Singed LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Singed is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. With his tanky, long-ranged kit, he’s great at surviving both teamfights and solo fights. He can also put out an impressive amount of damage with his Poison Trail, Fling, and Mega Adhesive abilities.

Let’s take a look at what makes this champion so special.


Singed is one of the longest-established League of Legends champions, a perennially popular tank/support “bruiser” wielder of toxic goo and a master of territorial control. He prizes clever understanding over reflexes, using his position and natural defenses to force enemies into making mistakes and separating them from their friends.

An aggressive frontline bruiser, Singed excels at disrupting enemy backlines with his kit, which allows him to take damage while simultaneously setting up or punishing opponents. His extreme mobility makes him hard to pin down, while his potent crowd control ensures that enemy teams will have difficulty engaging. With ample crowd control, defensive measures to keep himself alive, and the ability to flip the battlefield on its head by rushing into teamfights with Flippednado or Insanity Potion, Singed is an unstoppable force when played correctly.


Singed is a Zaunite alchemist of unmatched intellect, who has devoted his life to pushing the boundaries of knowledge—with no price, even his own sanity, too high to pay. Is there a method to his madness? His concoctions rarely fail, but it seems to many that Singed has lost all sense of morality in his dogged pursuit of knowledge, willingly using innocent after innocent as test subjects for cruel and dangerous experiments, they allege that he no longer cares if any will benefit from his sinister machinations. Worse yet, some have called him mad—but those who come close see only the terrifying genius within.

Though many miles divide them with land and sea, Singed remains loyal only to Zaun—bound by an unspoken promise he made long ago. A fanatic and visionary in equal measure, he believes deeply in the harmony between science and industry. When necessary, both should be utilized as tools for progress; either alone can quickly lead to destruction.

Declaring himself a master chemist after many years of solitary study and experimentation in Zaun’s underground laboratories and sewers beneath their smog-filled capital city Singed’s work has won him appreciation—albeit grudging —from many powerful figures within the empire. Few would dare confront one capable of wielding such potent creations . . . and fewer still understand that beneath it all Singed holds secrets far darker than any known equally to hatreds and affinity toward destruction that even he cannot completely comprehend.


Singed is a tanky fighter who is capable of rushing his opponents and creating a chaotic, irritating environment. His abilities concentrate on crowd control, area of effect damage, and oppressive lane presence. His unique playstyle has made him a popular pick in both solo queue and professional play.

Let’s delve deeper into the abilities of Singed, and how they can be used to your advantage:


Singed’s passive is Insanity Potion, which gives him bonus adaptive stats for 25 seconds at the cost of mana when triggered. It grants bonus health regeneration, health, mana regeneration, movement speed and damage. His passive allows him to be more tanky and more aggressive. He does not have any cooldowns with this ability so he can use it whenever he wants.

In addition to allowing him to be more durable and effective in fights and skirmishes, Singed’s passive also allows him to stay in lanes longer by providing castable health regeneration as well as a large boost in movement speed while running away. With rapid casts of his passive, Singed can escape enemy gankers with ease or chase down enemies who are trying to escape from his team.

Overall, Singed’s passive allows him to take advantage of fights both offensively and defensively and allows him to stay in lane longer without needing to recall back home:

  • Grants bonus health regeneration, health, mana regeneration, movement speed and damage.
  • Allows him to stay in lanes longer by providing castable health regeneration.
  • Allows him to escape enemy gankers with ease or chase down enemies who are trying to escape from his team.
  • Allows him to take advantage of fights both offensively and defensively.
  • Allows him to stay in lane longer without needing to recall back home.

Q – Searing Charge

Singed’s Q ability, Searing Charge, is a linear skill-shot taunt spell with a unique mechanic. This move allows Singed to fling himself in a direction of his choice, dealing magic damage to passing enemies as well as causing them to be taunted and switched towards him. The fact that he can cast this spell while running makes it much more versatile and reactive than standard taunts.

If used within melee range of the target, Singed will perform a flip over them to the other side, regaining movement speed over time if he does not reactivate the ability immediately. The damage for this basic spell is increased against enemies afflicted with his E – Poison Trail.

