Worlds 2021 Prediction: GEN.G Esports vs EDward Gaming

EDG Win in Quarterfinals
EDG Win in Quarterfinals | ©

The Worlds 2021: Quarterfinals Stage Last week, I left and came backWe now have four remaining teams. EDward Gaming To date, the only non Korean representative in the Semifinals of Worlds 2021 They can have a friendly with the weakest of them. LCK The tournament was abandoned by the team. but can EDG survive another BO5 to make it to Finals?

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GEN.G Esports at Worlds 2020

Gen.G off of their Quarterfinals Win
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At Worlds this year, we had doubts about Gen.G. They were looked at as one of the obvious teams to advance in Group D and were on track to accomplish that goal early on, but things got flipped upside down when their group went to a 4 way tie. Luckily, Gen.G Esports They were able make the most of their situation and placed 1st in Group C after wins Team Liquid and MAD Lions

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After their poor group stage performances, Fans were skeptical about whether or not it was possible to win. Gen.G We would be able deal with Cloud9 In the Quarterfinals. It is difficult to say if it will be in the Quarterfinals. C9 over-performed, Gen.G under-performedBut this series was a complete stomp. After some excellent teamfighting, Game 1 was quite close. C9However, Gen.G Esports They have ruined their chances of a comeback Ruler’s Aphelios by 42 minutes. The next two games were much faster. Cloud9 Their opponents were moving at a faster pace than they. Soon, they were completely eliminated. Gen.G The next round of play began.

How can EDG beat Gen.G?

Gen.G Two major win conditions exist EDG To target. They are more likely to play through. BDD On one of his comfort mid-lane picks or Ruler with scaling ADCs. Their team is clearly extremely talented. Gen.G’s The philosophy of the past few years has remained the same. They excel at slowing down, controlling objectives, and scaling toward victory. This team is one of the most skilled in this type of playstyle because they have had so much time to perfect it. This team is going to struggle against any opponent who can increase the pace of a match. DAMWON KIA This is an excellent example of a team whose play-style is completely contrary to the norm Gen.G. Gen.G.

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EDward Gaming will be at Worlds 2021

EDward Gaming against EDG
EDward Gaming versus EDG | © Riot Games

EDG is at the top of the world’s tempo right now. They were brought into Worlds 2021 Fresh off a victory in the domestic title, LPL wins 3-1 over FPX To be the strongest regional team. They are the last remaining Chinese team in the tournament. But things didn’t go as planned. They dropped several games during the group stage. They were denied a tiebreaker. After being defeated by 100 thieves, Group B. Securing them second place.

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They are to be commended. EDward Gaming they were able to win the Quarterfinals match against RNG. Given that all five games were involved, this best of 5 round was undoubtedly the most exciting. These games were short and had many runbacks. The games were very entertaining to watch as both teams continued to draft the same champions. It was a good thing that both teams were drafting the same champions. EDGThey have improved their adaptability throughout the series, and they are now the ones who aim for a worlds title. But they must persevere. Gen.G first.

How can Gen.G defeat EDG

Gen.G Due to the mismatches in play, this match-up will be very difficult. They are a competent team with a strong identity. This is an advantage at every stage of the tournament, but it’s especially important as we progress in the rounds. Gen.G They know exactly how they want each match to go, what their comfort preferences are, and they aren’t completely forgetting the meta. All these factors are in favor of Gen.G and they are on a roll after their clean sweep of Cloud9 with 3-0.. My opinion is that the best course for action is to Gen.G Keep doing what you’re doing and not change anything. If they want to be competitive, this will be their best option. EDward Gaming.

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Final Thoughts

This may be the most thrilling match-up. Worlds 2021. We’re certain to see close games between these two teams, as they have so many opposing ideologies. Will Viper And Meiko Overcome Ruler or Life? Can BDD Win mid-and carry or will Scout shut him down? When these two teams clash, all of these questions will soon be answered. This could be a one-way street, but I’m not sure. So I’m going with my heart and rooting for LCK vs LPL in the finals.

EDG 3-2 Gen.G

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