Aphelios LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Aphelios is one of the newest champions to join the League of Legends roster. He is a marksman/support champion, who has an incredibly diverse set of abilities which make him an incredibly versatile champion pick. In this article, we’ll be looking at Aphelios’ backstory, abilities, and playstyle to figure out how to best use him in games.

Overview of Aphelios

Aphelios, The Weapon of the Faithful, is a champion in League of Legends and one of the latest editions to join Riot’s roster of champions. He is a marksman who wields five unique and powerful weapons: Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle; Gravitum, the Chaos Cannon; Infernum, the Flame Thrower; Severum, the Scythe and Crescent Moon Saw; and lastly Malfeasance Cannon.

All five of these guns have their own unique characteristics which can be utilized in various combinations to create different types of attacks.

Aphelios relies heavily on his weapons to perform most of his attacks, so being able to switch between them quickly is key to playing him effectively. Additionally, his abilities allow him to support allies while also providing great damage and crowd control as needed. In addition to this flexibility Aphelios has tremendous mobility that allows him to get around the map quickly and easily maneuver in team fights. With all this potential at his disposal he has become a must pick for anyone looking for a highly effective champion in League Of Legends!


Aphelios is a marksman type champion in the game League of Legends. He has a unique set of abilities that gives him a diverse range of damage and utility options. He has 5 weapons at his disposal that each have their own abilities which gives him a great amount of versatility.

In this section, we’ll discuss all of his abilities and how to use them effectively in game:


The Calibrum is the first item of Aphelios’s arsenal, nestled in its home on his left arm. It offers both AoE bursts and single-target abilities to bounce around the map. Upon basic attack activation, Aphelios equip a stack of two moonlight-infused rounds, firing a long range significant damage laser. The giant laser will then splash a nearby area dealing further damage to all enemies it hits. It has an increased range as Aphelios gains stacks of Moonlight and gains bonus maneuvers for additional effect for every third shot if used consecutively with either of the other two weapons.

The Calibrum can also provide crowd control effects – through Moonlight stasis (a slow), and shotgun blasts (an AoE stun). Its unique functionalities provide some great synergy with the rest of Aphelios’ kit, allowing him to quickly decimate an enemy team in chaotic teamfights. Its burst power and mobility set him apart from many other marksmen champions in League of Legends, making him one to pay extra attention to when drafting.


Gravitum is one of Aphelios’s abilities in the game League of Legends. By his third attack or ability cast, Aphelios will activate his basic attack, knocking away all enemies near him as he charges forward. As he charges forward, an orb of Gravitum will be propelled by him that slowly travels and deals a burst of physical damage to all enemies in its path. This damage is split amongst all nearby targets evenly, so if there are multiple enemies nearby the Gravitum will spread out its damage among them. In addition to this physical damage, the Gravitum will apply a slow effect for 1.5 seconds that reduces movement speed by 40%.

Once Gravitum is complete, it unleashes its energy and explodes, dealing additional physical damage to all nearby enemies and also a shredding debuff on them for 3 seconds which reduces their armor by 50%. The range on this ability is rather short but can still be used effectively if positioned well against enemy champions or sieging turrets. The cooldown on this ability depends largely upon Aphelios’ level since the base cooldown at level 1 is 16/14/12 seconds while at max level it’s 11/9/7 seconds.

When synergized properly with other abilities such as Eclipse or Sentinel then Aphelios can truly devastate his opponents with just one use of Gravitum!


Infernum is one of Aphelios’ five weapon combinations that grants him an area-of-effect bombing ability. Infernum consists of Aphelios’ Calibrum and his Gravitum weapon.

After preparing a number of bombs, Aphelios can detonate them all simultaneously to release a flurry of explosions around him that deals physical damage to any nearby enemies within the bombs’ range. In addition, enemies within the area-of-effect will be struck by several projectiles that deal additional magic damage.

With proper positioning, Infernum can deal an impressive amount of damage both in team fights and while skirmishing against enemies.

  • Aphelios’ solar power amplifies the power of Infernum, providing extra physical and magic damage based on how many solar charges he has built up during the fight. These charges are acquired by dealing basic attacks or using his other abilities, making it easier for him to land powerful combos when using this ability in tandem with his other weapons.
  • After summoning several bombs using this ability, Aphelios can also call forth more explosives at any time, allowing him to prepare for future fights and hidden dangers.


