Darius LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Darius is a juggernaut type champion in League of Legends. As a juggernaut, Darius is a strong frontline fighter that excels in dueling and teamfights. He has a kit that allows him to deal huge amounts of damage and provide utility for his team.

Let’s take a closer look at Darius’s abilities and how to play him optimally:

History of Darius

Darius is a semi-canonical melee fighter from the popular MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL). He is a huge Noxian war chief imbued with immense strength, whose demise will always be filled with pain and sorrow.

Darius was the only child born to the last of the eight Noxian leaders that founded The Great M—the powerful union created by them. Despite his small stature among his brothers and sisters, Darius quickly rose to become one of Noxus’ most feared warlords. With only four years in power, Darius gathered an army of barbaric berserkers called The Legions and formulated an ambitious plan of conquest—a plan so radical, it would threaten to collapse The Great M itself.

In response to Darius’ expansionist plans, The Great M launched a massive counter attack meant to destroy him and his legions. For months The Legions clashed with armies from all sides until finally only one man remained: Darius himself. Defeated but not broken, Darius was brought into chains as a prisoner for life at one of The Great M’s holding cells in Demacia where he suffered repeatedly over time.

However, news about his legendary resistance against any form of subjugation reached the ears of Noxian High Commander Swain who thought that if such enthusiasm could be used in favor of Noxus it’d be something great for its prosperity. He released him from his prison sentence soon after hearing more about him and invited him back home under certain conditions:

  • Lead an army that wouldn’t bow down to anyone else’s rule not even the High Commander’s own.
  • Tasks are needed to be done without question or hesitation.
  • Conquer what needs conquering.
  • Give those people what they deserve no matter which faction they stand for.
  • Gain loyalty through victory not sympathy.
  • Prove that even though you have a soft heart you can still be hard as iron when circumstances require it.

And so it happened: after creating The Might Of Masterwork—a legion commanded by himself alone—Darius became both feared and respected throughout Runeterra as well known for his vibrant personality as he is for his devastating prowess on battlefields across Valoran and Shurima alike. He now stands as one of League’s most famous champions regarded by all players due to several unique characteristics such as the fearless attitude against tyranny or justice served at its full extent no matter whom stands in its path.

Abilities and Strengths

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The mighty Darius is a powerful champion in League of Legends with a suite of unique skills and abilities. Darius is a fighter with exceptional tanking and crowd control capabilities that can easily turn the tide of battle in his favour. He is also equipped with a variety of crowd control abilities and powerful offensive skills which can make him a formidable opponent in the right hands.

Let’s delve into his array of skills and see what makes him the formidable champion he is:


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W Ability

Darius’s W Ability is called Crippling Strike. When used, this ability deals physical damage to an enemy champion and reduces their armor and magic resistance for a brief period. In addition, Darius gains bonus attack speed for a short duration after using this ability. This makes it an excellent option for taking out low health champions quickly and easily.

With practice, Darius players can leverage Crippling Strike to gain priority in team fights or duels with other champions.

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Tips and Strategies

Darius is one of the most popular champions in the League of Legends game. To be successful with him, you need to master both his mechanics and be able to use him in the right situations.

In this article, we will be giving you an overview of Darius and some tips and strategies to be successful with him. So, let’s get started!

Early Game

Early in the game, success is largely determined by how quickly and efficiently you can explore, expand, and exploit your surroundings. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Collect resources whenever possible during the game – keep an eye out for valuable resources such as coins, gems and other items, as well as the raw materials that can be harvested throughout the environment. This will help you build up your starting stockpile so you can take advantage of new opportunities quickly.
  2. Stay informed about events and happenings around you – keep your pulse on what’s happening in and around your area by paying attention to local events and news related to your game objectives. This could give you a heads up on strategic opportunities or hidden resources that could be invaluable later on.
  3. Explore widely – try to uncover all available information about the environment around you by expanding in all directions so that there are no surprises down the road when it comes to resource or enemy locations. The more knowledge you have, the better off you’ll be when making long-term decisions or planning tactical opportunities.
  4. Learn from mistakes of other players/observe their tactics closely – even if enemies try their very best to conceal their moves, keeping an eye out for skirmishes and losses suffered by others will give a clear indication of where their strategy is failing – this gives a perfect opportunity for counter-strategy successes at those areas instead!

