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Oh, I expected you champion! I expected you! Get relaxed because today’s long talk is going to take place. For World of Warcraft Classic, we are going to talk about add-ons. Almost every WoW player uses them one way or another; some of them have been so popular over the years that they have been used in the game itself. And what are add-ons exactly? Any players make these improvements for others. These are changes. These improvements are deliberately made to simplify, simplify and less irritate the game’s existence and memory. Hundreds and hundreds of numerous add-ons are currently available there.

These can be in two kinds: one for a supermarket and one for the classic. Most of the add-ons mentioned today function with both but before you install any updates, you must look carefully for the right version of the game. The classical add-on version is 1.13 digits, while the retail version is 8.3 digits. We would also not suggest installing an outdated version of an add-on because the new updates do not work properly.

Some changes are useful rather than others; others may be used to play certain positions, divisions and even specializations. In this post, we aim to illustrate the world of Warcraft classic add-ons that are most useful and common.

What is the situation?

The first question that emerges is where will I find the addition that I need? There are numerous sites that can be accessed anonymously. Note: be sure to verify each add-on before any download. Be careful.

  • Forging the Curse
  • The belly
  • Craftsman Master
  • The Holy Lord
  • Tavern Warcraft
  • The Ring
  • Interface with Wow


Know, each add-on at your own expense is installed and used. Please notify the add-on author or Blizzard if you have any add-ons/game issues if you have any problems.

  • Download an extension from the website of your choice;
  • unpack the package (.zip,.rar) downloaded;
  • Place the files into a / _classic /Interface/ Add-ons folder in your World of Warcraft.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, press the Add-ons button.
  • Check if all add-ons are allowed. They’re not going to work, otherwise.


And now we’re coming to the most fascinating segment. Like I said, for all times, there are hundreds of add-ons. Most of them function perfectly well together; others need to install others but often they will argue among themselves so that you can pick. We pick some of the most interesting supplements and split them into separate classes.


Clean Signs – an expansion of a name badge with a range of preset and personalized choices, such as: B. Debuff’s aggression or threat-based color monitoring.

IceHUD – Clusters in the center of the computer all the knowledge you need. It depicts player’s and goal health, mana bars, effects and mirror bars, animal health, druid mana bars in shape.

Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0 – A versatile and fully customizable frame unit add-on to rearrange, cover or configure the unit frames. It provides the real Mob HP; Length of auras; cast beams; Hazard bars (Classic Danger Meter, data! Or related add-ons must be installed).

Bartender4 – This will replace the action bars completely and allow you to render almost anything with a highly configurable addition: hide or adjust the Blizzard direction, transfer the pouch bar, the Micro-Menu, the XP-bar, and the usual bars separate, hide or entirely hide.

Dominos Classic – The standard user interface can be updated here. This add-on eliminates the backdrop entirely and enables you to change the bars however you want. You can also tidy up the layout entirely and set it however you want.

Classic Spell Activations – Adds a spotlight on spells with special conditions for activation. The reactive spell activation for each class is illuminated.

Tukui – An all-in-one UI add-on which combines several of the aforementioned add-ons with elements. It is perfect for players who do not want to build a user interface but want to change a lot.

ELVUI – Makes a custom collection of action bars, device frames and any other comforts that a gamer might conceive to replace most regular UI components. This add-on is much more advanced than the previous one.

OneBag3 – This is one of the simplest bag extensions since it collects all bags in one large sack. The search button also adjusts the column number and deals with other gadgets for the bag.

Bagnon – is a very convenient addition to the bag. It makes it easy for players to locate items in their store and bank. Bagnon also provides features like the appearance of objects of every character from anywhere, coloration based on object quality, the comprehensive tooltip for any object etc., as well as the simple feature of all-in-one bags.

WIM – Enhances the overall chat and user experience. These updates include whispering and new chats in various windows.

Leatrix Plus – a powerful and modular complement to improve the user interface in typical applications.


Question: The simplest add-on to use Classic WoW is possibly when icons are added to the chart for searches in your log, which searches you are able to make, and many helpful resources are available. Caution: Questie kills a little the lore of the game, so it will be your chance to level up to level 60 ASAP.

Azeroth Classic Autopilot provides different functions including automatic screen skipping, automatic NPC chat, automatic quest capturing, etc. It is primarily aimed at changing rpm. The AutoPilot provides pre-defined search paths for your rank, class and other variables; it provides the development of hotkeys or macros that use search elements.

Immersion Classic – The whole thing opposite Questie is this add-on. Ideal for someone who needs to hear more about the game’s past. It displays the search text in a much narrower way and shows the character of the dialog.

Classic Quest Log for Classic – Considering the awkward term, this is an invaluable complement to the Classic Call Log, which created the two-blade search log to display all your searches on the right and to the right.

Dismantling of the icon – A very basic but very helpful add-on that grays out the dialog signals of the quest giver for incomplete searches.


