The Best League of Legends Skin Lines

Star Guardians
This is breathtaking. | © Riot Games

League of Legends offers multiple skin options and alternate universes. We don’t have enough space to list them all but some are better than others. We decided to look at some of these lines and find the best. 

This is not just about the aesthetic. Although it is an important part, Riot also wants us to spend money. But the champions and the legend behind the skin lines are equally important when ranking them. 

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5. High Noon 

High Noon has a large universe and many champions. However, it is also one of the most important in the game. It is original and adds a unique twist to the ‘wild west theme. And it does it so well. We love it! The newest High Noon skins from 2022 are proof of how cool High Noon is. 

High Noon Thresh
Take a look at Thresh (c/ Riot Gamed | © Riot Gamed

This skin line makes Angels, vs. Demons, and the Wild West exciting again. Riot creates new skins every single time they make them in this universe. This is a truly stunning skin line, both visually and from a lore perspective. 

4. Battle Academia 

The Battle Academia skins have an amazing look. I especially love the first skins with Jayce and Lux. Riot was a true champion of the shonen anime theme, and the skins were exactly like it. In this skin line, you will find simple outfits and fun characters as well as bizarre background stories. 

Battle Academia
These skins are simply amazing. | © Riot Games

It is hilarious that Yuumi is the principal of such a prestigious school. This makes us think of Nezu in My Hero Academia. Overall, this skin collection has it all. Riot picked the right cast to create the skins. They look great and the lore is well-written. We wish this were an anime. 

3. Blood Moon

We’re moving beyond cute, adorable anime for high school to the occult. Blood Moon skins are scary and the stories behind them are terrifying. This is the perfect scarecrow skin with the most fascinating background. Blood Moon also features a large cast. But are we crazy? Not at all. 

Blood Moon Diana
Look at the splash art! | © Riot Games

Cult worshippers and Blood Moon demons are the whole skin line. Some champions have given up their humanity in order to summon demons and host them. It’s quite creepy. If you love lore, this skin line is one you should definitely check out. The Blood Moon skins look amazing on champions. 


2. Star Guardian

Let’s now move on to a more cheerful topic. It is about the next skin line that we consider one of the most outstanding in League of Legends. We had to choose Star Guardian, not only because there are new Star Guardians joining in 2022 but also because this skin is simply amazing. This skin line is for those who love 90s magic girl anime. 

Star Guardian Lux
This skin line is Lux. | © Riot Games

There are many Star Guardians to choose from and many champions. It’s also exciting to have some magical boys, which shakes up this genre. These skins are stunning and never go out of fashion. This skin line is also well-suited for the champions, particularly some of the more surprising ones such as Jinx, Lulu, and Janna. Oh, and what about corrupted Star Guardians! 10/10 We need to learn more. 

1. Eclipse

Although the entire Eclipse universe is made up of multiple skin types, we want to highlight them all. Coven, Eclipse and Death Blossom all fall under the Eclipse skin and it’s an amazing and expansive world Riot has created. This is why we should have a show about them. Right. 

Old God Warwick
Another dark AU. | © Riot Games

This skin line features many champions. While some skins may be flops, the skins that aren’t so sure are worth it. We are in love once again with the Eclipse universe, thanks to the new Coven skins that will be released in 2021 and the Sun-Eater Kayle new skin. It is the best skin in League of Legends. 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.