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Are you ready to level up your Tekken 7 game? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the best Tekken 7 characters that will help you improve your gamestyle.

From the fierce Kazuya Mishima to the versatile Jin Kazama, we’ll analyze each character’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you the edge you need to dominate the competition.

So grab your controller, tighten your grip, and get ready to become a Tekken legend!

Key Takeaways

  • Master the character-specific techniques and strategies for each of the best Tekken 7 characters such as Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, Devil Jin, King, Steve Fox, Hwoarang, Bryan Fury, and Dragunov.
  • Understand the key gameplay concepts including power crush moves, the diverse roster of characters, and the importance of gamestyle improvement in order to become a better player.
  • Engage in competitive play by participating in tournaments, watching high-level gameplay, and learning from experienced players in order to hone your skills and improve your gamestyle.
  • Dedicate yourself to regular training, set specific goals, and learn from losses and mistakes to improve your gameplay and become a more successful Tekken 7 player.

Kazuya Mishima

If you want to dominate the competition in Tekken 7, you should definitely give Kazuya Mishima a try. Kazuya is a character with immense potential, and with a little practice and understanding, you can take your game to the next level.

One of the key techniques to master with Kazuya is the electric wind god fist (EWGF). This move is a staple in Kazuya’s arsenal and can deal significant damage if executed correctly. To improve your EWGF technique, focus on your timing and execution. Practice the input motion and make sure you are pressing the buttons at the right moment. Additionally, try incorporating sidestepping into your gameplay to create opportunities for the EWGF.

Another aspect to consider when playing as Kazuya is his Devil form. Utilizing Kazuya’s Devil form effectively can give you a major advantage in battles. When in Devil form, Kazuya gains access to new moves and increased damage output. To maximize the benefits of Devil form, try to find openings in your opponent’s defense and surprise them with powerful Devil moves. However, be cautious not to rely too heavily on Devil form, as it has a limited duration.

Jin Kazama

You can’t go wrong with Jin Kazama – he’s got the moves to take your game to the next level.

Jin Kazama is a character with a wide array of advanced techniques that can be utilized to dominate your opponents in Tekken 7. One of the most effective strategies when playing as Jin Kazama is mastering his combos. Combos are a vital part of any character’s arsenal, and Jin Kazama is no exception. By stringing together various moves, you can unleash devastating combos that deal massive damage and leave your opponent reeling.

To maximize your potential with Jin Kazama, it’s crucial to understand his advanced techniques. One such technique is his ‘Electric Wind God Fist.’ This move requires precise timing and execution, but when done correctly, it can be a game-changer. By inputting specific commands, Jin Kazama unleashes a powerful uppercut that can launch your opponent into the air, setting up for even more devastating combos. Mastering this move will give you a significant advantage in matches.

In addition to his advanced techniques, Jin Kazama has a variety of strategies that can be employed to outwit your opponents. One effective strategy is to utilize his ‘Mental Alertness Stance.’ This stance allows Jin Kazama to dodge incoming attacks and counter with devastating strikes. By incorporating this strategy into your gameplay, you can keep your opponents guessing and maintain control of the match.

Heihachi Mishima

If you want to dominate the competition in Tekken 7, there’s no better character to master than Heihachi Mishima. Known for his devastating combos, Heihachi has the potential to unleash a world of hurt on his opponents.

By mastering Heihachi’s Mishima style, you’ll be able to tap into his true potential and unleash a relentless offense that will leave your opponents guessing.

And when it comes to countering your opponents, Heihachi has a range of powerful moves and strategies that can turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

Heihachi’s Devastating Combos

Heihachi’s devastating combos can give you a significant advantage in Tekken 7. One of his most powerful techniques is the electric wind godfist. This move is a high-damage launcher that can be followed up with a variety of damaging combos. By mastering the electric wind godfist, you can punish your opponents and keep them on their toes.

Another aspect of Heihachi’s game that sets him apart is his advanced wall carry combos. These combos allow you to carry your opponent to the wall and continue the assault for massive damage. With precise timing and execution, you can corner your opponent and limit their options, putting them at a severe disadvantage.

To truly maximize Heihachi’s potential, it is crucial to practice and understand these devastating combos. With dedication and skill, you can dominate your opponents and become a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 7.

Mastering Heihachi’s Mishima Style

Mastering Heihachi’s Mishima style requires precise execution and timing in order to fully utilize his devastating techniques.

One of his signature moves that separates the masters from the amateurs is the Electric Wind God Fist. This move requires lightning-fast inputs and impeccable timing to execute. By mastering the Electric Wind God Fist, you can punish your opponents with a powerful and unblockable attack that will leave them reeling.

Additionally, Heihachi’s Rage Drive is a game-changer that can maximize your damage output. When activated, it grants him enhanced properties and allows for devastating combos that can turn the tide of any match. Timing is crucial when using the Rage Drive, as it can catch your opponents off guard and secure victory.

With practice and dedication, you can become a true master of Heihachi’s Mishima style and dominate the Tekken 7 arena.