Crescendum is Aphelios’ signature weapon and plays a significant role in his kit. When Aphelios picks up weapons from minions, he stores them inside of Crescendum. He can then access any of the five weapons during combat by equipping Crescendum.

Each weapon has unique attributes that can be used to Aphelios’ advantage:

  • Luna’s Edge has long-range damage with a tag-on effect upon hit,
  • Moonlight Vigil provides short-range burst damage.
  • Sentinel’s Embrace offers an area of effect slow that deals tremendous damage,
  • Clockwork Windup increases Aphelios’ attack speed and range when triggered.
  • Severum allows him to take down multiple targets consecutively after firing one shot.

The passive effect on Crescendum grants bonus attack speed whenever Aphelios changes weapons, which adds another level of complexity to his play style because it incentivizes frequent skill swaps. By mastering adept timing on his weapon switches in conjunction with his abilities, he is able to ramp up some impressive DPS and poke potential for advantageous trades or skilful engagements.

Moonlight Vigil

Aphelios’ Moonlight Vigil is the basis of his fighting style. He carries a diverse set of five weapons – one primary and four secondaries – of varying types that switch automatically as he casts his various spells. This means he can quickly adapt to any situation, allowing him to overwhelm opponents in team fights with sheer firepower.

Moonlit Vigil grants Aphelios enhanced attack speed as well as a stacking bonus on-hit magic damage dealing 120% extra at max level. With this passive, Aphelios has the potential to burst down nearly anyone in the game with a seemingly infinite amount of bullets if played correctly.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to make the most out of Aphelios in League of Legends, then knowing some tips and tricks can definitely help you a lot. This article will provide you with a few tips and tricks that can help you master Aphelios and take your game to the next level.

From positioning and itemizing your way to success, these tips and tricks will help you become the ultimate Aphelios in no time:

How to Play Aphelios

Aphelios is a marksman champion from the League of Legends universe. He is an extremely powerful late-game champion who specializes in ranged attacks and high damage output. Knowing Aphelios’ strengths and weaknesses will give you an edge when it comes to playing him effectively.

In order to win playing Aphelios, you must choose your battles wisely and maintain good positioning at all times. He relies heavily on his range, so you must stay as far away from enemy champions as possible while still being able to hit your targets with abilities and basic attacks. Aphelios’ two weapons, Calibrum and Gravitum, offer different attack ranges that can help you control skirmishes from a safer distance. Additionally, try grouping up with your allies to increase your damage output even further – with proper coordination, Aphelios can make quick work of any enemy team!

To get the most out of Aphelios’ kit, you should also focus on timing your ultimate ability well. When activated at the right moment, his ultimate can dramatically turn the tide in teamfights by allowing multiple powerful shots off in just a few seconds! Finally, be sure to take advantage of his passive ability which grants bonus range and attack speed after killing minions or monsters! This can allow you to quickly reposition if necessary or surprise enemies with outplay potential they weren’t expecting.

By combining all of these tips together you will becoming more comfortable playing Aphelios over time – learning how to maximize his potential will reap rewards for both yourself and your team!

Positioning and Movement

Positioning and movement are key skills when playing Aphelios because it can affect the effectiveness of his spells. Although Aphelios has a wide range of offensive spells, he is relatively weak in terms of defensive options. Staying out of harm’s way is crucial to survival and gaining lane advantage.

LoL players should be constantly aware of the game’s positioning by keeping track of minions, enemies, jungle monsters, wards and turrets. Knowing where your allies and opponents are located is invaluable information for achieving objectives safely and efficiently. This will help you during engagements where you need to position yourself to gain advantage from your spells or even dodge abilities from the enemy team.

As Aphelios doesn’t have any heroic abilities or crowd control effects that can be used offensively, you must use his mobility carefully to find advantageous locations for attacking enemy champions or capturing objectives like towers or Baron Nashor. For example, if the enemies are grouped up in a single location then backflashing over a wall might provide a great opportunity to get an uncontested kill with your empowered Moonstruck blast (Q).

Furthermore, positioning on the map is important for Captive Audience (W) because it allows Aphelios to set up area denial traps in certain locations which can be very effective at stopping enemies from entering certain areas or deny them paths of escape when they’re trying to make an escape. Finally proper reactiving is also necessary as this allows Aphelios to switch between weapons depending on what type of damage he needs – such as

  • transitioning between Calibrum (A) into Gravitum (E) when engaging on enemies at close range during teamfights or skirmishes.

