The Brackern race is hidden in a valley and has been long considered extinct. One of these species is Skarner. Skarner, a historic crystalline scorpion, has deep knowledge of his territory and can reminisce about the technology that was passed down to him via dwelling crystals that are infused with their souls. Skarner was awakened recently by latest threats to his species. He now works to defend them, regardless of the fact that he may be alone. They only see worthlessness where there’s greatness. It is time to change the perception of this hidden gem sooner than it is too late.

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skarner’s ABILITIES

Who’s skarner?

Skarner is blessed with a rare energy that allows crystals to form in specific areas on the map. Skarner can increase his assault speed and motion pace when he is near these crystals.

Skarner is a slasher with his claws and deals bodily injury to any enemies within reach. If a unit is hit, he charges himself with Crystal Vitality for a few seconds. Skarner can cast Crystal Slash for a short time, which will inflict additional harm on the enemy and add bonus magic harm.

Skarner’s good points include a protection and bonus motion pace, and armor. The protect stays.

Skarner unleashes a crystalline blast that causes damage and slows down enemies. A good time window will allow you to stun an enemy by attacking them first. Imagine you are able to make your next fundamental attack against Crystal Venom’s marked target. It will be able to beauty for 1.25 seconds with the bonus bodily injury.

Skarner’s Impale talent allows you to suppress any enemy for a short time while still dealing continuous harm. You can also use it to remove a high precedence goal from the enemy crew.

Expertise of and skills by skarner




  • COST: 10
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 2.5-3.5


  • COST: 60
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 11-13


  • TARGET RANGE: 1000
  • WIDTH: 140
  • SPEED: 1500
  • CAST TIME – 0.25
  • COST: 55
  • MANA COOLDOWN: 12-14


  • CAST TIME – 0.25
  • COST: 100
  • MANA COOLDOWN – 80 to 120

As a Skarner

  • Primary assaults reduce the cooldown of Crystal Slash, and should be used frequently to sustain damage. These are great for new players with no skills and can be used to get into fight. However, they are not very useful or mobile.
  • Spend in to unleash a powerful Fracture to proc The Crystal Venom. Followed by vicious slashes that will not let up until your goal is achieved

Skarner is one the League’s most formidable champions. Skarner’s capability packages, when properly mastered, have an extraordinary burst damage and utility which makes him one of the best initiators for a crew fight. Turbo Chemtank provides all the well being regeneration and speed you need to get started on your champion build information. It’s usually used to grant safety, in contrast to slows. Next, you might want to obtain Mercury’s Treads so that enemies who are trying to escape or interact with turrets cannot outrun them.

Summoner Spell:

  • Flash
  • Smite

Advisable Objects:

  • Turbo Chemtank
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • The Plate of the Lifeless Man
  • The pressure of nature
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Thornmail


  • Skarner is a strong, brusque brute that can hunt down targets and deal constant hybrid harm. His best use of his package is in the jungle. It provides him with fast, precise instances and efficient ganks.
  • Crystal Slash: Remember to use this ability before your first auto-attack. This will ensure you maximize damage output and get maximum cooldown discount. After initiating a fight, crystal slash should be used as soon as possible. There are no delays between abilities which could drastically reduce DPS output during long flights with melee champions.
  • Crystalline Exoskeleton – Skarner is a powerful pressure for any enemy, but Skarner should not be considered invincible. Skarner’s protect absorption strategy provides him with an effective protection mechanism that allows him to avoid all harm when necessary. Skarner’s increased mobility also allows him to pursue targets who have been evaded due to its ability to expire sooner than reaching them.
  • Skarner can be used to peel and hold allies. Skarner can use the power Impale to have enough range that he doesn’t need help peeling for carries. Fracture can be paired with it to make it more efficient in protecting them.
  • Impale allows you to drag your opponent along behind you for a certain period. If you are able to time your Impale correctly before the period ends, you will be able flip them around and flip them over so that they are facing Skarner’s character model. It will increase the amount of space that Impale takes up.

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Is Skarner any good at all?

Is Skarner good enough?

It’s onerous to say. Skarner isn’t sturdy in opposition to a lot and it’s not as cellular as I like. I’ve at all times discovered him type of clunky and unintuitive, however if you happen to’re on the lookout for a tanky jungler who can provoke teamfights, it is best to strive him out.

Is Skarner either a boy, or a girl?

Skarner = Finest Lady : r/SkarnerMains.

Is Skarner a scorpion or a scorpion?

Skarner, a crystalline scorpion, is from Shurima’s hidden valley. He belongs to the Brackern traditional race and is well-known for his knowledge and deep connection with the land. His soul is fused to a strong life crystal that holds the dwelling ideas of his ancestors.