LOL Darius, the most powerful symbol of Noxian and its most fearsome leader, is the nation’s battle-hardened hero. Arising from a humble origin to become ‘Hand of Noxus,’ Darius plows through the empire’s foes. Many of them are Noxians. Darius is a staunch supporter of his cause, and he never hesitates to use his axe. Trifarian Legion leaders who are against him can expect no mercy.


Who is darius?

Darius was orphaned when he was very young. He had to fight for his brother and himself. After becoming a military officer, he learned new skills and was able to discipline himself to become a veteran soldier. Darius’s first test was won after the decisive battle against Demacia where the Noxian force were outnumbered, exhausted and defeated.

Darius, the captain, requested a retreat. He refused because it showed cowardice. He walked toward their captain and struck him with his massive axe, violating the rules. Everyone is both terrified and inspired by Darius’s actions. The soldiers volunteered to fight alongside Darius and used their extraordinary enthusiasm and strength. Darius and the other soldiers are victorious after a long, difficult war.

Darius, emulating the victory and gaining all the momentum it brought, decided to lead his army against the devastation of Demacia. He had already shown his power on the battlefield so he looked homeward.

Darius sought a way of restoring the country’s greatness and he found it. Darius searched for weak figuresheads and removed them form their positions and power. Many people in Noxus witnessed how Darius tried to take the throne. But he had other plans. He made friends with Master Tactician in an attempt to unify the nation under a true Noxian power.

darius’s Skills & Abilities

Hemorrhage. Darius’ damaging abilities and attacks can cause the opponents to bleed for physical damages in just five seconds, storing up to five times. Darius gets bonus AD after reaching five stacks. Hemorrhage stacks are instantly applied by him using his usual methods.

Decimate. Darius swings and winds his axe in an extremely wide circle. Foes that are struck with the blade of the axe will suffer more damage than those who are hit by the handle. Darius heals based on how many enemies he has hit with the blade, and his remaining health.

Crippling Strike. The next attack of Darius strikes an opponent’s crucial artery. Their speed and movement speed decrease as they continue to bleed.

Apprehend. Darius sharpens his axe, passively causing his attacks to ignore a part of his enemy’s armor. Darius uses his blading anx to attack his foes and brings them closer.

Noxian Guillotine. Darius can leap to a foe champion to strike them with a lethal blow. This deal true damage to the enemy and can be increased by stacks of Hemorrhage. This Noxian Guillotine can be used to kill an enemy and refresh its cooldown.

playing as darius

Darius won’t take TP as he needs Ghost or Ignite’s lane pressure. Darius will not accept TP unless you force him to follow the bad back timings, which could result in him losing the farm and XP.

Anti-heal can be used to counter Darius. The Bramble Vest and an early Executioner’s Calling is helpful in the lane, and it’s a must in a final late game. But it’s not a guarantee to get Darius’ ability and tankiness to stay and join in fights. It’s challenging to make Darius fall off unless you have a ranged champion to counter him.


  • Your ability to draw in enemies can also be used through walls. You can use this ability to quickly kill uninfected enemies, such as the jungle against the mid- or early junglers.
  • Decimate is a powerful ability by Darius that can strike an enemy from a high range and have the greatest impact.
  • Noxian Guillotine can inflict more damage if the enemy has more Hemorrhage stacks. This can be used to inflict more damage on your enemies.
  • Darius can enjoy improved survival. You can make a fight last longer, and Darius will be more powerful.

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