How to Maximize Damage Output

As an ADC main, Aphelios offers a great deal of potential when it comes to maximizing damage output. Aphelios is one of the few champions in League of Legends that can utilize five different weapons theoretically at the same time. By learning how to make the most of their arsenal and understanding their relative strengths and weaknesses, players can greatly improve their performance as Aphelios.

Before diving into each weapon’s particular strengths and weaknesses, learning the basics behind weapon switching is paramount. While slashing with your basic attacks or using Q – Moonlight Vigil – switches between Calibrum and Gravitum, holding attack buttons for a longer time can make you switch to Infernum or Severum. Learning when best to switch will be the difference between landing a critical hit for massive damage or potentially missing out entirely.

In addition to basic attack switching mechanics, understanding each weapon’s respective power is also key for correctly timing one-shot combos with Aphelios’ ultimate R – Crescendum: Chaos Storm.

  • Calibrum is well-suited for short skirmishes,
  • Severum excels at diminishing physical armor gains;
  • Infernum deals high area-of-effect burst damage but has a low range;
  • Gravitum has high single-target burst potential with high cool down cooldowns;
  • lastly Crescendum works great in secured environments where players are able to land consecutive guaranteed shots from afar.

Understanding how each weapon works best in unique scenarios allows players to maximize damage output by utilizing unorthodox strategies adopted from past experience or experimentation in practice games and helps create advantageous team fights for fellow allies in a possible team wipe scenario later on in more intense matches!


In conclusion, Aphelios is a powerful champion in League of Legends who is an excellent choice for both competitive play and casual play. His adaptive weapon system makes him a versatile fighter who can utilize a wide range of weapons to adapt to any situation. His kit gives him a unique identity in battle, so we recommend giving him a try.

After understanding his basics and his playstyle, you should have no trouble bringing him to the rift and succeeding.

Summary of Aphelios

Aphelios is a versatile champion in League of Legends that has five different weapons at his disposal. With the proper items, Aphelios can fill a variety of roles such as an assassin, assassin tank, bruiser, or enchanter. Each weapon brings unique attributes to the field such as bonus attack speed, bonus damage scaling with cooldown reduction, bonus critical chance and bonus physical vamp. Aphelios can be built in any number of ways depending on the state of the game and player preferences.

Aphelios’ Q is a powerful ability which grants him bonus attack speed and a scaling damage unlike any other seen in League of Legends. This makes it one of his most powerful tools no matter what build he follows since it gives him great sustain through high burst damage while also giving him high amounts of attack speed to take down turrets or secure objectives quickly. His W is an area-of-effect slow that provides some extra crowd control and helps Aphelios close out opponents; however, its lack of raw power makes it not as reliable for burst damage when compared to his Q. His E is used for utility purposes which grants Aphelios movement speed when activated thus making him highly mobile from roam attempts to retreating from enemy ganks—a highly useful trait for this champion given his aggressive playstyle that falls off late-game compared to other top laners. Lastly the R gives Aphelios immense shatter AoE (area-of effect), so make sure you try to land this skill shot onto bunched up opponents for maximum effect!

All in all, Aphelios is an interesting champion to play due to his unique kit and weapons system—a perfect fit for those craving something new or willing to train long enough to master a new champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Aphelios in League of Legends?

A1: Aphelios is a League of Legends champion released in 2019. He is an AD Carry marksman with a unique weapon system. His weapons are Cull and Calibrum, which he can switch between depending on the situation.

Q2: What abilities does Aphelios have?

A2: Aphelios has five abilities: Moonlight Vigil, Lunar Strike, Solar Eclipse, Eclipse, and Moonlight Vigil. Moonlight Vigil is his passive ability, which grants him bonus attack speed and damage for using basic attacks. Lunar Strike and Solar Eclipse are his main abilities and deal damage in an area. Eclipse is a movement ability that can be used to reposition in fights. Finally, Moonlight Vigil is an ultimate ability that grants Aphelios bonus attack speed, damage reduction, and a shield.

Q3: What is Aphelios’ playstyle?

A3: Aphelios is a lane bully marksman who excels at harassing enemies with his long-ranged basic attacks. He can also use his abilities to poke enemies from a distance. He is best played as a safe carry, relying on his ultimate and defensive abilities to survive. Aphelios is best played in the bottom lane with a support to help him survive and thrive.