5 Things Riot Should Fix About the LoL Client

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Riot declared three years ago that they would be launching a Client Cleanup CampaignA mission to make the client great once again. You would expect that League of Legends Client would improve after so long, but we are still stuck with irritating features from the past, and there seem to be new issues as well. These are some of the issues Riot should fix.

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1. Languages locked 

Riot can be stopped at this point Offers a limited number of Languages Depending on where you live. For example, in EU West, you can decide to play in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Riot Games has chosen to keep the languages that are not available in your area locked. 

Riot doesn’t officially support the possibility of you changing the language. The fact that we are able to change to a language not available in your region by tampering with some of the files, shows that Riot has the option available if they want, and it is strange to see that we are not given the possibility to choose from all of them. 

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2. Not for the beginner  

For players that haven’t played similar games in the past, League of Legends has a pretty steep learning curve at the beginning, and the League of Legends Client is not of much assistance in that regard. 

If we take a look at the mobile version of League of Legends, we find pretty thought-through tutorials available in the client, teaching you to farm and attack enemies. League of Legends does have a tutorial. However, it is not as well-written as Wild Rift. The tutorial is a quick introduction to the game for new players. 

A Redditor recently brought up the issue and also talked about Riot’s failure to create a suitable environment for new players. People who are just starting the game are often given Smurf accounts, while newbies are criticized for trying to learn it. 

You are curious about Riot Games’ other irritating features. We collected a list of some of the most annoying champions:

3. What are you doing here, TFT? 

Riot Games’ new game Teamfight Tactics was released in 2019. TFT is a League of Legends spinoff and an auto battler game. Unlike League of Legends, you don’t play as a team in TFT. Instead, you will be competing against seven other players and trying to create the best team comp with different champions in League of Legends. It’s a completely new game that can be compared to Riot’s Legends of Runterra. 

Legends of Runterra doesn’t have its own client. However, Teamfight tactics does. It seems strange that Riot has decided for TFT, in particular, to be in the LoL client while their other games aren’t. 

We know they can separate the games, as the mobile version of TFT is not in the LoL client, and you can still play with the same account regardless of whether you are playing on your phone or the computer. 

4. UI Far Behind Similar Games

If you’ve ever played League of Legends-like games, such as Dota 2, you will probably be familiar with what I’m referring to. Even though League of Legends is one of the biggest MOBA games out there, they seem to lag behind other games regarding the client’s UI/UX. Wild Rift has a clear advantage over LoL at this stage, and Riot needs to take action.

5. Players are stuck on loading screen after each game

Another issue that many players face regarding the client is To relaunch it after a game Open the game summary. 

Another Redditor The case was brought up by players who claimed that they had to wait up to ten minutes for the lobby to load after the game. Many players had the same problem, as was evident in the comments. This has been happening with players for several years, and we have to ask why Riot has done nothing with this issue yet.

Which issues are you having with the League of Legends client 

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