Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform?

Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting arcade game based on the Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy. It has been a fan favorite since its launch in 1998. The players wanted to share their passion for the game so they asked about cross-platform accessibility. 

Cross-platform play allows players to save their progress and transfer it between platforms without having to start from scratch. Cross-platform play allows players to play together, regardless of which console they are using.

We will be discussing in detail the cross-playing compatibility for Rainbow Six Siege between different gaming platforms in this article.

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A Review of Rainbow Six Siege

Since its release Rainbow Six Siege has launched different versions of the game and can now be played on Stadia, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and computers. Ubisoft released the game. It is essentially a shooting video game. 

It is loved and given the highest PEGI rating. Players can be part of a multiplayer shooting team. They must learn different skills like fighting, team management and making decisions.

Rainbow Six Siege to Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2020?

Is Rainbow Six Seige Cross-Platform

The short answer is “Yes.” Rainbow Six Siege supports cross-platform play. Cross-platform gaming is not compatible with all of the gaming platforms. The compatibility between the systems will be discussed in detail in the next article.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support on Xbox One and PS4

Xbox One users can also play Rainbow Six Siege on their Playstation. Play with someone using an Xbox One system or vice versa if you own a PS4 and PS5. 

This has the added benefit that if any system is updated or improved, the other two systems will also be upgraded.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform Support on PC and Xbox One

Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege players who play on an Xbox One can’t play with those who use a PC. This feature was not enabled for these devices due to multiple reasons. 

These are the differences in play quality. Players who use a PC will have greater accuracy because they use a mouse, keyboard, and analog sticks. The two systems are not compatible and have different versions to ensure equal playing.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support on PC and PS4

You will not be allowed to play Rainbow Six Siege with other players using a PS4 and vice versa if you are using a PS4 system. Because the PC and PlayStation versions of the game are run on different servers, this is why it is not possible to play with other players. Cross-playing is not possible to ensure the game is equal for all, regardless of what their gaming system is.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation users no longer have to worry about cross platform play. Rainbow Six Siege supports cross-platform play between PS4 & PS5, so players can enjoy the game without any worries, regardless of which PlayStation system they have.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support on Xbox One and Xbox Series SX/S

As with PlayStation users, anyone can use an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S to play Rainbow Six Siege. This means that users don’t have to spend money trying buy the latest Xbox version.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support on PC or Stadia

Yes. Rainbow Six Siege can be played on both PC and Stadia.


This article examines compatibility between various gaming systems and Rainbow Six Siege cross-platform play. Rainbow Six Siege partly supports cross-platform gaming. Cross-platform play is possible between PC and Stadia and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also possible between PS4 and PS5, as well between PS4 and PS5. Cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One, PC and PS4 and PC and PS4 are not supported.

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