Azir LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Azir is a Mage champion in League of Legends (LoL). He is a highly mobile champion that can use his spells to create powerful combos and shift the tide of battle in his team’s favor. Azir is a champion that is often underestimated, yet has the potential to be a huge asset to his team when used correctly.

We’ll go over the basics of Azir and discuss his unique abilities and playstyle:

Overview of Azir

Azir is a champion from the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, League of Legends. He is an Emperor of the Sands, and his abilities give him powerful control over a wide range of minions and environment effects. By relying on the sand soldiers to do his fighting for him, he can keep himself safely away from enemy champions and win team fights without having to put himself in harm’s way.

Azir is often thought of as a mid or late-game champion whose power increases exponentially as the game progresses. With enough time to set up, he can become a formidable opponent and can quickly turn around team fights with his command of minion armies. His basic attack and ability rotations are heavily dependent on auto-attacks which make him more skillshot dependent than most other mid laners. His unique playstyle makes him exciting to play and offers players a refreshing challenge when playing against other mid laners.

Even though Azir has long been seen as a powerful pick in professional play, he has recently undergone major changes that have allowed players lower elos to pick him up with good success as well. He is versatile in almost every elo bracket and can be viable both in solo queue games, or when used within an ordered team composition on the Summoners Rift battlefields!

Azir’s Abilities

Azir is a high-skill cap champion, who drives powerful strategy through precise use of his abilities. In a fight, he calls upon the power of ancient Shuriman magic to control and shape the battlefield. His Sand Warriors gain strength as they fight together, while he simultaneously shields allies and blasts enemies with spears of magical energy.

Azir’s Ability Kit is composed of below:

  • Shifting Sands (Active): Azir summons a Sand Soldier near him that marches out, startling any enemies in its way while creating a wall between him and them. The Sand Soldiers also serve as turrets, firing when enemies approach them. Enemies hit by the soldiers take damage and are slowed for 1 second.
  • Arise! (Active): Azir marks an area on the ground with soldiers that serve as mobile media for range attacks from up to three directions per soldier. Each soldier summoned deals magic damage to all enemies in its cone in 0.25 seconds increments before expiring after 3 seconds.
  • Conquering Sands (Active): Azir blinks forward towards an enemy champion dealing magic damage to all affected targets before briefly rooting himself in place for up to 2 seconds although no longer encasing himself in sand. While rooted, Azir gains bonus armor and magic resist which increases every 0.5 seconds while also granting 50% crowd control reduction during the duration of effect.
  • Emperor’s Divide (Active): Azir rains spears down upon enemies within range dealing physical damage before creating additional spear barriers that deal true damage if they are broken on either side by any unit – friend or foe alike! The emperor spell can be reactivated after 2 seconds allowing Azir to cast it a second time within 6 seconds at only 50% effectiveness without changing direction.
  • Pyromania (Passive): Whenever an enemy takes damage from one of Khan AoE effects it will mark them with Pyromania for 5 second stacks at once up to three times intermittently reducing their attack speed by 15% per stack.

General Strategy

Azir is a powerful champion in League of Legends and has been popular in competitive play since his release. He is a mage with high burst damage and the ability to control fights around him with his crowd control abilities.

To play Azir effectively, it is important to understand the basics of his kit and how to use them in teamfights and lane matchups. This article will provide an overview of Azir’s basic kit, as well as some tips on how to properly utilize his skills for maximum effectiveness.

Early Game

The early game of any strategy title is an essential time where decisions taken can have huge consequences further down the line. During this stage, players are looking to establish a strong base and gain some early advantages to build upon. However, there is a lot to take into consideration, especially when playing multiplayer games.

Players may wish to focus on capturing important locations swiftly and efficiently, such as resources points and key locations that are likely to be targeted by opponents. Establishing control in these areas will give you access to powerful bonuses and valuable resources. Taking neutral buildings or destroying the enemy’s resources can prevent them from advancing their own strategies. Scouting out areas where enemies may attack can also be helpful in gaining information about their plans for future actions.

Of course, many games do limit the amount of time players have for an early game or even provide incentives for finishing certain tasks quickly by offering rewards or allowing them access to exclusive upgrades. By carefully balancing both offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as gathering vital resources in the early stages of a match, your team will get off to a great start with plenty of potential for future success!

Mid Game

The mid-game stage of a strategy game typically takes place after the setup phase, such as when pieces and resources have been placed on the board, and after the opening moves, when players are more familiar with their positions. At this point in the game, players begin to focus on strategies that will increase their power and tip the balance in their favor.

