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Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studio created Paladin. The game was launched in 2018 and has gone viral ever since. Paladin is a popular FPS and Gacha game. 

It’s an online multiplayer game that you can play for free. The game is turn-based. The game’s story revolves round a Realm. It is a Sci-Fi, science fantasy, or Sci-Fi game. It revolves around a screenplay with a medieval-looking graphics. Rifles and shotguns were the weapons the enemy ordered soldiers to use against your team. The team of champions is your partner in the game. These Champions have unique skills that are specific to their class. Later in this article, we will discuss the classes. 

You can segregate champions according to their strengths. You need to know who the strongest players are in order to have a great team. We have made it easy for you. We have divided the champions into tiers ranging from best to worst. You can take a look below at the tiers and see who is the best clear for your situation. 

Paladin Tier List 

1. S Tier 

Because of its strength the tier ranks at the top. The hair champions are strong and trustworthy. They are comfortable in all game modes and possess unparalleled skills. You can win with a champion from the S-group in your team. Let’s have a closer look at them

Champion Classes
Fernando Front Line
Barik Front Line
Vora Flank
Inara Front Line
Vatu Flanker
Atlas Front Line
Khan Front Line
Koga Flank

2. A Tier 

These are another great choice of champions. They can be found next to the s team. They are sturdy and reliable and can help you overcome any enemy. These are the champions of the group:

Champion Classes
Saati Injuries
Tiberius Injuries
Imani Injuries
Lian Injuries
Viktor Injuries
Ying Support
Seris Support
Androxus Flank
Mal’Damba Support
Ash Front Line
Io Support
Terminus Front Line
Makoa Front Line
Cassie Injuries
Bomb King Injuries

3. B Tier 

These champions are too powerful. Although not much, they are powerful enough to be directed and used. We are confident that you can harness their potential and guide them in the right direction. Let’s take look at the following:

Champion Classes
Strix Injuries
Corvus Support
Octavia Injuries
Rei Support
Yagorath Front Line
Zhin Flank
Skye Flank
Lex Flank
Grover Support
Torvald Front Line
Drogoz Injuries
Kinessa Injuries
Sha Lin Injuries
Furia Support
Pip Support
Willo Injuries
Evie Flank
Raum Front Line
Talus Flank
Jenos Support

4. C Tier

They might not be the best. They are less powerful and have lower skills than many of their counterparts. You must put in a lot of effort to make them successful in the game. You must invest both time and effort in order to work with them. Let’s just call them:

Champion Classes
Dredge Injuries
Buck Flank
Ruckus Front Line
Tyra Injuries

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The Modalities of Paladin Explained 

There are several modes in Paladin. Each mode has its own unique features and is different. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to better understand the game.


It is the core mode of the game. There must be at least two teams to play the game. Each team has five players. Each team should fight for control over the central point. One team may only take the point if they have won it. The other side must attack them. The central point team must defend its mainstay on the land, while the other teams are to attack it. 

Deathmatch for Teams

This diagram shows the basic idea of a videogame. The enemy can be removed by simply clicking on the delete button. You win the game once you have removed the enemy. 


The game mode involves two teams fighting each other on a large map. Both teams plan ahead and battle each other at different locations on the map. The winner is the team that falls to the other. 


It is played in the same way as Siege. It does not increase the competition. The rules are simple: the champion chosen by one team cannot be taken away from another. Each team can use the band of Champions that is available to them. Each team will choose a champion to guide them through the rest of their journey. 

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Best players in the Paladin 

We now know which champions are available and what the various modes are. It’s time for us to determine who the best players in each class. Which Paladin champions are the most powerful? Let’s have a look

Frontline Champions 

1. Atlas 

It is clear that Atlas, the Frontline Champion Atlas, is the best. Atlas’s greatest strength is his ability to defend the arena. Atlas also has the ability to use the setback, which can place enemy soldiers in difficult situations. He can also manage the damage control. He can be both the tank or the attack. 

2. Makao

What is the best part about a turtle? shell. Makao is no exception. He shoots the Canon, shielding you simultaneously. He is famous for his shell ability, a special power. It allows him to attack the enemy directly. He’s a complete package when he has all of his powers. 

3. Barik

To Shield himself, he uses the turrets at the sides. His Shield is the most powerful. But he isn’t very good at attacking. He is a worthy group B champion, which is not bad. 

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Flanker Champion 

1. Koga

Koga is the right choice if you want energy and speed. He has special abilities due to the mechanism he uses, and many of these powers revolve around mobility. AOE is his special power.  It’s also known as the area of effect. It is only available for a limited time. It can wipe out the entire anime team if used. 

2. Vatu

He is different from the other flankers. Lehengas are known for their mobility and speed. This is what you should gift to your lehengas. He does not require speed. He walked shadows, today’s enemy directly. He can not only take care of one point damage, but can also handle multiple points damages. With all of his attributes counted at once, he can be called “The Flank of Lanka”. 

3. Vora 

She is a true champion of the game. Her self sufficiency is the reason. She doesn’t require much assistance and can handle any Enemy by herself. She also has an area for effect power. She can also handle any damage well. Even when she is injured, she can quickly heal herself. She can be called “the boss of all the flankers”. 


1. Cassie

Cassie is the perfect champion if you’re looking for someone who is compatible. Cassie is one of the most powerful players due to her crossbow effects and peel effect. She also uses her utility to drive the enemy away. 

2. Bomb king

Because he is the King, he is often called the King. It is his special ability to use the power of effect. While other players may have the ability, he is the only one who can use the power. Bomb King is an expert in all aspects of the Bomb’s usage. 

Final words 

We thought this was a good summary of the Paladin Tiers. We tried to explain every detail possible about the game. The article covers everything from the most popular to the most memorable characters. We hope you find us helpful. We appreciate your support and we wish you many happy games! 

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