11.24B Micropatch: All Esports Pros and Nerfs [UPDATE]

Sentinel Olaf Splash
O’re you ready for Olaf buffs? | © Riot Games

Riot announced a hot-fix micropatch emergency coming in just before Season 12. Are you excited about any of these changes or announcements?

The patch is out already, and it was released at a very rapid pace. I think Riot It is really Wanted to nerf Kassadin

Patch Preview for 11.24B

RiotPhlox is a designer on the Summoners Rift Team. He tweeted this list of changes that were made on Wednesday, December 15. Below is Riot’s latest Patch Preview Tweet. This provides the most current information about upcoming changes.

Many of these changes look very interesting. We are thrilled to see Kassadin listed on the list for nerfs. However, Pyke’s buff is a little confusing. He wasn’t good enough?

Champion Esports Pros LoL Patch 11.24B

Kai'Sa Splash Art
Is Kai’Sa going to be the OP of Season 12? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Gwen-Base Health

What? A Gwen Esports Pro? This is real life.

  • Base Health: 550-590

Riot are afraid to buff this champion, as she is very skilled in pro play. This is just an example. Gwen receives a small buff in the beginning of the gameThe emphasis should be on the small.

Olaf – Passive

After the Goredrinker changes, Olaf is having a difficult time in Season 11. He’s not very good at all right now. Perhaps Season 12 will improve?

  • Maximum AS: 75% – 100%

This should be Olaf’s big win, so we’re happy to see that champ get some love. Olaf mains rejoice (If they do exist)

Kai’Sa Passive, Q, and W

Kai’Sa’s performance over the last few months has been inconsistent. She is currently outshined in almost every ADC. But used to be super OP when playing pro along with champions Rell, Leona, & Nautilus

  • Passive: On-Hit Damage: 4-10 (+1-5) (+10-20% AP) to 4-16 (+1-8) (+15-25% AP)
  • Q: Damage Ratio: From 40% to 50% bonus AD
  • W: Evolved Refund: 70% – 77%

These are some significant changes. Riot would like to see Kai’Sa meta again. Prepare to perma ban!

Varus – Passive, W

Varus was a viable champion in Season 11, but is now a little weak. Riot is making interesting moves to improve Varus’ on-hit build, which is terrible compared to his lethality build. 

  • Passive: AS Duration 5s to 5/7/8/11 (level 1-6/11/16).
  • W:On-Hit Injury: 7/8/9/10/11 (+25% APO) to 7/9/11/13/15 (+30% APO)
  • W: Stack damage ratio: (+2% for 100 AP target’s maxHP to (+2.5% for 100 AP target’s maximal HP)

Pyke – Passive, Q

Pyke isn’t really hurting at the moment, which is why we are confused about the nerfs. His itemization options seem insane. If he starts to snowball it’s gg

  • Passive: Ally Regen: 35% – 40%
  • Q: Damage: 85/135/185/235/285 up to 100/150/200/250/300

These are small changes but Pyke players will not mind.

Champion Nerfs LoL Patch 11.24B

Corporate Mundo Skin
(c/ Riot Games| © Riot Games

Dr.Mundo – Base Stats, Q

Mundo is a little too strong lately. Riot is taking the necessary steps to prevent him terrorizing the 11.24 rift.

  • Base stats: HP Regen 8 to 6.5
  • Q: Min Damage: 80/135/190/245/300 – 80/130/180/230/280

Mundo relies heavily on HP Regen, so it’s a significant nerf. Sorry Mundo Mains!

Kassadin – Passive

We are really looking forward this one. Riot must have something big under their sleeves for this OP champion.

  • Passive: Magic Damage Reduction: 15% – 10%

We are slightly disappointed that he won’t get a larger nerf. However, taking 33.3% off his passive is a fair change. We will accept it.

Lux – Q

Lux has been one of the most powerful mid-lane champions for many months. We’re happy to see her early game power being reduced.

  • Cooldown: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 – 11 at all ranks
  • Base Damage: 80/125/170/215/260-80/120/160/200/240

These are good changes. We’re happy to see Riot make this one a success.

Vayne – R

Vayne is in dire need of some adjustments, but Riot believes she can be made worse by buffing other ADCs.

  • Bonus Attack Damage: 35/50/65 – 25/40/55

This is a very decent nerf. It will make it easier to Vayne A worse pick in meta, with other ADCs getting buff in this patch.

Talon (Jungle) – W

Talon was a key Jungler in Season 11. Riot plans to remove some of his. clearing powerTo take him down a notch.

  • W: Monster Mod: 150% – 130%

Talon Jungle is not going to be the last man standing, but a 20% W nerf will help him get in line with the other Junglers currently in the meta.

System buffs LoL Patch 11.24B

In this category, only one change is planned. Glacial Augment is due for a buff because of its underwhelming performance during previous patches.

  • Glacial Augment: Heal and Shield Ratio: 7% (per 10% Heal and Shield power) to 9% (per 10% Heal and Shield power)

This buff is hard to measure. Theoretically it could be massive for certain champions. Glacial feels weak at times, but it is still an effective rune. We might be proved wrong!

LoL system nerfs Patch 11.24B

This is the same as system buffs. Only one change has been made. Riot is reducing First Strike’s overall power, as it’s too strong against certain champs.

  • First Strike – Damage Bonus: 10% to 9%

This is not too much of an issue. Riot had to cut back on some First Strike’s power as it was becoming too ridiculous on certain champions.

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