Mid Game

The mid game is where Darius starts to shine. Depending on many factors, he can take over the game! Here are some tips and strategies for dominating during the mid game with Darius:

  1. Choose the correct build path. Consider what type of damage you want to focus on – physical or magic – as well as how you want your items to synergize with your abilities. Knowing what items will benefit your playstyle can help you make informed decisions as you progress through the match.
  2. Focus on clearing waves quickly. Wave clear is crucial in tournament play, and Darius excels at this task thanks to his ability kit, which helps him deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  3. Position yourself for teamfights correctly; position yourself behind your teammates so that you gain both protection from enemy attacks and access to their helpful crowd control abilities and skill shots that might otherwise miss due to displacement or displacement techniques used by other members of your team. This can also help ensure that enemy frontline tanks cannot get easy access to your carry allies, who should be flanked by someone like Darius (or supported by him) who is capable of dealing significant amounts of burst damage while still providing ample protection himself. Knowing when and where it’s right or wrong to be aggressive depending on the situation is key!
  4. Target priority is important! When looking for targets in big battles, always look out for carries first; they are usually much more valuable than any tanks since they can quickly turn a fight around once they depart their postition. Try using Decimate, Apprehend, and Noxian Guillotine when looking for kills, these are perfect tools that allow Darius’s offense-oriented playstyle to shine!

Late Game

In the late game, players must be more strategic in their play. Since there are fewer pieces on the board and no pawn swaps, knowing how to maximize your position is key to success. Here are some tips and strategies that can help you to dominate a game of chess in the late stage:

  1. Keep a balance between offense and defense while also preventing your opponent from achieving a strong position.
  2. Try to create weaknesses on your opponent’s king side and seek out open files, diagonals and ranks for attacking options.
  3. When an exchange of pieces is taking place, try to get an advantageous position out of it by trading off unfavorable pieces or capturing more valuable pieces than you lose.
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  5. Consider sacrificing material if necessary in exchange for better mobility or greater attacking power; sometimes this can lead to checkmate quicker than had you tried to drag out material advantages or trap many pieces at once without an endgame plan in mind!


A great way to play Darius is to focus on the right builds. Knowing which items to pick and when can be the the difference between victory and defeat. When playing Darius, you want to pick items that will make him a tanky threat in team fights. Items that focus on lifesteal, armor, and health are great choices, since Darius has no natural way of regenerating health.

Let’s dive in and explore the best builds for Darius:


Offensive builds are designed to support a team in pushing objectives and gaining map control. Such builds focus on increasing damage output and mobility, while also boosting stats such as Energy Regeneration, Attack Speed, Critical Damage and Attack Range.

Offensive builds usually opt for one primary damage type, either Physical or Magical (or mixed where possible), though other combinations are viable depending on the character’s kit and playstyle. When building offensively, characters will generally add Damage Boosting Remnants or Spells that have high Damage per second, and use items like Swift Anklet or Light Burrower Skin for improved mobility. Additionally, runes can be utilized to increase Attack Speed or provide extra Defense Penetration for even better damage output potential.

Ultimately, the goal of an offensive build is to impose pressure on enemies with sustained DPS, allowing allies to reposition or push objectives with very little resistance from enemy threats.


Defensive builds allow you to preserve your structures, troops, and resources during attacks. These builds are primarily used to protect your Town Hall from attackers, as it is a key factor in determining a player’s success and will provide maximum XP points if preserved. Most defensive bases have strong walls that link between the main structures, giving players ample time to prepare a counterattack or build defensive troops in case of invasion.

The most common defensive builds include variations on:

  • 4-corner bases with central compartments containing the Town Hall, Storages and/or Clan Castle;
  • X-bors;
  • diamond bases;
  • perimeters;
  • multiple layers around residences;
  • funneling systems along defender’s walls;
  • and two rings of defense with an inner core containing Town Hall inside.

No matter which build you choose, always make sure the Town Hall is well protected at all times!


Darius is an incredibly versatile champion, able to build in offense (through attack damage, critical chance, and movespeed), tanky stats such as health, armor and magic resist as well as utility by utilizing items like Runaans Hurricane and Iceborn Gauntlet.

