramis Mage Support Guard and Charge
Zilong Fighter, Assassin Chase and Damage
Eudora Mage Burst, Control
Alucard Fighter, Assassin Chase and Damage
Cyclops Mage Poke, Control

Mobile Legends Tier D

The D Tier is the weakest of heroes and requires extra energy to play with. However, they are able to outshine in maps such as jungle control and lane dominance. 

Hero Role Specialties
Karina Assassin Redeem Magic Damage
Baxia Tank Help, not damage
Argus Fighter Burst, Charge
Clint Marksman Reap, Burst
Akai Tank Control the Crowd.
Bane Fighter Push, Burst
Alice Mage, Tank Charge, Regen
Sun Fighter Push or suffer
Miya Marksman Recover, Damage

How the Tier List can be a benefit to you

You can filter strong, weak, and mediocre characters in a game using tier lists. Mobile legends has five tiers: S, A, C, B, and D. The S Tier list includes the most powerful characters while D contains the weakest heroes. 

You can win against your opponent by choosing the right team and train the weakest players. The rankings are allotted based on the character’s skills and the efforts it requires to win the game. 

Since the weakest characters require a lot of effort to win the game, they are listed in the lower tiers, and the most substantial characters that require lesser time and energy to win the game are placed at the top in Tier S & A.

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In Context…

The Mobile legends tier list may be completed with this. This list is continually being revised as the season ends. The 22nd season will run for approximately 90 days.

You have enough time to train the weaker characters and improve their ranking in the future seasons. So, let’s bid farewell here, and see you again when the next season starts. 

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