The cooldown for this move is significantly shorter at higher levels of play and improved overall through CDR items such as Runic Echoes or Morellonomicon; an item upgrade often pursued by Singed players on domesticated missions or inside roaming playstyles since these items also offer additional utility stats such as mana regeneration and cooldown reduction stats that complement Singed exceptionally well.

W – Scorched Earth

Singed’s W ability is known as Scorched Earth. When activated, Singed creates a circular trail of fire directly around him that deals magic damage over 3 seconds to any enemies standing in the blaze. At its base level, Scorched Earth will deal 60/90/120/150/180 (+30% Ability Power) magic damage while granting Singed 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds to allies who walk through it; scaling up with levels. In addition, any enemies that stand in the fire will be slowed by 30%.

The Ability costs 70 mana to activate and has a cooldown time of 16 seconds at all levels. It can also be increased by purchasing certain items from the shop as well as upgrading it with additional points in his Ability Power stat.

E – Flame Chompers

Singed’s E – Flame Chompers is a unique ability that can heavily alter the course of a match. Upon activation, 3 flaming chompers are launched in front of Singed, forming a sizzling row of fire traps that enemies must maneuver around. Any enemy caught in the path will be slowed and damaged over time until they escape. After a few seconds, the traps will explode and slow any enemies still within it, making it one of Singed’s most reliable team fight abilities.

Additionally, the cooldown on this ability is reduced each time Singed kills or assists an enemy champion with any ability or item. This makes it an ideal tool for engaging and disengaging fights at Will.

R – Infernal Chains

Singed’s R ability, ‘Infernal Chains’, is one of his most powerful and iconic abilities. It allows him to place a trap on the ground that will pull in any enemy who steps on it and deal them damage over time. It’s highly effective for crowd control, as it can be cast from a distance and will stay active for a few seconds once triggered.

Infernal Chains deals magic damage each second, with the amount increasing based on Singed’s bonus health and an additional damage bonus if the target is prevented from leaving the area. Additionally, targets are slowed by 99%, meaning they are completely unable to move or take other actions while under the effects of Infernal Chains. The ability has no cost associated with it but has a long cooldown that makes it important to use strategically rather than in all fights.


Singed is a unique champion in the popular game League of Legends, as he is able to function in both the top and bottom lanes, making him a great asset to any team. With a variety of builds and strategies available, it can be hard to know which one to use when playing Singed, so let’s take a look at all of the available builds and the situations in which they are most effective:

Top Lane

Top Lane is a lane in the popular 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends and Dota 2, where two players compete against each other. A player will typically control a champion or hero with the goal of destroying the enemy turret while also controlling or pushing minions towards their opponent’s base as a way to do damage.

Top lane champions are generally considered tanks and fighters due to their versatility and ability to help turn the tide of battle. These are powerful champions who can help carry their team to victory if played correctly. Popular builds for top laners focus on lifesteal and spell vamp, with items such as Ravenous Hydra and Hextech Gunblade being extremely popular among players. Additional items such as Warmog’s Armor and Righteous Glory can also be used for increased survivability and tankiness.


The Jungler role within League of Legends is one of the most impactful roles, as the Jungler will influence every teamfight through their decision-making and playmaking. A jungler that can make a difference for their team in early game or mid-game through aggressive ganking or snowballing objectives are critical in team fights and ultimately can lead to a victory or loss. junglers must win hard in their early and mid game pressure which will allow them to become a key part of the late game.

The core mechanics of this role should include the ability to:

  • farm efficiently and safely,
  • pressure the map with strong ganks,
  • be able to secure key objectives for your team such as dragon/baron
  • all while accounting for your own safety when it comes to enemy vision or jungle invades.

Being able to do these tasks with proficiency will separate good junglers from great ones.

Optimal builds on Singed usually include damage items such as

  • Liandry’s Torment,
  • Nashor’s Tooth,
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter,
  • Abyssal Mask
  • and

  • Rabadon’s Deathcap

which all have great synergy together in order to maximize his damage output in fights and pushing waves when you get ahead. Enchantments such as Cinderhulk are also worth considering if facing more tanky opponents due to its regeneration potential & increased health pool will make him more survivable whilst still maintaining decent damage output for extra utility. Usually any combination of these items would suffice depending on what is most effective against your opponent’s composition or specific champions/item builds that they might have gone for.