If looking to go hybrid on Darius, the most common stats are Attack Damage for its strong early game clear potential, Health for increased durability and Armor or Magic Resist depending on which type of damage your opponent is putting out the most. A good hybrid build should include one item with life steal such as The Bloodthirster, one defensive item from Black Cleaver or Randuin’s Omen and a damage item from Trinity Force or Infinity Edge depending on resource availability. Other builds may include hybrid items such as Blade of the Ruined King for both offense and defense or Frozen Mallet for increased health at the cost of attack speed.

Darius can also opt to focus heavily on utility items like Runaans Hurricane combined with Phantom Dancer to maximize movespeed at the cost of survivability in tight situations. Hybrid builds are all about deciding what sacrifices you must make to take advantage of different scenarios while potentially allowing the player to come out ahead due to superior adaptability against opponents.


When it comes to playing Darius in League of Legends, it is essential to identify his counters and how to avoid them. Counters are other champions in the game who offer an advantage against Darius by either out-damaging him, having a better kit, or being more difficult to take down. Understanding who Darius’s counters are and how to counter his strategies can be the difference between a successful game and a crushing defeat.


When playing as Darius, you should be aware of your champion’s weaknesses in order to play him best. Knowing the enemy team composition and playing accordingly is essential when playing this champion.

Darius suffers from a squishy early game and a lack of escape ability which allows for easy ganking on his lane. While Darius has strong single target burst damage and regeneration potential, he lacks crowd control or mobility to safely enter and retreat from fights. This can make him a liability in team fights if played incorrectly. In addition, certain champions such as Nautilus, Annie and Jarvan IV counter him in the jungle due to their CC abilities. Furthermore, champions with high mobility such as Master Yi or Irelia are able to easily dodge his ultimate combination of Decimate/Crippling Strike/Noxian Guillotine.

Additionally, magic resist items are effective against Darius due to his reliance on physical damage output.

Counter Champions

In the game of League of Legends, counter-picking plays an important role in player success. Knowing which champions can counter Darius, or any other champion for that matter, can give players an advantage since they’ll be better prepared to handle their opponents.

Countering a champion requires you to think on your feet and take into account individual strengths and weaknesses in order to find one that will best suit your team composition. Before you choose a countering champion for Darius, it’s important to note his abilities.

Darius is a fighter with an arcing spinning slash as his primary attack. He has excellent range for those not close enough for the slash to reach and can grab Champions from surprisingly long ranges using his ultimate ability Apprehend. He also has a passive which gives him bonus damage whenever he stacks enemy champions in one hit.

Given these abilities and capabilities, some of the champions you should consider when countering Darius include:

  • Garen: Garen has great durability and CC with his Courage ability which increases his armor and magic resist when nearby enemies are damaged by Demacian Justice; this makes him well-suited against Darius’s melee attacks while able to hold up against his magical attacks as well
  • Maokai: Maokai has the most direct counter to Darius since he can root enemies with Sapling Toss while maintaining good resistance with Natural Defense; this makes it difficult for Darius, who relies heavily on mobility thanks to Apprehend
  • Kayle: Kayle relies on range rather than melee like Garen or Maokai, making her good at controlling fights against aggression from champions like Darius who lack the ability to close gaps quickly; she also has great CC with Intervention which gives her invulnerability for brief periods
  • Jax: Jax is another durable bruiser able to outlast many of the other classes thanks partially due to Counter Strike; this passive makes him last longer in fights when paired against powerhouses such as Darius who rely heavily on abilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the role of Darius in League of Legends?

A1: Darius is a fighter-tank champion in League of Legends. He is typically played in the top lane but can also be played in the jungle. He is a powerful duelist, with a kit that is designed to take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Q2: What are the main abilities of Darius?

A2: Darius’s main abilities include Hemorrhage (an AOE attack that applies a stacking bleeding effect), Crippling Strike (a slow and damage over time ability), Apprehend (a pull ability that pulls enemies and deals damage), and Noxian Guillotine (an execute ability that deals true damage and has a reset if it kills an enemy champion).

Q3: What are Darius’s strengths and weaknesses?

A3: Darius’s strengths include his powerful dueling potential and his ability to take down enemies quickly. His weaknesses include his lack of mobility, and his susceptibility to crowd control.