Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Sea of Thieves, an adventure and exploration game, took the world by surprise in 2018 when it was launched. It is now one of Microsoft’s most popular games, and it was released in 2018. Although the game is loved by its users, there was always a question: Does Sea of Thieves support cross-platform play? 

Cross-platform support allows console owners to play together. This is a feature that multiplayer gamers most often want, since it doesn’t matter if their friends have the exact same console.

So let’s find out whether Sea of thieves supports cross-play or not?

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A Review of Sea of Thieves

The ultimate goal of Sea of Thieves It is possible to be a Pirate Legend. They must travel across the ocean. They might find valuable items and buried treasure along their journey. 

However, Legends could also be faced with other players. You will receive the same rewards for participating in a voyage as all others. Your role is more important than the reward. You have the option to opt out of a voyage.

The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, as well as box Series X/S. Players have requested a cross-platform play feature because the game is team-based (crew) and requires several players to play. You can read on to learn if Sea of thieves supports cross platform play and how it works with various consoles.

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Sea of Thieves to Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2020?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform gaming. Players can play with their friends, family, and other players around the world without having to worry about which console they are using. 

It is possible to create a crew and share a trip with players, regardless if you are playing through a PC/Xbox. This creates many benefits for Sea of Thieves players. Payers will have more players to play with, as they don’t have to limit themselves to the same gaming mode. 

This makes it easy for people new to the game, as well as allowing them to find other players to help them. It also adds diversity to the game’s players since people all over the world can play the game. Additionally, regardless of what system you use, you can save your progress or access your account benefits. 

If a player has a Game Pass membership account on their Xbox, they will still be able to enjoy the features when they log in from a PC, because their game pass account links to their gaming account. A player does not need to spend money to buy new game versions.

Sea of Thieves Crossplatform Support for Xbox One and PC

Sea of Thieves allows players who use Xbox One to play the game with PC users, and vice versa. Sea of Thieves is able to support cross-platform gaming. The game saves all your progress, regardless of whether it is played on an Xbox One system or a PC.

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Sea of Thieves Crossplatform Support for Xbox One and Xbox Series Series X/S

You can play with other Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One players if you have an Xbox Series X/S. Sea of Thieves allows cross-platform play between Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. This means that users who have the older version won’t need to buy the newer version to play with their friends.

Sea of Thieves Crossplatform Support on PC and Xbox SeriesX/S

Users can play together on the same team, regardless of whether they are using a PC or Xbox Series X/S. This allows more people and teams to enjoy the game together. The players can also feel secure in the knowledge that their progress will be preserved regardless of what system they use. They won’t need to start over when switching systems.


This article will discuss the compatibility between different platforms of Sea Of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is cross-platform compatible, which is good news for gamers. You can play with other PC users, as well as those using an Xbox Series X/s and an Xbox One.

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