Mid Lane

Mid lane is where Singed excels. Mid laners try to control the flow of the game, taking advantage of advantageous matchups to snowball advantages and actively making plays around the map. Singed fits perfectly into this role as a tank leader and disruptive force. With enough farm, Singed can become an unkillable juggernaut that forces enemies out of lane, takes objectives on his own, and coordinates with his team for massive plays.

Singed specializes in disengaging fights and forcing enemies away from objectives or allies they are trying to protect. His Q-W-E combo is invaluable in these situations, allowing him to stay at a safe distance while still dealing large amounts of damage. His passive helps reduce incoming damage while also allowing him to get out of sticky situations alive. He also brings a lot of utility with his ultimate’s AoE slow and teleport that allows him to enter or leave teamfights quickly and safely as needed. Finally, he has unparalleled waveclear ability that allows him to push towers with ease; this should always be taken advantage of when enemy junglers are busy elsewhere on the map or if there’s an opportunity for some quick objective takeovers such as drakes or turrets.


Playing Singed in League of Legends can be a challenge but it can also be a rewarding experience. As Singed, you need to have a good understanding of the game. You’ll need to know how to best use your abilities, what items to build and how to work with your team.

This section will look at the strategic side of playing Singed and provide tips for dominating your opponents.

Early Game

Singed is a very strong early game champion and can be played as a disruptor or defender. While his ultimate allows him to survive in most situations, it is important to think twice when initiating team fights. Dragons and Rift Herald spawn at the 6-minute mark, so having a planned approach for these objectives will help you get off to a good start.

For start of the game, focus on last-hitting and farming. You want to enter lane with enough control over the minions so that you can contribute experience and gold without losing too much health. If resources are scarce, use your Poison Trail (Q) strategically to secure cs or harass your opponent. Try not to engage too often in close combat; instead make use of insidious tricks such as poisoning minions from an unknown location and running away with your Mega Adhesive (W). Your passive also provides additional sustain for staying in lane longer when you need it most.

When it comes time for team fights, keep an eye on the AoE crowd control of your opponents – Singed is especially weak against CC from multiple sources since his ultimate does not protect against them. Pay close attention to ally positioning during fights; make sure they’re not left vulnerable by chasing an enemy into their range! With proper execution of these strategies, Singed can have a great early game and get an early lead for himself and allies!

Mid Game

Mid game is typically when Singed starts to gain a large advantage if he has been able to remain in the game long enough. During the mid game, he should focus on pushing turret plates and objectives. Making sure to quickly clear waves and garrisons before continuing onto objectives is key. Singed should aim to zone out enemy champions around these objectives and then systematically take them over one by one until the late game has been reached.

Singed should always look for opportunities to find side lane picks such as flanking enemies or using his ultimate, Insanity Potion, for surprise engagements. If a skirmish breaks out Singed can use Insanity Potion to gain an edge on his enemies by gaining movement speed and dishing out strong damage during the fight. Players should also make sure that they are staying aware of the items their team composition needs so that they can build accordingly throughout this stage of the game.

Singed’s ultimate, Insanity Potion, also doubles as an excellent tool for chasing down enemies who may have retreated from a fight that didn’t end favorably. This can allow your team an opportunity to finish off enemies who may have gotten away otherwise. Utilizing this ability correctly can help turn fights in your favor while also allowing you side lane control over turrets and other objectives.

Late Game

Everyone knows that Singed is a great champion to use in the late game, due to his ability to split push and push towers. He excels in team fights due to his durable build and heal. His passive makes him even more tanky and resistant to crowd control.

In order for you to use him most effectively at a later stage of the game, you need to focus on taking towers and split-pushing whenever possible. You should also look for opportunities to engage enemies in team fights when it is advantageous for your team.

When building Singed late game, you should focus on reaching a good balance between defensive items that increase his armor, health, and resistance to magic crowd control effects. Generally this means building tanky items such as Frozen Heart, Sunfire Cape, Randuin’s Omen, or Spirit Visage will allow Singed’s team fighting power late game too spectacularly increase allowing him take down enemies with ease despite their damage against him. Additionally mobility items like Zhonya’s Hourglass helps Singed boost out of fights without having too much fear from major enemy damage while kiting enemies while slinging poison behind him.