Countering Opponents With Heihachi

When countering opponents with Heihachi, it’s important to anticipate their moves and react accordingly. Heihachi is a formidable character in Tekken 7, known for his aggressive playstyle and powerful moves. To effectively counter Heihachi players, you need to employ strategic tactics that exploit his weaknesses and capitalize on your own strengths.

Here are some effective strategies:

  • Maintain a defensive stance to block and punish his attacks.
  • Utilize sidesteps and evasive moves to avoid his powerful strikes.
  • Take advantage of his slower movement speed by creating distance and zoning him out.
  • Study his move set to anticipate his powerful electric wind god fist move and punish it with a well-timed counter.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin is known for his powerful electric attacks and versatile move set. Understanding his move set is crucial if you want to master this character and dominate your opponents.

Devil Jin’s laser attacks are one of his most effective tools, and learning how to use them strategically can give you a significant advantage in battle.

To effectively use Devil Jin’s laser attacks, timing is everything. These attacks can be unleashed from a distance, catching your opponent off guard and dealing substantial damage. However, they do have a startup time, so it’s important to anticipate your opponent’s movements and strike at the right moment. Practice your timing and learn to read your opponent’s patterns to maximize the effectiveness of your laser attacks.

Another strategy is to use Devil Jin’s laser attacks as a zoning tool. By keeping your opponent at a distance with well-placed laser attacks, you can control the pace of the match and force your opponent to make mistakes. This allows you to capitalize on their errors and punish them with devastating combos.

In addition to his laser attacks, Devil Jin’s move set offers a wide range of options for every situation. Take the time to explore his moves and understand the properties of each one. This knowledge will enable you to adapt to different matchups and counter your opponents effectively.

Mastering Devil Jin’s move set and utilizing his laser attacks strategically will elevate your gameplay and make you a formidable force in the Tekken 7 arena. So, keep practicing, analyze your opponents, and unleash the power of Devil Jin!


King’s unique grappling moves make him a formidable opponent in the Tekken 7 arena. His arsenal of signature moves and strategies for dominating opponents is what sets him apart from the rest.

Here are some tips and tricks for unlocking King’s hidden potential and achieving success in the game:

  • Giant Swing: This move is King’s bread and butter. It deals massive damage and can catch opponents off guard. Master the timing and execution to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Chain Throws: King has a wide range of chain throws that can leave opponents helpless. Practice the button sequences and mix them up to keep your opponent guessing.

  • Counter Hits: King’s moves have excellent counter hit properties. Use them wisely to punish your opponent’s mistakes and create openings for devastating combos.

  • Whiff Punishment: King excels at punishing whiffed moves with his long-range attacks. Keep an eye on your opponent’s movements and punish accordingly for maximum damage.

Unlocking King’s hidden potential requires patience, practice, and a deep understanding of his move set. Study his frame data, watch high-level gameplay videos, and experiment with different strategies to find your own playstyle.

With dedication and perseverance, you’ll be able to dominate the Tekken 7 arena with King’s unique grappling prowess. Get ready to reign supreme!

Steve Fox

To maximize Steve Fox’s potential, you need to focus on his lightning-fast punches and impeccable footwork. Steve Fox is known for his unique boxing style, combining elements of traditional boxing with his own mix of street fighting techniques. His quick strikes and evasive movements make him a formidable opponent in the Tekken 7 arena.

One of Steve Fox’s weaknesses lies in his lack of range. His punches are devastating up close, but he struggles against opponents who can keep him at a distance. To overcome this, you need to work on your spacing and timing. Utilize Steve’s sidestep and backdash to create opportunities to close the gap and unleash his devastating punches.

Another weakness of Steve Fox is his reliance on his punches. While his punches are undoubtedly powerful, he can become predictable to experienced players. Incorporating more kicks and mix-ups into your gameplay will keep your opponents guessing and make Steve Fox even more dangerous.


If you want to dominate with Hwoarang, you should focus on his powerful kicks and dynamic fighting style. Hwoarang is a character known for his unique and complex move set, which can be intimidating for beginners, but incredibly rewarding for those who master it.

Here are some key tips to help you improve your game with Hwoarang:

  • Master his stances: Hwoarang has four different stances – Left Flamingo, Right Flamingo, Backlash, and Reverse Kick. Learning to transition smoothly between these stances will give you a wide variety of options and keep your opponent guessing.

  • Exploit his powerful combo attacks: Hwoarang has some of the most devastating combo attacks in Tekken 7. Experiment with different combinations to find the ones that suit your playstyle best. Remember to mix up your attacks to keep your opponent off balance.

  • Utilize his range: Hwoarang’s kicks have excellent range, allowing you to keep your opponents at bay while dealing damage. Use this advantage to control the flow of the match and keep your opponents on the defensive.

  • Practice timing and spacing: Hwoarang’s moves require precise timing and spacing to be effective. Spend time in the practice mode to get the timing down and learn the proper spacing for each move.

Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury’s relentless aggression and devastating punches make him a formidable opponent in Tekken 7. His explosive playstyle and effective juggles can catch even the most experienced players off guard. When playing as Bryan Fury, it is crucial to capitalize on his powerful combos and keep your opponent guessing.

