Apex Legends Characters 

Are you unsure which one of these sixteen legends to choose for Respawn’s battle royale free game? This is who you should try first.

Are you looking for an Apex Legends character guide? This handy guide will provide a breakdown of the abilities and legends in the new Battle Royale game by Respawn. Each Apex Legends hero has a different personality, which makes each round unique.

Apex Legends has a character to suit every style of play: Mirage and Wraith’s deceptive and stealthy abilities will be appealing to experienced flankers who are out to do serious damage to one target. Gibraltar is a friendly, large tank. They will need to be ready to defend their team and put themselves into the firing line. Lifeline, the legendary medic, will be responsible for maintaining her squad’s health.

You can’t think for yourself because you are automatically assigned to a team of three players in Apex Legends. If you are to achieve glory, you will need to consider how your characters can complement one another. Here’s what each Apex Legends hero can offer you.

These are the Apex Legends characters with their abilities.

  • Fuse
  • Bangalore
  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon
  • Lifeline
  • Loba
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Pathfinder
  • Rampart
  • Renew
  • Wattson
  • Wraith


Kairi Imahara, aka Valkyrie Imahara, is Kairi’s daughter. She was the daughter of Viper (one of Kuben Blisk’s Apex Predator pilots from Titanfall 2). Valkyrie wanted Blisk to die for placing her father in danger. This ultimately led to his death. She was eventually convinced by the Apex Games after a short meeting with him. Rampart helped Valkyrie to make a jetpack in honor of her late father.

Valkyrie is the first to have three passive abilities. She’s the only character who can fly across the map. Recon characters can use survey beacon hacking to find the next ring location. Valkyrie is a unique character that can be difficult to pilot. Fortunately, we have a character guide.

Passive ability: VTOL Jets

Use VTOL jets to hover in the air. Hold jump for a brief period. When you are constantly moving in the air, your fuel reserve will last approximately ten seconds. Valkyrie is able to stay suspended in the air longer than 10 seconds but must remain still.

Jet-Fighter HUD: Passive ability

Skydiving allows Valkyrie to see all enemies within 250m of her and her team. The Jet-Fighter’s HUD does not reveal that enemies are being followed, unlike Crypto and Bloodhound’s scanner abilities.

Missile Swarm – Tactical Capability

To stun and damage nearby enemies, fire 12 mini-rockets on a grid. This ability doesn’t allow you to hit enemies with more rockets.

Ultimate Missile Swarm Ability

Valkyrie, along with her team members can jump into the air and take off to skydive from a different location. The ability is similar to the jump tower. Valkyrie can attack while she’s in prelaunch animation or as she ascends.


Be careful, Anita Williams is not a military veteran, but her tough exterior makes it hard to believe that she has an even more noble purpose for joining the Apex Games. She was separated from her family while on a military mission and is now raising funds to help her get back together.

Bangalore is one of the two damage archetypes. It is designed to take out large numbers of enemies.

Two-Time Passive Capability

Bangalore can move faster when fighting the fire from enemy foes. This ability will give you an advantage in a fast-paced game.

Tactical ability to launch smoke bombs

Bangalore can use this ability to throw a smoke bomb at enemies. Bangalore’s smoke rocketer is useful whether you need to escape from foes who have dropped on you or you want to change the rules.

Ultimate ability to roll thunder

It’s useful if you are in an emergency or need to weather the last moments of a match.


Bloodhound’s identity is not known. There are rumours that the Bloodhound is a crow-clad hunter who was incredibly wealthy or lived the life of an ex-slave.

Bloodhound’s hunter-like play style makes it the most technologically adept tracker. The Bloodhound is a great choice if you enjoy the thrill of hunting and want to go to the Outlands in search for your prey.

Active Ability: Tracker

Bloodhound has a passive ability that allows it to detect footprints left by enemies players. It can be used to drop foes or land the crucial first shot.

Tactical ability: Eye of the Allfather

Anyone familiar with Overwatch’s Widowmaker will recognize this ability: It will uncover hidden enemies, traps and clues in the terrain. This ability is also useful for setting up headshots which will leave heroes in fits of anger.

Ultimate ability to hunt the Beast of Hunt

Bloodhound’s Ultimate is a great way to make everything more exciting. It allows you to move quicker and highlights your prey.


Alexander Nox, once a Frontier scientist and leading manufacturer of pesticide gases, would see his life changed forever after testing a stronger formula for himself. They are all unique. Caustic, however, is an Apex Legends tank character. He’s a champion of poison and gas attacks.

Nox Vision Passive Ability

Caustic is able to use his passive ability to see past the gas attacks because of this. It is a great wish that our friends could achieve the same. This is a subtle ability, but it will definitely give you an advantage against those who are trying to confuse.

Tactical ability to trap Nox gas.

The gas-filled canister only explodes when it is shot at enemies or activated by them.

Ultimate ability: Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade is a much larger version of his tactical abilities. It sends large amounts of toxic smoke over a wide area.


Crypto, a hacker turned fugitive joins Bloodhound as Apex Legend’s second tracker Legend. His drones are used to survey the terrain, and he watches his back for enemies in Apex Arena.