Classic hazard gage — This is an invaluable supplement to every DD raid participant as it displays the relative threat of a player’s scores and lets you know who is about to get upset. To measure the magnitude of the threat, the battle log data are used. A must have a dungeon or a raid party for some serious final game.

Calculation – A great add-on for final raids with a broad menu customisation. It indicates how much harm the players have doing, provides the chance to see past battles and has an instant reset feature after combat. Useful also for tanks and healers since it provides statistics on healing and danger.

For information! For details. Harm Meter Classic – It provides not only statistics about the damage caused, but also other specifics, including the amount of times a certain healer has cooled down a certain tank. The tidy, simple to use and dynamic user interface. Ideal for leading raids.

Shaded Unit Frame – A customizable Pitbull-like system extension (see description above). It exhibits details such as entrants, auras, bars of wellbeing, doors, energy bars, images, signs, and so forth. Even without having to refresh the user interface, you can move from one profile to another.

Classic text – Customize default damage numbers along with incoming healings and other detail. Mik scrolling combat text classic We suggest that this add-on be set up for a certain time as the out of the box” settings will show some
stuff, which some players do not need.

True Mob Wellbeing – One of WoW Classic’s easiest, and necessary, supplements, when the amount of XP points the enemy has is seen. Sadly, there are just fractions, but it is much more than zero.

Classic cast bars – This mod installs them so that you can specifically look at the enemy casting, so that you can cut off the spell more quickly and quicker, as long as there is no cast bars in the game. You may also change the player’s active bar. Perfect PvP player option.

Omni CC – is a tiny but very common add-on that attaches text to cooldown objects, spells and capabilities to indicate when ready. The digital equivalent of all normal analog decay periods. Fits for several additional add-ons.

Omni Bar – It’s a very light add-on. It is used to track the cooldowns of enemies. Omni Bar is easy to adapt and has a range of features including: multiple bars, amount of cooldowns, multiple players monitoring, personalizable cooldowns. Can be found in battlefields and stadiums.

Lose Control – Displays your player, pet, aim, party or raid group, for duration of both parties’ control spells, skills, and buffs. Lose Control It supports and can be modified to PvP interruptions if necessary.

H.H.T.D. (Healers Must Die) – It’s a very handy PvP-oriented add-on, so it detects and instantly applies a special healing symbol for players. This add-on displays your current class and healing rank. It will also help you defend the healers against warning you when they are targeted.

Spy Classic – watches for enemy players and alerts you if they are close by. The add-on tries to supply the enemy with as much information as possible. There can be class and level. If you are using the Spy, you may share information with your party, raid, or guild.


Atlas Loot Classic – A UI mod that gives you a complete listing of the best slot products for your class everywhere, anywhere and anytime, and the place for the buy. It gives knowledge on the manufacture of products, objects and levels of competence.

Atlas Classic WoW – Provides the player with instance cards, sets the positions of the key bosses and provides detail about all of the monsters, NPCs, items and events you are seeing in each instance.

Deadly Boss Mods – Classic (DBM) – It is a dungeon support supplement, perhaps the most common and strongest. DBM warns you if a manager is going to use those abilities to shift or combat his charm.

The manager experience add-on is Big Wigs Bossmod. It activates warnings, dates, and sounds for individual experiences. This add-on is DBM-like but the memory/seconds of Big Wigs and CPU/seconds is the smallest of all Bossmod add-ons.

TellMeWhen – A second, fully customizable update offering graphic, listenable and text updates with war-fighting elements like cooldowns, buffs and debuff, reactive features, temporary weapon enchants, totems, runes and spells.

Weak Aures 2 – For anyone planning an attack, this efficient and scalable system expansion is required. It records auras, fitness, strength (sweat, rage, soul fragments, divine power, etc.), dropping, events, runes, totems, posts, etc. Everything is personalizable.

Decursive – The cursed raid / party members are monitored in this add-on. Powers you to choose some classes over others. Decursive supports and conveniently configures all classes of cleaning features. It fits for PvE and PvP both because you can manipulate polymorph / cyclone / hex / polymorpha.


Trade Master 4 – This add-on is designed especially to support all goldmaking players as well as experienced goblins in the auction house. It comes with solid tools to render gold and accelerate all the purchases / sales of items at the auction.

Classic Auctioneer – Quick add-on to facilitate the auctioning experience. It helps us either by load or by unit to search, buy and sell products. This helps to track items’ prices and saves the expense of auctioning those items.

Auctioneer – Another AH mod that makes you sound like a genuine inventor. You learn how to quickly track, sell and purchase products. It also includes data about any thing in the game for example in searches or in technical receptions.

Aux – It is a specializing AH add-on for the machinery. See the seller’s rates to see how much gold a certain piece of equipment can be worth.


Advanced interfaces – Offers the following choices to a player: add stop autoattack or pet support buttons attack; covers the map as you moved; displays Lua errors, adds cleanup bag buttons; has a search selection mode, etc. It also provides the text of the floating battle: energy and honor benefits, auras, improvement in repute, combo points; indicates the state of combat (entry/leaving fight).