One of Bryan Fury’s strengths lies in his ability to perform effective juggles. By launching your opponent into the air with a well-timed move, you can follow up with a series of devastating attacks that can deal significant damage. Mastering these juggles is essential to maximizing Bryan Fury’s potential and dominating your opponents.

In addition to his offensive prowess, Bryan Fury also has a range of defensive strategies at his disposal. His quick sidestep and evasive moves allow him to avoid incoming attacks and punish his opponents’ mistakes. By staying patient and observing your opponent’s patterns, you can anticipate their moves and counter effectively.

To truly excel with Bryan Fury, it is crucial to strike a balance between aggression and defense. By constantly pressuring your opponent and keeping them on their toes, you can create openings for devastating juggles. At the same time, being mindful of your opponent’s attacks and utilizing defensive strategies can help you maintain control of the match.


Dragunov’s lightning-fast strikes and versatile moveset make him a formidable contender in Tekken 7. His signature moves and strategies are key to unlocking his full potential and dominating your opponents. Here are some tips to help you master Dragunov:

  • Running 2: This move is essential for initiating combos and dealing heavy damage. It catches opponents off guard and can be followed up with devastating follow-up attacks.

  • Down-Forward 2: A powerful mid-range launcher that can lead to massive damage. It’s a quick and reliable move that punishes opponents for their mistakes.

  • Russian Assault: This move is great for pressuring opponents and creating openings. It’s a high-speed, multi-hit attack that leaves your opponents guessing and on the defensive.

  • Sidestep 1+2: Utilizing Dragunov’s exceptional movement, this move allows you to evade attacks and counter with a devastating throw. It’s a great tool for creating space and punishing opponents.

To truly unlock Dragunov’s full potential, you need to master advanced techniques such as wave dashing, crouch canceling, and whiff punishing. These techniques will enhance your mix-up game and keep your opponents guessing.

With Dragunov’s lightning-fast strikes and versatile moveset, you have the tools to become a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 7. Practice these signature moves and strategies, unlock his full potential with advanced techniques, and dominate the competition.

Paul Phoenix

To maximize your success in Tekken 7, you should explore the powerful moves and strategies of Paul Phoenix. As one of the original characters in the game, Paul possesses a range of devastating combos and techniques that can give you the upper hand in any match. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, mastering Paul’s optimal combos and understanding strategies for dealing with aggressive opponents will greatly enhance your gameplay.

Paul Phoenix is known for his high damage output and punishing moves. By utilizing his strong strikes and mix-up game, you can quickly dismantle your opponent’s defenses. Here are some of Paul’s optimal combos that you should incorporate into your arsenal:

Combo Damage Execution Difficulty
qcf+2, 1, 3, 2 70 Moderate
Death Fist (f, N, d, d/f+2) 62 Easy
Phoenix Smasher (d/f+2) into Demolition Man (d, d/f+1, 2) 80 Difficult

When facing aggressive opponents, it’s crucial to have strategies that allow you to maintain control of the match. Paul has several tools that can help you deal with aggressive playstyles:

  1. Punish their unsafe moves: Paul’s Death Fist and Demolition Man can punish opponents who leave themselves vulnerable. Timing and spacing are key to successfully landing these punishing moves.

  2. Sidestepping and backdashing: By sidestepping or backdashing, you can create space and force your opponent to whiff their attacks, giving you an opportunity to counter.

  3. Utilize Paul’s power crush moves: Moves like Phoenix Smasher and Ultimate Punishment have power crush properties, allowing you to absorb hits and retaliate with a devastating blow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Perform Kazuya Mishima’s Electric Wind God Fist Move?

To perform Kazuya Mishima’s electric wind god fist move, input the command in a precise manner: f, n, d, df+2. This advanced technique requires mastering the timing and execution, but it rewards you with a powerful and devastating attack. Keep practicing!

What Are Jin Kazama’s Best Moves for Punishing Opponents?

To effectively use Jin Kazama’s parrying moves, you need to time them correctly. Watch for your opponent’s attacks and use moves like "Parry Fist" or "Mental Alertness" to punish them. Stay patient and precise in your strikes.

How Can I Effectively Use Heihachi Mishima’s Mishima Style Moves in My Gameplay?

To improve your execution of Heihachi Mishima’s Mishima style moves, focus on practicing precise inputs and timing. Incorporate advanced strategies like frame traps and mix-ups to keep your opponents guessing.

What Are the Unique Abilities and Moves of Devil Jin That Set Him Apart From Other Characters?

Devil Jin is a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 7. His laser eye beam and flight ability make him stand out from the rest. And let’s not forget about his devastating electric wind god fist move.

Can You Provide Tips on How to Effectively Utilize King’s Grappling Moves in Tekken 7?

To effectively utilize King’s grappling moves in Tekken 7, you need to master the timing and execution of his throws and holds. Learn the intricacies of each move and practice incorporating them into your gameplay for maximum impact.