After attaining these core items it’s optional whether one builds Thornmail or Banshee’s Veil depending upon the enemy team compsing being highly magic or physical dominant respectively being able to help your allies through the course of battles accordingly with additional defensive stats.

By mastering these techniques as well as proper positioning around objectives like dragon pit or baron nashor pit will definitely elevate your Singd mastery allowing you become an admirable enemy player in any game mode.

Tips and Tricks

Singed is one of the most powerful and versatile champions in the game League of Legends. He can make an impact in every game mode, whether it’s in the jungle, top lane, or mid.

In this section we will provide some tips and tricks for mastering this champion so you can achieve victory. We will go over everything from his abilities to his item builds, so you can become an unstoppable force with Singed.

Use your abilities together

As any experienced League of Legends player will tell you, it’s all about synergy. Using your abilities together is far more powerful than using them separately – and this is definitely the case for Singed. His high mobility damages enemies in a range around him, so make sure to use Poison Trail, Fling and Mega Adhesive simultaneously for maximum effect.

Another good way to utilize Singed’s unique skillset is to make good use of his Ultimate – Insanity Potion. When running away from an enemy team or fighting a large group, you should activate your ultimate as soon as possible for best results. This increases Singed’s movement speed and gives him increased health and mana regeneration – two things that can really help you come out on top in a team fight or chase down kills that have escaped your grasp.

Use your ultimate to set up kills

When playing Singed, it’s important to remember that your ultimate ability can be used both offensively and defensively.

Offensively, your ultimate (Insanity Potion) can be used to give your opponents a false sense of security while they’re under its effects, as it provides increased movement speed which may prompt them to chase after you or aggressively position themselves out of position. Additionally, you can use the movement speed and extra resistances provided by the ultimate to quickly set up kills for yourself or your teammates by baiting the enemy into taking risks.

Defensively, you can use Insanity Potion to quickly escape from dangerous situations, allowing you to pick and choose the fights that favor you the most.

Remember: Play smart with Singed and make sure to get the most out of his ability kit!

Positioning is key

Positioning is key when playing Singed, as he is most powerful when he is at the front line of battle. He can withstand a surprising amount of damage due to his immense health pool, making him ideal for engaging in team fights and pushing lanes with little fear of dying. His Q (Poison Trail) also allows him to stay relatively safe during fighting and keep his enemies at bay.

In lane, it’s important to stay close to the turret early on, as Singed excels most during the laning phase. Taking full advantage of his crowd control abilities from his E (Fling) and W (Mega Adhesive), can be huge during those early skirmishes with your opposing laner. His ultimate R (Insane Momentum) allows him to quickly jump away from danger or manage health better by outrunning adversaries that are slower than him – perfect for those tense skirmishes or chasing low-health fleeing opponents.

When pushing lanes, always try to remain as far forward as possible and keep your distance from enemy towers; this allows you say under threat range while still keeping up the pressure with Poison Trail and maintaining lane control. During teamfights, use your Fling combo and CC effects on priority targets such as carries or support characters; this provides a much-needed disruption effect on your enemies positioning which helps secure multiple kills for your team if executed properly.

Lastly don’t forget to take full advantage of the movement speed bonus granted by Insane Momentum – you can use it to roam between lanes quicker and help set up ganks or tower pushes with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Singed’s role in League of Legends?

A1: Singed is a tanky champion in League of Legends. He excels in soaking up damage and initiating fights for his team. He can also use his poison trails to slow down enemies and help his team secure objectives.

Q2: What are Singed’s strengths?

A2: Singed is a very durable champion and has good crowd control abilities. He also has good wave clear and can easily push down towers. His ultimate gives him an additional boost of speed that can be used to escape or to chase down enemies.

Q3: What is the best way to play Singed?

A3: The best way to play Singed is to focus on tanking and crowd control. Use your poison trails to slow enemies down and help your team secure objectives. Your ultimate should be used to escape or chase down enemies. Try to stay in the back line and avoid taking too much damage.