Is No Man’s Sky Cross-Platform?

No Man’s Sky has become a recent favorite among players. This exploration game lets you explore the galaxy. Its users are always involved thanks to its detailed graphics. 

Players have been asking if they can play with friends on different consoles. If you are one such user wanting to know whether No Man’s Sky supports cross-platform, this article will answer this question for you.

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As we have already mentioned, No Man’s Sky It is a game about survival and exploration. You can explore the world created by playing the game. It expands to include over 18 quintillion plants. 

The game’s goal is simple: players must reach the middle this vast expanse. Users have two options when they come across a planet. One option is to occupy the world, build buildings, and then plant crops. The other option is to continue investigating the area around the planet.

Users need to be able to travel across the universe using available ships. The ships can also be used to transport equipment and other items. The size and shape of the ships varies depending on their purpose. For example, a small scout ship can carry one person while larger ships can carry multiple people and can be used to mine planet areas.

Does No Man’s Sky Cross-Platform Get Support?

Is No Man's Sky Cross-Platform

Players of No Man’s Sky can be thrilled because the game supports cross-platform playing, at last, thanks to the new update. This means that players can play the same game regardless of which console they are using. This is a great benefit for friends, as they can work together to explore the new world. Cross-platform features are available on Xbox One, PCs, PS4 and PS5.

Cross-platform support can bring many additional benefits such as the ones listed below.

  • This allows you to connect with people from other parts of the world and to get to know people of various ethnicities, religions, languages, and cultures without any barriers.
  • You can join forces with close family members and friends to share your passion for the game and explore the same universe.
  • People can play in groups, which allows them to keep in touch even when they live far away from each other, whether it is through work or distance.
  • The game does not require users to purchase additional game versions for every console. You can view your progress no matter which console you use.
  • Cross-platform access is available on all consoles. Users won’t have to spend a lot of money just to get this feature.

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Cross-Platform on PC and PS4

Yes, the cross-platform support of No Man’s Sky applies to the PC and PS4 console as well. So if you have family or friends that you would like to play with, there is no restriction on the console they use. You can also join the same game using a PS4 or a PC.

Cross-Platform Support for Xbox One and PC

Cross-platform support is possible for Xbox and PC, just like the connection between PS4 and PC. This allows you to play multiplayer with friends that use an Xbox or PC. Switching from a PC or vice versa to an Xbox is possible without losing any progress.

Cross-Platform Support for the One and the 4

Yes! You can play with other PS4 users, even if your Xbox one is being used. This eliminates the concern about limitations that players may have because of their console. No matter if they are using a PS4 console or an Xbox One, players can play against one another or team up to explore the universe.

Cross-Platform Support on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation users can breathe a sigh of relief. Regardless of the model of PlayStation you use, you can play with other players, friends on No Man’s Sky and explore the universe together.

Cross-Platform Support for Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One

Xbox One and Xbox X/S players can play together like the PlayStation. This means that you can save your progress and not have to purchase a new console if you want to upgrade or change the console you’re using.

Guide to Play in No Man’s Sky Cross-Platform

Now that No Man’s Sky is compatible with cross-playing, players often question how they can access this feature and add friends. You can add another player either before you start a new game or during the game.

Follow these instructions to add another player before you start.

  1. Using the console of your choice and your credentials, log in to your No Man’s Sky.
  2. You will see two options upon opening the box: Play Game Or Multiplayer. You can add your friend to the new game by selecting the plat game option. To join their game, click Multiplayer.
  3. The next window will have an option at the bottom. Show My No Man’s Sky Friend Code And Add No Man’s Sky Friend
  4. Add the code of your friend’s code, and you can start playing together.

Add a friend to play with you in the game

  1. Click the Optional button.
  2. You will find a list function options in the options window. You can click on the one you like. Network.
  3. There are many controls available in the Network tab that you can change and add players to your game.
  4. Click on the link to add a friend. View No Man’s Sky Friend List.
  5. The screen will display a list all of your friends from the game. Clicking on the friend that you wish to add will bring up two options: Show Profil Or Invite.
  6. Click the Invite They can also join the game by selecting an option.

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This article answered the question that bothered almost all No Man’s Sky users, whether the game supports cross-player. Users are fortunate to find that the game supports cross-platform play on all consoles, including PC, Xbox One and Xbox X/S. 

We also discussed the many benefits of cross-playing and how you can add other players to this feature. To use the cross-playing feature, all you have to do is know their No Man’s Sky username and add them using the rinds page on the dame.

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