Some common mid-game tactics include:

  • Gathering resources
  • Forming alliances or blockades (temporary or permanent)
  • Isolating strong opponents
  • Expanding into weaker areas of the board
  • Anticipating an opponent’s move before they make it – and seizing control of vital locations or capturing key enemy pieces.

Players must also plan for long-term strategies at this stage and look ahead to possible scenarios that could emerge from their current position. It is generally beneficial to keep an eye on your own resources and those of your opponents so you can adjust your strategy accordingly as required.

Late Game

Azir is every bit as powerful late game as he is early game, but some adjustments must be made to avoid inevitable team fight pitfalls. Late game Azir excels in responding to any threat his enemies may pose while simultaneously moving his team forward and pressuring objectives.

He can coral enemies away from an area with a well-timed Ultimate, or follow-up with a strong knock-up to initiate or re-engage in a fight.

Azir’s cooldowns are relatively short in the late game and this means that he is capable of making multiple plays for his team within one fight. Utilizing proper Summoners, his Imperial Mandate can be applied several times before the fight has ended which adds tremendous power for sieging enemies’ base or taking control of map objectives such as Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon. Additionally, Azir should focus on positioning himself carefully during team fights since rather than being completely stationary like other ranged champions – he can use precise movement to dodge enemy spells while dealing heavy amounts of damage them simultaneously.

Azir’s immense pressure on objectives makes him particularly powerful when opponents do not have access to their Global Cooldown items and Ultimates. His DPS output during these situations is incredibly high, allowing him to easily cement a presence on the map whenever the situation arises where he is needed most. Above all else, play patiently and utilize all your abilities for maximum effect when using Azir in the late game!


Itemization is one of the most important aspects of playing Azir effectively. It is important to know the right items to build on Azir, as well as their optimal order and when to purchase them.

In this article, we will discuss the best items for Azir, as well as the best item order for him. We will also explain why these items are the best for Azir and go over some alternative item builds as well.

Core Items

When approaching any major purchase, it is important to have an understanding of the core items available for selection and any relevant options for customization. In this section, we will list and explain the various elements that make up most purchases.

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Optional Items

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The following is a list of possible optional items purchasable during a transaction:

  • Upgrades: upgraded technology, higher quality materials, auto-renew subscriptions
  • Add-ons: extended warranties, bonus features
  • Extras: extra batteries, carrying cases


A great aspect of Azir in teamfights is his placement and ability to poke through the enemy team from a safe distance. Azir’s ability to control the battlefield with his Emperor’s Divide (R) allows him to separate the enemy team, preventing them from focusing on a single target. This makes him an excellent teamfighting champion, as he can keep the enemy team divided and in check.


Positioning is one of the most important aspects of teamfighting. Knowing where each member of your team should be at all times can make the difference between a successful fight and an unsuccessful one. In order to stay ahead of your enemies and maintain a strategic advantage, it is essential that all members of the team understand where everyone should be at any given time.

When fighting as a team, each member has their own role to play and can make use of different abilities, based on their character’s position in the fight. Different heroes will be more effective when positioned closer or further away from their opponents. For example, ranged heroes such as Assassins are best played at range while tanks are more effective up close and personal to take the brunt of damage while protecting other teammates. Knowing how and when to switch positions within a fight is key in order for your team’s positioning to remain optimal throughout each encounter.

Positioning is an essential part of successful team fighting, which often makes or breaks games. Being aware of how positioning works will give you an upper hand in fights against other teams as you make use of strategic advantages derived from properly playing out engagements on the map with your teammates.


Teamfighting with Azir revolves around positioning, out-of-combat mobility, proper use of your abilities, and proper unit management.

Initiating teamfights with Azir is not a particularly simple task. Utilizing movementspeed boosts from your E ability “Shifting Sands” is critical to effectively use the champion in combat, as it allows you to get into range of enemies quickly and safely. You can do this by destroying turrets or going around walls with allied minions in tow.

When deciding when/where/how to initiate a teamfight with Azir, consider the following:

  • Are there any choke points or long corridors you can take advantage of?
  • What defensive wall are you able to make before initiating?
  • Are there any unintended allies that might be able to help? (i.e.: Alistar ult).
  • You can also use your summoner spell Flash for surprise initiations if needed.

