Is Apex Legends Cross-platform? Here’s the Answer

Apex Legends, a popular Respawn Entertainment game, makes Battle royale games more entertaining. Apex Legends is a great game for both leisure and competitive play.

But, the real question lies in whether the game supports cross-platform play, and to everyone’s surprise, Respawn has finally added this feature after a long time. Cross-platform play is an advantage when you are playing matches against players who use a different device. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about cross-platform play on Apex Legends.

Is Apex Legends Cross-Platform?

Is Apex Legends Cross-Platform

Cross-platform Plays are a topic of debate for Apex Legend lovers. Cross-platform is possible, but it’s only available on a limited number of devices because of compatibility issues.

Crossplay has many benefits. Apex LegendsWe have already mentioned it:

  • The player queue offers more flexibility as players can play the game on different devices such as Xbox, PS3, etc.
  • Variables such as whether you play on a console or a computer will create more variables.
  • Because of the greater number of cross-platform players, you’ll be able play your preferred mode in-game.
  • You will not be able to cheat when you play.
  • You can compete against players with different skills and experience. 

Crossplay between PC and console users is the only downside to this feature. 

Apex Legends Cross Platform Support for Xbox One and PC

It is simply a non. Crossplay between Xbox One and PC is not allowed in Apex Legends. Respawn entertainment has not yet confirmed that cross-platform support between Xbox One (PC) and Xbox One will be made available. 

PC gamers can only compete against other PC gamers. The same holds true for Xbox One users who want to play Apex Legends, unless they have access to a third-party app. 

Apex Legends Cross-Platform Support on PC and PS4/PS5

Apex Legends doesn’t allow cross-platform play between PC and PS4/PS5. This could be due to incompatibility between devices, as console players use a controller while PC players use the keyboard.

Because PC players cannot queue up with console players, matchmaking on PC or console requires a third-party app. 

Apex Legends Cross Platform Support on PS4/PS5 & Xbox One

Apex Legends supports cross-platform gaming between PS4/PS5 consoles and Xbox One consoles, since they are both compatible consoles. Playing Apex Legends with your friends is possible as long as both consoles are compatible.

It’s easy to set-up cross-platform consoles, as long as they are connected to the same networks, such Sony Live or PS. 

It doesn’t really matter which console you are using, but a PC that is cross-platformed between consoles will not work. 

Apex Legends Cross Platform Support for Android and IOS

Apex Legends started their mobile beta test, so it could allow cross-platform use between iOS and Android. 

It is possible to play the game on your android device alongside other players who have the same game on their iPhones or iPads. 

Apex Legends Cross Platform Support for PS4 & PS5

Yes, Apex legends supports cross-platform use between PS4/PS5 since they both support this game. 

If you have a PS5 to share your gaming time with friends and family, you will not face any issues queuing up with other players who are using a PS4. No matter which console you have, as long as the game is cross-platform compatible, it doesn’t matter. 

Guide to Turn on Crossplay in Apex Legends

Crossplay is generally turned on automatically when you log into the game. You can access the crossplay feature quickly from the game settings if you encounter a problem. 

Simply follow these steps to enable crossplay in Apex Legends.

  • Start the game and head to the lobby.
  • Click on the wheel button at your bottom right corner.
  • Navigate to the settings.
  • Select Cross-Platform play from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on “Enable” to enable crossplay

Guide to Turn Off Crossplay On Apex Legends

If you do not want to queue up with other players who are using the same device, it is possible to disable the crossplay feature in Apex Legends.

For more information, please read the following steps:

  • Start the game and head to the lobby.
  • Click the cogwheel in the lower right corner.
  • Select the settings option.
  • Scroll down and click Cross-platform Play.
  • Crossplay can be disabled by clicking on the Disable icon

Does Apex Legends Support cross-progression?

Apex Legends doesn’t allow you to access your game data from different devices. You will lose your progress if you play on one device while you access your account. 


Apex Legends will be more enjoyable to play if it has more cross-platform compatibility, such as between consoles and PC. 

It is still a fun game that you can invest your time in, especially if battle royale fans. The game allows for queuing between different consoles or OS systems, but it is not for PC players. 

These features may not be available in Respawn’s game yet. We hope that this article provides all the information you need regarding cross-play among devices for Apex legends. 

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