Arknight Tier List 2022: Everything You Need To Know About

Arknights is a must-know for anyone who enjoys RPG gaming. Hypergryph, a Chinese company, offers a free mobile defense game. It is available for both Android and iOS. Released in 2019, it has been enjoyed by many around the world. 

To win, you must use tactics and combat. Its detailed graphics and production value are also praised. It was also named as the best mobile fantasy or science fiction game at the 2020 Dragon awards. 

As soon as the game was launched, it became an international hit. 

The prelude to the dawn inspires the line of animals. Character adaptations are very popular. 

Each player hopes to be part of a team that includes the best characters. It is essential to have anime and skilled characters in your team. It is often difficult for players to choose the right one. Our Arknight tier list is here. For your convenience, we have arranged them in order of best to worst. You have the option to choose which character is best for you. 

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Arknight Tier List 

Operators are the story of the game. The operators are further divided in Melee, Ranged and Special. The Melee operate on the titles and are responsible for preventing enemy entry to the base. Rangers are placed on animated tiles. Their job is to prevent damage, more healing, and support. 

Let’s now get to the bottom of the storyline. 

1. S Tier 

These characters are the most viable. These characters will prove to be the best. They are not only strong but also versatile. They are capable of defeating the enemy in any form of gaming. This group is known as the “strongest”. You should adapt as many characters as possible from this group to your team. This group has the following characters:

Operator Class
Mostima Casters
Ifrit Casters
Eyjafjalla Casters
Ceobe Casters
Blemishine  Defender
Hoshiguma Defender
Eunectes Defender
Nian Defender
Liskarm Defender
Saria Defender
Mudrock Defender
Blaze Guards
Hellagur Guards
Ch’en Guards
Lappland Guards
Skadi Guards
Silver Ash Guards
Surtr Guards
Specter Guards


Silence Medics
Warfarin Medics
Shine Medics
Exusiai Snippers
Meteorite Snippers
W Snippers
Rosmontis Schwarz Snippers
Rosa Snippers
Aak Specialists
Phantom Specialists
Projekt Red Specialists
Cliffheart Specialists
Weedy Specialists
Angelia Supporters
Magallan Supporters
Scene Supporters
Suzuran Supporters
Glaucus Supporters
Shamare Supporters
Bagpie Vanguards

2. A Tier

Operators of A group, even though S group is the most efficient, can still take you to the destination. They are strong enough to handle any mode. This group has the best operators for your team.

Operator Class
Amiya Caster
Beeswax Caster
Absinthe Caster
Gitano Caster
Mint Caster
Skyfire Caster
Asbestos Defender
Cuora Defender
Nearl Defender
Vulcan Defender
Bison Defender
Bibeak Guard
Indra Guard
Utage Guard
Whilish Guard
Franka Guard
Ceylon Medics
Nightangle Medics


Perfumer Medics
Ptilopsis Medics
Whisperain Medics
Andreana Snipper
Blue Poison Snipper
Greythroat Snipper
Provence Snipper
Aciddrop Snipper
Firewatch Snipper
Ethan Specialist
Jaye Specialist
Manticore Specialist
Mayer Supporter
Sora Supporter
Glaucus Supporter
Pramanix Supporter
Texas Vanguards
Reed Vanguards
Zima Vanguards
Vigna Vanguards

3. B Tier 

The middle group is also known as this group. It serves as a buffer between good and bad. They are all average characters. While you cannot expect them to do much, they are not difficult to please. They can adapt to most modes, but they are only good for the first few stages. It is impossible to expect a group operator to get you to the end. You need to choose wisely.

Operator Class
Click Caster
Greyy Caster
Haze Caster
Leize Caster
Hung Defender
Gummy Defender
Dur-Nar Defender
Bubble Defender
Mattherborn Defender
Cutter Guard
Swire Guard
Popukar Guard
Mousse Guard
Conviction Guard
Beehunter Guard
Estelle Guard
Folinic Medic
Myrrh Medic
Breeze Medic


Gavial Medic
Sussuro Medic
Aciddrop Snipper
Aosta Snipper
April Snipper
May Snipper
Sesa Snipper
Executor Snipper
Shirayuki Snipper
Shaw Specialist
Rope Specialist
Snowshant Specialist
Deepcolor Supporter
Podenca Supporter
Tsukinogi Supporter
Chiave Vanguard
Grani Vanguard
Scavenger Vanguard
Courier Vanguard
Grani Vanguard

4. C Tier 

You may not like the characters in this group. While some of them may perform better than others, they cannot be compared with the tiers above. If possible, ignore them and pick from the other groups. This group’s operators are:

Operator Class
Lava Caster
Stewards Caster
Baegle Defender
Spot Defender
Cardigan Defender
Castier-3 Guards
Popukar Guards
Midnight Guards
Swire Guards
Ansel Medic
Lancet-2 Medic
Hibiscus Medic
Jessica Snipper
Catapult Snipper
Kroos Snipper
THRM-EX Specialist
Orchid Supporter
Yato Vanguard
Vanilla Vanguard

5. D Tier 

The last and the least. The group is weak. These operators will disappoint. Being —the irritating they can take you to the path of failure. Avoid these characters. The following is a complete list.

Operator Class
Durin Caster
12F Caster
Noir Corne Defender
Dobermann Guard
Rangers Snipper
Adnachiel Snipper
Yato Vanguard

Closing Thoughts 

This is our Arknight Tier take. Based on the group suit, we have attempted to provide a complete table with all characters. This will make it easier to decide which character is best. 

It is available on mobile devices, laptops, and PCs. The game is gaining worldwide popularity. Happiness is the key to happiness.

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