Passive Ability: Neurolink

Your Surveillance Drone will mark enemies located within 30 meters of your team for all to see.

Tactical Capability of Surveillance Drone

You can fly a surveillance drone to scan for enemy teams. Be aware that if the drone is shut down, you will need to wait 40 seconds before it can start again.

Ultimate Drone EMP Ability

You can detonate your drone to emit an EMP blast which deals shield damage and staggers enemies. It also disables traps. This is handy for Wattsons.


Fuse, the Bone Cage Champion of Salvo is a planet that’s well-known for its explosives and ballistics expertise. Walter Fitzroy, a mercenary who spent the bulk of his time on Salvo, decided to return to his home planet to participate in the Apex games.

Fuse is the only character that can stack ordinance and will be used primarily as a damage seller.

Passive Ability: Grenadier

You can stack grenades in two piles instead of one. Fuse has the ability to launch grenades with his arm cannon. He can fire ordinance quicker, farther, and more precisely than any of the Legends.

Knuckle Cluster: Tactical ability

A cluster bomb can be launched that causes damage upon impact and then explodes into smaller explosives. You should avoid using this ability to inflict damage.

Ultimate Ability The Motherlode

In mid-air, launch a mortar that surrounds the target with a wall of flame. The explosive will explode in mid-air. It may take a while for the flames of the mortar to reach the ground before they do any damage.


Gibraltar loves to help people, as much as he enjoys causing pain. Gibraltar is known for being a gentle, wild giant. His father was injured in a mudslide and he and his partner were saved by him.

The Apex Legends tank character, a Tank with a sense of responsibility and protection for atoning his errors is unmistakable.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield

This ability allows you to aim down sights at Gibraltar and create a shield around your gun that stops incoming fire.

Dome of Protection – Tactical Capability

Gibraltar’s shield, which is dome-shaped, can be used to block doors or provide quick protection. It will keep your team safe for up to 15 seconds.

Ultimate ability to defend yourself

Gibraltar has an Ultimate Ability that allows him to request air support, much like Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder. However, Defensive Bombardment is more like a mortar strike concentrated on one position.


Horizon (also known as Dr. Mary Somers) is an Olympus-based astrophysicist, gravitational expert, and also known as Dr. Mary Somers. She is able to manipulate gravity and put her cute little robot NEWT to work.

Horizon, who spent 87 years trapped in a black hole near her home, has now returned to Olympus and is determined to find the boy she lost many years back. Below are all Horizon’s capabilities.

Spacewalking is a passive ability

Horizon’s customized spacesuit increases air control and decreases fall impacts.

The ability to act tactically in gravity lift

This reverses gravity and lifts players up, boosting them when they leave.

Ultimate Black Hole Ability

Use NEWT to make a micro-black hole, which pulls the players towards it and then hits them with a gravitation blast at its end.


Ajay Che, a healer, and therapist with a dark conscience is Ajay. Che was once part of an elite family of war profiteers. She left when she realized the magnitude of their corrupt business.

She has a loadout that reflects her desire to repair and heal the family’s damage. All of Che’s Apex Games winnings go toward good causes.

Combat Medic: Passive ability

Che can revive teammates knocked unconscious faster if she has a shield to protect herself. Also, healing items can be used 25 percent faster.

Tactical ability: D. O.C. Heal Drone

The Drone of Compassion is a robot summoned by your Tactical Ability. It automatically heals teammates within a short period.

Ultimate Ability Package

Che’s Ultimate Ability is best used in fights and towards the end. It summons a drop pod with quality defensive gear.


Loba, a master loot-stealing and teleportation thief are Season 5’s new Apex Legends Character.

Quality requires a passive ability to see the bigger picture

You can see through walls the epic and famous loot that is close by. This range can be found in Black Market Boutique.

Burglar’s best friend is tactically able

Jump Drive Bracelet allows you to quickly escape from trouble or teleport to difficult-to-reach areas.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

You can place a device that allows you to transport loot from nearby areas to your inventory. You can have up to 2 items for each enemy or friend Legend.


Elliot Witt is another member of Apex Legends’ diverse cast. He distinguishes by focusing on stealth tactics rather than physical strength. A person who will outwit his opponent, if needed.

Let’s see…

Mirage will automatically use his passive to deploy a decoy and cloak himself five seconds after being struck by an enemy. Mirage can also temporarily hide himself and his team from enemies by using Respawn Beacons or when he revives them.

Tactical ability

Are you stuck in an intense face-off with no one willing to move the first step? Mirage uses Psyche out to psyche his opponent. He sends another decoy in the opposite direction, which can confuse him. The utility button can be used to control the direction the decoy is heading.

The Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act

Is there anything better than one decoy? Mirage’s Vanishing Act may be for you if your answer is multiple. The ultimate dispatches a group of decoys to distract your enemies and covers you.


The snarky chap was once part of a wealthy family and turned to stunts to get rid of his boredom. He made the wrong decision and lost his legs.