Knowing where on the map specific objectives are located can help you know better when and where to initiate teamfights – significant objectives like Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon being particularly important ones due to their overwhelming impact on the game if captured by one side or another. Try not to spread too thin as well – it’s easy for opposing teams to splitpush multiple lanes when you spread too thin offensively – so having some level of vision control prior is essential when pushing aggressively into enemy lines.


Follow-up is a critical part of teamfighting in a MOBA or other team-based game. It involves players capitalizing on any opening created by their teammates’ initiation to maximize the amount of damage their team can inflict on the enemy team quickly.

This process is done through players coordinating their abilities and basic attacks to ensure optimal utilization of crowd control effects such as stuns, slows, knockbacks, taunts, and disables in order to guarantee that the target doesn’t walk away from an encounter alive. The goal is to reduce a certain enemy’s health bar quickly enough so that another player can finish them off before they are able to heal or escape.

Following up an initiation is often considered one of the trickiest aspects of MOBAs and requires strong communication between teammates.


Choosing the right counter for Azir is essential to playing him efficiently in League of Legends. While Azir can be a dominant champion in the right hands, he can still be countered by champions that can shut down his abilities.

In this section, we’ll discuss the best counters for Azir, as well as strategies on how to play against them:


When it comes to Counter-Strike, “matchups” refer to the different team compositions formed by the two teams playing against each other. Much like many other competitive games, various meta strategies exist designed to take advantage of different abilities and roles that players can choose from.

Counter-Strike matchups vary depending on which map is being played. For example, servers running the map “Inferno” will often include Terrorists (Ts) who will stay on the outside of the middle area in an attempt to gain control of strategic positions, while Counter-Terrorists (CTs) will often focus on controlling the few entrances leading to these middle area positions with a small team. On other maps such as “Dust II” and “Train”, where both sides have equal access to each side’s spawns and objectives, different kinds of plays are often favored. One common strategy is for Ts or CTs to execute fast attacks combined with brief retreats or pushed back by a well-coordinated enemy team.

Whatever strategy you decide to implement in a given game mode and map combination comes down to not only individual skill but also communication and coordination between teammates – understanding your opponents’ tendencies and positioning is essential for success at a higher level of play. Knowing which characters should be used when attacking or defending certain objectives is also important; complicated strategies involving multiple roles within a team should require discussion before execution in order for them to be successful in an ever-changing environment filled with unpredictability!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for playing Azir well can save you a lot of time in the game and help you dominate the competition.

When playing as Azir, be sure to keep your opponent guessing. Azir’s abilities make him an unpredictable champion who can quickly create unexpected situations and situations. Utilize his versatility by managing your soldiers effectively and creating chances to gain an edge with Shurima Shuffle, using walls to control choke points or use surprise tactics like Shifting Sands to quickly impact teamfights by zone control.

Be aware of how important your positioning is with Azir—you must position yourself at a relative safe distance for his spells in order for him to be effective. When facing enemy pressure, use Arise! To activate your soldiers from afar and provide vision or safe ways for escape with Conquering Sands/Shifting Sands combo. Additionally, when playing as Azir try to stay on the move as much as possible since this will force the enemy team into attacking from awkward angles, improve zoning effectivity and make it easier for allies such as Malzahar or Lux who have little movement potential.

Azir’s damage output can be huge when used correctly. To maximize his damage output while staying alive play around his abilities cooldowns and angle toward enemies when using Shurima Shuffle or Arise! To keep them guessing where you are coming from then quickly spin away with your Emperor’s Divide ultimate after deals tons of damage in close quarters combat scenario. Lastly don’t forget that keeping yourself alive here really comes down to player skill rather than item builds so always watch out for incoming ganks or unexpected teamfights created by enemies jungler!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is Azir updated?

A:Azir is an older champion, but Riot Games still updates him from time to time. He was last updated in the Patch 10.12.

Q: What are Azir’s abilities?

A:Azir has four abilities: Shifting Sands, Arise!, Emperor’s Divide, and Summoned Soldiers. Shifting Sands is a dash ability that can be used to reposition himself or his allies in a fight. Arise! is a ground-targeted ability that summons a Sand Soldier to fight alongside Azir. Emperor’s Divide is an area-of-effect ultimate that creates a wall of soldiers. Summoned Soldiers is an auto-attack modifier that increases the range and damage of Azir’s basic attacks.

Q: What is Azir’s role in a teamfight?

A: Azir is best used as a mid-line fighter. His main job is to position himself in a way that allows his allies to engage safely, while also providing a steady stream of damage from his soldiers. He can also zone enemies out with his ultimate, and disrupt enemies with his dash.