3 Reasons Why Sett is Bisexual

Sett Birthday
Let’s talk about Sett and his bisexuality. According to me. (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Alright guys, it’s Sett’s birthday, so we’re going to focus on the big man himself! No, we aren’t going to do a champion guide, nor are we going to go over his lore all too much. Today we will have some fun and try to explain why Sett has become bisexual.

This is just for entertainment purposes, Riot is not responsible.It’s possible, but it would be amazing to have some bisexual visibility within a game like League of Legends. Let’s get on with it! Here are some reasons Sett is bisexual.

Reason 1: He is Boss

What does it mean? Being a boss does not mean you are bisexual., you might ask. Well, Let’s get real here, Sett is the boss, and can have any person he likes in the sack. You really believe that Sett will not think twice about whether a person is a male or female?

If he likes them, he will invite them into his chambers. Settright has many fans who would love to have some private time with him. Sett seems like someone who wouldn’t say yes to a good romp. Not at all.

He is an Alpha, and will accept anyone who is willing to do so, without regard for their gender.

Sett Firecracker skin
What is the difference between thoooose and thoooose? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Reason 2: His sense of style

The thick, fluffy coat around his neck is just too fashionable for him to wear it straight.. Right? Right. Let’s not forget all of his skins. Sure, we can ignore the Mecha Kingdoms skin, since he’s just a mecha bot, but let’s have a closer look at all his other skins.

First off, let’s check out Pool Party. How many men are completely straight and walk around with hula flower bouquets?? I’ve surely never seen any. Either Sett just isn’t as confident in his sexuality or he is at the very least bisexual.

Okay, the Obsidian Dragon skin also doesn’t have that much style in them and clothing we can overanalyze, so we will skip that one.

The newest Firecracker skin Another indicator of his sexuality is his hair color. How? Well, we’re here overanalyzing everything about this champion right, so let’s just look at those pants. Flare pants with ruffles are a fashion choice for straight men. I am done with my case.

Reason 3: Sett’s Workplace Environment

In Sett’s color story and in his champion lore we find out that Sett first got into fighting after searching for his father – a pit fighter who had abandoned them. He began fighting by himself and gained a name, before becoming the boss.

Was there more to it than him just enjoying winning the fight? It was a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by beautiful women, cheering him along, and fighting handsome, muscular men. Every bisexuals dream.

Is Sett really bisexual?

Riot hasn’t stated whether Sett is gay, bisexual, straight or gay. All speculation aside,Riot, however is adding to the mix, as previously mentioned. Their champions are more in depth. Only last year Leona and Diana were confirmed to be LGBTQIA+, so why can’t we also have Sett be bisexual?

These small traits could be used to enhance character depth and create a more unique character. More inclusion. But as said, this article was just for fun and if Sett ever does turn out to be bisexual, then we can say, “I told you so.”

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.