Octane shares a lot with Wraith because he’s a damage-dealing, flanking-oriented character that is designed to engage rather than confront head-on.

Fast Mendatory Ability Passive

Octane’s health will slowly improve over time. This is a good thing considering the amount of scraps that he has.

Stimulation of Tactical Skills

Octane can move much faster after injecting himself with stimulants, but it will also affect his health. He can slowly regain his health if he is not being shot at.

Ultimate ability to launch from a pad

Octane, along with anyone on this planet, can fly to great heights by simply tossing a LaunchPad.


Pathfinder thinks and says forward. He apparently found his maker in an abandoned lab a decade before he got up and is still on the hunt for him.

Pathfinder is an aspiring medic. However, his kit differs greatly from Lifeline because it was designed to aid you in exploring and traversing terrain rather than healing.

Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

Battle royale’s shrinking ring is a key indicator of your next move. Pathfinder’s passive Pathfinder knowledge, Insider Knowledge, is a great help in this regard. It allows you to scan the survey beacon and reveal the next location of your circle.

Grappling Hook: Tactical ability

Are you having trouble escaping from the ring because of the terrain? The Grappling Hook from Pathfinder lets you quickly zip across large distances.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

It is said that you shouldn’t leave any man behind. Use your Zipline Gun as a way to escape for your teammates.


Rampart is a skilled modder and will fight anyone who stands in her path. Sheila is her trusted minigun and she can create the cover. She’s the Legend who stands her ground. Apex Rampart was able to adapt her arrival perfectly to the new crafting system. Season 6: Boosted saw the advent of this system. Isn’t it nice to improve your setup and support your team?

Tactical Capability Amped Cover

A croup-cover wall is a wall with a full-cover ampled wall. It blocks outgoing shots while creating a blockage.

Passive ability: The Modded Loader

LMGs or the Minigun have a greater magazine capacity, and faster reloads.

Ultimate ability: Emplaced minigun “Sheila”.

Mount a machine gun anyone can use. Long reload times, high ammo capacities.


Although our red assassin is synthetic, he is certainly not sympathetic. Revenant made his debut to Apex by defeating Forge, the competitor. According to the legend, Revenant was once a human being before Hammond Robotics made him a machine. Revenant is not happy about this.

Revenant’s backstory is a significant influence on his abilities. They focus on stealth and assassination.

Stalker with a passive ability

The Revenant can also climb higher and crouch faster than the others.

Tactical ability

You can throw this device for damage or disable abilities and it will work in ten seconds.

Ultimate Ability Death Totem

This totem can be placed on the ground and it will return to you or your team members when you are gone.


The Apex Games are no strangers to Natalie Wattson Paquette, a perky engineer who helped create the Modified Containment Ring with her father.

Wattson, a defense character, plays similar to Caustic in that she focuses on perimeter defense.

These electrifying traps can be used to protect your team and slow down or weaken foes. This allows you to go for the kill.

The Spark of Genius: Passive ability

Wattson’s passive lets Ultimate Accelerants fully charge her ultimate, so waiting for it to recharge is not a problem. Standing near the Interception Pylon will increase your tactical ability to recharge once you have called it in.

Perimeter Security

Wattson’s tactic allows you to place connecting nodes in order to make electrified fencing that can slow down and damage enemies.

Similar to Caustic’s gas traps the fences can be used for protection and hunkering down, repelling any enemy attack, or providing instant protection in case you are being followed by an enemy. The electric field slows down enemies, making it possible for you to grab some quick kills with your team.

Ultimate ability to intercept Pylons

After your ultimate has been charged, the Interception Pylon can be called in. This electrified tool destroys all incoming ammunition and repair damaged shields for as long as they are standing.

It is extremely useful in surviving an enemy ultimate like Gibraltar’s bombardment. This is also an invaluable tool if your shield batteries run low during a fight.


The mysterious Wraith is a mystery. We only know that her voice was heard in her head years ago, and she awakened in detention. She was able to travel between dimensions after she began listening to the voices.

Mirage is the interdimensional skirmisher. She’s a DPS Apex Legends Character, but her focus is more on stealthy play and not going all guns blazing.

The Void Voices: Passive ability

Wraith will alert you if an enemy team is getting close to you. However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between these and your team’s communications.

Tactical ability: Into The Void

Wraith’s tactic ability lets you traverse through the Void without taking damage. This means that you can virtually turn invisible while not suffering any injuries.

If you have a decent shotgun, it’s an excellent tool for closing the gap. If you are like me and find yourself in difficult situations, it’s time to get out.

Ultimate Ability Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift lets you take more than your toes with you.

Before you can set up the rift, you will need to first reach your destination. The rift only lasts 60 seconds.

Here you go, the introduction to Apex Legends’ irrepressibly hilarious roster. You get a lot of games and characters, as the vast majority are already available. These are other PC games that you don’t have to pay anything for, but you might be interested in other options. If Apex Legends gave you a taste of teamwork, explore new worlds with your friends in these best co-op PC games. We also offer an Apex Legends New Legends section that keeps you informed about the latest heroes. We wish you all the best in your quest to win as many wins as possible.

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