MapCoords – This tiny, very straightforward addition shows a minimum map coordinate.

TomCat’s Coordinates – This add-on is identical to the last, but it displays both the Minimap and the World Map coordinates. A cursor’s coordinates are also seen on the world map. This is of great assistance to people who are lost and cannot locate the exact spot, NPC or object.

Easy Chart – a handy way to minimize the world map size and delete the black backdrop so that the player can access the map, without hiding the remainder of the screen. If the individual moves, the map disappears.

Price of vendor – The seller indicates at any given time the price of a particular item in the tooltip for that item. Nice with markers of occupation in the tooltip (see below). The price per unit is also seen.

Item Technical Tooltip Icons — Attaches tiny icons to item tooltips showing whether used in a career or a hunt (tradable items only). They log things for which the Darkmoon Faire Prize Cards can be traded. Compact, not-invasive, customized and highly appropriate to know which goods you can comfortably sell and which you might like to retain.

Gather Mate 2 – A valuable addition for skilled materials monitoring and collection. It displays herbs, mines and fish ponds on the national and limited maps. Gather Mate recalls the areas where you gathered money previously. This add-on includes a pre-filled storage module called GatherMate2 Data, so that you don’t discover all herbs and mines yourself, but you can start gathering them instantly.


Any class or position in this game should use all the add-ons mentioned above as they give players several different possibilities. However certain changes are made to some classes or even specializations in particular. In the following we shall address to the patient reader the most appropriate of them. Note: If there are no explanations in the title of the particular add-on, seek them in the above text.


Druid Bar – This is a very fast but important additional to all druids, because even though their form changes they can see their mana bar.

(Tank) Menu of Equipment – It is an incredibly helpful add-on for both levels and specializations as a player equipment kit is stored. Without all those inventory scans, it is very easy to adjust the latest gear at a snap. For anyone with a regular use of many specifications, the Gear Menu is irreplaceable.

VuhDo (Heal) – This is an add-on raid frame display displaying the protection of raid participants as clear-cut bars. VuhDo is mostly for cure classes but can also be used for virtually any other class. It may also display several healing spells or other actions simultaneously.

(Heal) Heal Comm Classic – It’s an easy, lightweight, and invaluable complement for all healers. It can be strongly modified for incoming healing and “faking death” markers. It can quickly interact with other healer supplements. Plays the incoming player heals to anyone who uses this add-on and how much their hots on the goal cure.

Five Second Law – Displays the five second (FSR or 5SR) timer for the spirit mana to be regenerated, as well as the 5 seconds for each tick
. The minute the player successfully invests mana begins to count down.

  • Leatrix Plus
  • Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0
  • Bartender4
  • Decursive
  • Gear menu

Hunters Hunters Hunters

Arm Swing Timer – This add-on is beyond doubt a must to play a hunter successfully in Classic WoW, since it tracks your swing timers and those of your destination. The period of the shoot and throw of other shots is also shown. Wall users also function.

Classic Aura Length – Displays Esports Pros/Debuffs time left.

  • MAGE
  • Decursive
  • Weak auras 2


Pally Power Classic – This add-on has an immersive and quick to use interface, allowing you to set your blessings and searching for missed buffers automatically with a simple-to-read indicator. It can be used and blessed by other paladin citizens in dungeons and raids. Unfortunately due to the in-fight lockout, no tasks can be changed in combat.

  • (Tank) equipment menu
  • (Heal) VuhDo
  • (Heal) Heal Comm Classic
  • Classic threat meter
  • Decursive
  • Weapon oscillation timer


Menu for drinks – A special modification of add-on for drinks. It presents in a bar two pieces of furnished jewelry. In the bags to be traded, a menu of up to 30 pieces of gems appears as you pass the cursor on one of the two bags.

Clique – Allows the user in either keyboard and mouse combination to connect those spells, competences, and units. Clique – It may also be connected with most add-ons to the gui.

  • Classic aura durations
  • Classic cast bars
  • Classic threat meter
  • (Heal) VuhDo
  • (Heal) Heal Comm Classic
  • (Heal) Five second rule
  • Dominoes Classic or Classic Castbars


Nug Energy – This is an integral supplement to Rogue as the tick rate for each 20 energy sources indicates. The add-on is adaptable for PvP and PvE as well. It also alerts the consumer about the power limit.

Tulla Set – Another useful red-shaped mod that renders the default action buttons red while the goal is out. The colors can be customized for both out of control and show of mana / force / rage.

  • Trinket menu
  • Classic aura durations
  • Classic cast bars


Necrosis – A Warlock add-on can help you control Spirit Shards, Stones, Stones of Fitness, Stones of Flint and Stones of Sorcery. It also features a simple menu for ghosts, reinforcements, invite matches, curse and log DoT timers. They are also available.

  • Classic aura durations
  • Classic threat meter
  • Classic cast bars
  • Weak auras 2
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