The mage class consists of League of Legends downloads This spellcaster specializes on magic damage. This spellcaster is most commonly skilled in burst damage. Azir is an Ascended warrior that has been around for many thousands of years.

Azir was once a mortal Emperor in the once great realm Shurima. He proudly stands on the verge of immortality. He is a mage, who summons fallen Shuriman Sand soldiers in order to defeat his enemies. He can thus control the battlefield from faraway.

Azir was a victim of his hubris and was betrayed during his greatest victory. Azir has been reborn thousands upon thousand of years later, as an Ascended soldier of great power.

With Shurima risen from the sand, Azir aims to restore this once-great realm to its former glory—and do his duty as emperor and lead his people to victory.


How do they function?

The Shuriman empire is a vast region of vassal states that was conquered thousands ago by powerful armies led solely by the Invincible Warriors. Ascension. Azir (the youngest son of Azir) was one of the emperor candidate.

He would rather spend his time in The Great Library of Nasus, than under Renekton’s strict guidance.

He made friends with a boy who was a slave, and he went to the library to get books for his master. Shurima slaves were not allowed to name their slaves, but Azir broke the law and named his friend Xerath.

Every year, the family went on a journey across the empire. Azir and Xerath escaped into a desert one night to draw stars and add them as part of the library’s collection. Assassins stormed a royale caravan the next night and found Azir and Xerath and their belongings in desert. Xerath jumped on the assassins’ back, saving Azir and buying him enough time to pull out his dagger and kill the assassin.

Renekton was the protector and found all the assassins on the floor. Azir’s brothers weren’t of such luck as they were all slain by the assassins.

Azir related to his dad how Xerath saved his life. He wanted him to be honoured. His father looked at slaves like slaves and ignored their needs. Azir vowed that Xerath would become his brother one day.

The Emperor launched his campaign against the traitors that sent the assassins. Over the next few decades Azir was paranoid, and even Azir was in danger. He hated his father. He wished he could die with his brothers. He was aware that the queen was still young enough to have more sons. After being shocked by the Oasis attack, he began training with Renekton.

He was able use spears and swords to command his soldiers. He made Xerath the right-hand man. All her children died within hours of being born because the queen couldn’t have a healthy child. Some said that the queen was cursed and some said it was Azir’s doing. Azir was cleared of all charges, and those who attempted to accuse him were executed. Azir was not at threat from his father as he was the only one on the throne.

The queen gave birth to a healthy baby, but lightning bolts struck Shurima once more the night after the baby was born. Both the infant and queen were both killed when lightning bolts struck Shurima’s chamber. Rumours circulated claiming that the Emperor would be insane upon hearing the news. But these rumors were disproven quickly when the bodies and guards of the Emperor and his guards were discovered torn apart.

Azir brought Shurima under his command, extended the borders and ruled with a fair but strict hand. He began to write a new law, which would make slaves happier and eventually allow them to be free.

Soon, Azir declared that he would perform the ascension ritual. He will be right next to Renekton and Nasus. This decision was not taken lightly by many, as the sun priests determined who would ascend and who would be the emperor. But Azir’s arrogance grew along with his new empire and those who disagreed were punished by death.

Azir reached Sun Disk. He turned towards Xerath before the sun priests could start with the ritual. He liberated not only Xerath, but all of Shurima’s slaves. He embraced Xerath and named him his eternal son. Azir didn’t know that Xerath was a dark magician and sorcerer. Xerath unleashed the power of his dark arts and sorcery in the middle ritual, burning Azir. Xerath took his place in the ritual but it failed as it wasn’t meant for Xerath. It was a disaster and created a huge wave of energy that destroyed everything. The Sun Disk, its magnificent palaces, and its people were all destroyed. It took hundreds of decades to build, but one man’s ambitions & misplaced hatred was enough to bring everything down.

Azir’s City was renamed Azir after thousands of years. Azir was an ascendent soldier.

The capabilities of AZIR

Azir can be one of the most difficult champions. Azir, a three-mana Ascension Champion, fights far and sends minions into battle. After summoning 10 sand troops, Azir reaches level 2.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Azir and his unique abilities.

  • Shurima’s Legacy

This passive attack allows Azir summon the Disc of the Sun to cause magic damage and destroy enemy turrets. 

  • Conquering Sands

Azir directs soldiers to a location and deals 60 to 140 magic damage to any enemies passing through it. The slow effect lasts a second. Multiple sand soldiers can cause additional damage to an enemy.

  • Arise!

Azir can summon up to 2 Sand soldiers simultaneously in passive Arise. Azir also gains speed bonus for attacks. Azir can summon another soldier in 5 seconds.

Arise is Azir’s active form. This allows Azir’s army to be summoned towards the target. For a period of 10 seconds, this forces the enemy to stay within reach of a soldier. It also deals 60 to 160 magic damage to all other enemies. Multiple sand troops may be used to strike the same target at one time, with each additional unit dealing 25% magic damage.

If Azir is within range of an enemy turret, the command expires two times fast. If Azir’s in command, it expires instantly. Azir can’t command soldiers if they aren’t within his reach. These soldiers can’t attack enemy structures or traps or trinkets.

  • Shifting Sands

Azir will temporarily shield himself for 1.5 seconds before sprinting to one of his soldiers. This deal 60-180 magic damage and blocks between 80 to 240. Azir will deploy a new sand soldier and stop his dash when he hits an enemy champion in Shifting Sands.

  • Emperor’s Divide

Azir summons an active strike, in which armored soldiers charge forward to knock down enemy troops. After the initial hit, the soldiers will be a barrier for three seconds. Azir can move freely through Emperor’s Divide as long as the wall isn’t damaged by Azir’s basic attacks or spells.


As you can see in Azir’s Abilities he is one of League of Legends’s best champions when it comes fighting in one place. He can move his sand troops around and dispatch them from a safe distance. 

These are some tricks and tips to help you get the most out of Azir’s talents and skills. 

  • To perform the “Magical Journey”, strategy, you will need one solder (E) and one solder (S). Move your mouse in a different direction while in mid-air and press Q to make Azir land on the solder. Press Q to make your E travel farther. At the same time, you can deal damage to enemies using both your Q and your E. 
  • You will have a significant advantage over your enemies if you have six. Strategically placing a soldier in front can trick your enemy into believing that you’ve abandoned them as they push toward your turret. This will allow for you to E them and ult their turret. 
  • This trick allows you to chase down enemies and slow down their speed, as well as damaging them. This trick will reduce the time it takes for your enemy to dodge your Q. It puts your champion in jeopardy. Only Cooldown is when you must sprint. This can be done by E toing a soldier and then waiting for Azir’s landing to then Q. Q as soon as you land. 
  • Remember that W maxes will not increase the soldiers’ damage to any unit, tower or unit. To maximize your escape opportunities, you should always prioritize E first, no matter what the situation. 
  • You can also hit your opponents with an hourglass if you E at them. Also, you can knock them down and perform an hourglass. This is a great way to get enemy champions hooked up.

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