Online Battlegrounds: Definitions & Updates

Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online game that was developed by the PUBG corp, a sub-label of Bluehole, a South Korean gaming firm. It is a battle royale game that was created based on previous mods made by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene.

What is the goal of the game

Battlegrounds are a shooting sport in which two teams of around 100 people compete in a fight. It is a deathmatch in which players compete to survive and be the last man standing. Players get three choices when entering the match, and a player can be solo, duo, or as a small team with up to four people—the last team to stay alive wins.

Matches begin by parachuting from an airplane onto maps with dimensions of 8×8 km to 6x6km and 4x4km. The players are the ones that determine when is the best time to eject and parachute to the area as the plane’s flight varies each round. Although you can modify your clothes, the game will not start without any gear. Once they land on the ground, they will be able to search for buildings, cities, and other locations to find weapons, armor, or other equipment.

High-risk zones have equipment that gets better with time. It is possible for other players to pick up weapons that have been resurrected from the dead. You have the option to choose between the first and third person perspectives. Each perspective has its advantages and disadvantages. Servers can force players into using one perspective to overcome the drawbacks.

In a matter of minutes, the map’s playing area shrinks to random locations. You will be kicked out of the game if you are found outside the safe zone. Certain areas on the map will be bombed and marked red throughout the match. This poses a risk for players. Players are advised to allow enough time to relocate to safety. The round should not last more than 30 minutes.