Marksman is a long-ranged attack class that focuses on dealing sustained and robust damage to specific targets. Aphelios, a Lunari assassin commanded by his sister Alune, is one of them.

Aphelios belongs to an ancient religious order, the “Lunari,” and lives in Mount Targon’s caves. It’s home to celestial beings such as himself.

He isn’t a celestial being, he is just a normal guy who was physically gifted while his sister was gifted in magic.

Through an ancient fortress called Marus Omegnum she switched to the spirit realm. Alune was the only person allowed into the fortress. They were shown their location by the fortress and engaged in a fight in which the majority of the Lunari were defeated with Aphelios being also defeated in the fight. Alune helped him by using her magic after he drank Noctum, the poison. The magic combined “the two parts of the moon” aka Alune and Aphelios which helped to push the Solari back .

Aphelios kills all those who are against his faith by brooding silently, speaking only through the certainty of his aim, firing each weapon and earning him the title “The Weapon of Faithful”. Aphelios can be fueled with a poisin to make him mute but his sister Alune is his guide and offers him an arsenal of weapons.

He is able to communicate with her thanks to the poison. He uses the poison to not only fuel himself, but also to communicate with his sister.

As long as the moon shines, Aphelios will never quit fighting, and he’ll never be alone, defending his faith in the moon and his people—one shot at a time.


Who is a phelios?

Aphelios, a celestial being, is part of the Lunari. This ancient religious order lives in Mount Targon’s Caves. The Solari are sun worshipers and consider the Lunari heretics. This is why the Lunari live as outcasts to defend their faith in the moon.

Alune, the celestial being, was always with him, and Aphelios was working on his assassination skills. They were forced to separate after the Solari attacked them. Alune could channel her lunar magic through Aphelios. He combined his fighting skills with it.

Aphelios is willing to risk everything to defend his people and faith on the moon, while Alune remains trapped in the temple. He needs to help Alune find his path to justice, which he will do by helping him find his way to the Lunari.

Aphelios’s skills and abilities

Aphelios, one of the most complex, is champions in League of Legends It also has the highest skill ceiling. That’s why when you manage to master this tricksy character—you’ll be able to outplay anyone.

Let’s take a closer glance at Aphelios’s unique skills and talents:

  • The Hitman & Seer

Aphelios is able to access two Lunari weapons at a given time. One main-hand, and one off-hand, from his sister Alune. All weapons have an activated ability and a basic attack that can be used to consume ammo. Aphelios will discard weapons that run out of ammo and summon Alune to replace them.

Aphelios opens the game with Calibrum and Severum as his primary weapons and Severum as his off-hand. Gravitum, Infernum, Crescendum and Crescendum are reserved for the queue. Based on weapon use, the queue order changes.

  • Phase

This ability allows Aphelios, in a matter of 0.25 seconds, to quickly switch between his primary and secondary weapons.

  • Weapon Queue System

Aphelios doesn’t have a third ability. Instead, the slot in the third will show Aphelios the next weapon that his sister will give him when he runs low on ammo for the primary and other off-hand weapons. Weapon orders usually start fixed but change over time—when Aphelios’s weapon runs out of ammo, it automatically goes to the end of the weapon order.

  • Moonlight Vigil

Aphelios’ ultimate attack is The Moonlight Vigil. It sends forward a full moon that explodes when it hits a target. It targets champions and inflicts damage on nearby opponents. Aphelios will then continue with his enhanced basic attacks using the main-hand weapon against any opponents caught in an explosion by the moon bomb.

Aphelios automatically acquires R upon reaching level 6. It will automatically increase in strength when he reaches levels 11 and 16. Since he doesn’t use the points to put into Q W E or R, he can choose from damage increase, lethality increase or attack speed increase.

  • Individual Weapon Abilities

Aphelios has 5 activated abilities that depend on his main-hand weapons, including:

  1. Calibrum (The Rifle). It is a poke/harass weapon that has extra range. The Moonlight Vigil Calibrum Effect allows its follow-up attacks to mark all targets and deal more damage when they are consumed. Calibrum can be used as a sniper rifle.
  2. Crescendum (The Chakram). This close-range DPS weapon acts as a boomerang. It can also send out sentry to the weapon in its offhand. The Moonlight Vigil Crescendum Effect allows it to launch follow-up attacks that increase the damage of basic attacks.
  3. Gravitum (The Cannon). – Aphelios considers it a utility weapon. It applies a slow decaying effect to targets. It can destroy and root all enemies that are affected by the slow effect. If you are in Moonlight Vigilgravitum effect mode, all subsequent attacks have a huge slow-effect on your opponents.
  4. Infernum (The Flamethrower). It is an AoE (or waveclear weapon), which deals basic attack and ability with higher damage. Damage cones are created behind targets that it hits. You can also produce a “dusk wave”, which is a destructive wave of enemies. Every follow-up attack that is triggered by the Moonlight Vigil Infernum Effect spawns damage circles around the targets instead of the cones.
  5. Severum (The Scythe Pistol). It is a “sustain weapons” that can heal Aphelios in exchange for some damage done to targets. You can get a small shield instead if you have full health. It can also increase movement speed and fire both main-hand or off-hand weapons quickly at nearby targets. Prioritizing champions, it will prioritize them. It grants Aphelios a flat healing when it is under the Moonlight Vigil Severum Effect.

Tips and Tricks

Aphelios is a simple character to pick up, but one that is difficult to master. Aphelios has special ammo swapping and gun-handling mechanics. He can use five guns with unique effects, each with its own special effect.

Here are some tips to make Aphelios more fun:

  • To master Aphelios and unlock his true potential, you must reach level 2. You must first kill the 9 minions (6 melee, 3 casters), located in the bottom lane. Once you reach this level, it is possible to look for an opportunity to engage or make a trade.
  • Aphelios’s weapons all contain 50 ammo. To avoid mishaps on the battlefield, always be aware of your ammo. Do not trade your gun for ammo.
  • Switch W to Severum if you are fighting against melee champs. This trick gives Aphelios bonus speed and rapid-fire with his primary and side weapon, which allows him to focus on the closest enemy while retreating.

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