Top 3 Olaf Counters

Glacial Olaf
Let’s find out which viking champions are the best! | © Riot Games

Since his mid-scope update Olaf has been a threat in the top lane as well as the jungle. This viking on steroids is back and players aren’t sure what to do with him. It’s true, it’s that way when you face this champion. 

To help you even further, post-durabiltiy updateWe have taken three champions to defeat Olaf. Keep reading to learn how to defeat this champion! These are the top three counters to Olaf.

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Which Champions Counter Olaf? 

You won’t be choosing weak early-game champions Olaf is the best opponent because he can crush them with ease. You need someone who is able to go toe-to–toe with Olaf from the beginning. Remember to always make Grievous Wounds. He’s capable of healing up quite a bit to sustain through any fight or skirmish. 

3. Kha’Zix 

Kha’Zix is one the most skilled 1-vs-1 players in the game. He can jump on his opponent, causing them to lose half their health. The fight is won. Olaf will not have the time or energy to stop this menace. He will be a terrible opponent for the Void creature. He can destroy Olaf before he has even had a chance at lifesteal, making him the perfect choice to join the viking. 

When playing Kha’Zix, be careful not to get too involved at the start. Wait Once you are level 6, the fun can begin.. Kha’Zix will outscale Olaf is a better jungler than the other. His late game will have a greater impact on the game. Jumping away can also save you from dangerous fights. 

2. Fiora

If you are a top-lane main and have had to deal with Olaf there, then we have a pick. Fiora is a hard-core opponent of everything and everyone at this time. She has a percentage max HP true and a dash that can kite Olaf with ease. Additionally, she has an ability that allows her to delete all abilities from the game for nearly a second. Fiora has it all to fight Olaf. 

iG Fiora
Take a look at her! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Olaf can be a dangerous force to hit so you will need to keep moving. However, Olaf is a mobile champion and that shouldn’t be a problem. Next, you will need to check his vitals before making short trades. You need to know when you should take these trades and when they will work in your favor. Your Q, E, and then your W will allow you to get him down.. You can go after him once he’s down. It’s simple. Fiora is a great healer and Olaf will not be able lifesteal his health again before he sees a grey screen. 

1. Trundle

Trundle can also be played both the top lane and the jungleJust like Olaf makes him a great champion to play into another pick. Pick Lethal Timbre on Trundle, and then stand still. This is the strategy when you choose trundle to Olaf. This is the easiest champion to play against the other. 

Dragonslayer Trundle
Trundle is able to take on Olaf as well as a Dragon simultaneously. | © Riot Games

Trundle’s Q makes it possible to steal AD from Olaf.. This means that the other will not cause any harm to you. It’s not at all. Is it you? Olaf wants to break through your beastly armor! In his dreams. Olaf soon realizes his mistakes. All you have to do is block his path with a strategically placed pillar. Next, you can use the enormous attack speed that you have to auto-death the other. As if all this wasn’t enough for Olaf to be killed, Use your ultimate to get his stats Boom! You are unkillable, Olaf can only be glorified as a minion. 

These are the three champions you need to learn how to play. Olaf is an a frightening champion His popularity in the meta has made him much more famous. Mid-scope update. What are you waiting for? Learn to play Olaf! 

If you are too lazy to read the article, you can watch the video below on the top Olaf counters.

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.