King Viego: Everything You Need to Know About Ages of Runeterra Skins

King viego
Can he hold me hand like that? (c/ Riot Games | © Riot Games

The identity of King Viego is now known and we are eager for the skin to hit the rift. Although it hasn’t been online on the PBE server in 24 hours, this skin already broke the internet. Although it isn’t that big, this skin looks fantastic and we’re here to hear about canon lore. 

Riot will publish their first ever release on September 6, 2022. canon novel They’ve also released this skin in celebration. If you love LoL lore or anything related to the Ruination event in 2021, this book is for you. 

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Ages of Runeterra – Which Champions Will Get Skins?

This skin line will only be available to one champion. It is unlikely that this new line of skins will have only one skin, but we are sure more will be added in the future. Similar to Riot’s release Sea Dog Yasuo and Gangplank the Betrayer Months after the initial release of Ruined King, A League of Legends Story. 

  • King Viego

Viego will be the first to receive this skin. He is, as you can see, the king. If you have been following League of Legends lore for the past year-and-a half, you will know this. 

Which Champions Could Get Ages of Runeterra Skins? 

With the publication of the Ruination book There will be more coverage on champions, and we believe that more characters will get skins in the Ages of Runeterra line. 

  • Kalista
  • Thresh
  • Hecarim
  • Gwen
  • Isolde 

Perhaps we will even receive Isolde to be a champion in future… or Riot might release Isolde exclusively in Legedns on Runeterra, just as they did. NorraA champion that everyone expected would be at LoL last year, but it was revealed to be Vex. 


How Much Will the King Viego Skin Cost?

The King Viego skin will likely be an epic skin, This means that you can buy it for only 1350 RP. Keep in mind, however, that it is not available for purchase at 1350 RP. Prices for RP have risen The skin will become more expensive as August progresses. 

King Viego Skin Release Date

The first Ages of Runeterra skin is going to hit the rift in LoL Patch 12.17 Riot also revealed the Zenith Games skins on PBE. This is an incredible canon lore skin that you should get if you are looking for something special. 

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