Camille Ferros is the Steel Shadow, also known by the Gray Lady. She hails from Piltover, where she currently resides. She is one of the 20 champions without a single power ability ratio for any ability. Her weapons include Hookshot, Hextech Heart, and Hextech Blade Legs. League of Legend.

The Steel Shadow is a human specie. It has the following specifications:

  • Legacy: Tank and fighter
  • Type of range: Melee
  • Class: Divers
  • Type adaptive: Physical
  • Resource: Mana
  • Position: Top and Middle

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Who is CAMILLE and why?

Camille’s design is very similar that of Lin Beifong in the Legend of Korra. More than appearance, the two characters resemble each other’s style in fighting and they also have the same profession.

For her adaptive defenses, the Steel Shadow or the Gray Lady’s shield strength rises according to her maximum HP. She gains a shield based on her enemy’s primary damage when making some basic attacks.

Camille, the Steel Shadow’s character is very precise and highly adaptable which is why she heavily resents sloppy techniques. This character is highly weaponized and is intended to work beyond the boundaries of the law.

The Steel Shadow is an elegant, elite agent responsible for ensuring smooth operation of the Piltover and Zannite machines. She is the Principal Intelligencer for the Ferros Clan.

This character is smart and sharp so be prepared to play.

CAMILLE Skills & abilities

Camille’s move depends on two factors which are her magic resistance as well as the armor she has at the present. Her next move against champion opponents is an improved one that shields her from magic damage and physical damage for around 20%.

Precision Protocol Within 4 seconds of the Steel Shadow’s next basic move, her attacks become uncontrollable which then gives her some 50 bonus range and other added bonuses such as a one second bonus movement speed as well as a bonus physical damage.

Tactical Sweep Camille can sweep her leg in a 1.1 second delay to cause physical damage to her opponent’s legs. This is happening while she ghosted. She is unable to declare her basic attacks.

Hook shot Steel Shadow fires a grapple at a target point. This means that if the Steel Shadow’s character collides with terrain, the Steel Shadow sprints forward and then perches on the terrain. Camille has the ability to cast Wall Drive while perched on a target for 0.75 seconds.

Wall Drive Camille speeds in the target direction and causes physical damage to any opponents within her range. This allows Camille to double the range of enemy champions within the 1,400 range. She can also grant a 4-second ghosting to any non-champions she passes through.

HexTech Ultimatum: This ability gives the Steel Shadow the power to interrupt champion rivals’ channels for 0.6 seconds. She can also leap with displacement immunity. Camille can use this ability to block her enemies from targeting her.

CAMILLE tricks and tips

As seen in Camille’s abilities, she is a character of precision, so players who use this character must also possess the same trait in order to effectively play the Steel Shadow’s moves and attacks.

This character requires players to know how to use her skills in a controlled manner.

The Steel Shadow can be a very versatile fighter. She is good at both running after her single targets and killing them. If this character is played correctly, it will allow you to grapple and dice your target as well as slice into your opponent’s backline.

Camille’s strengths include the ability to hook shot, apply pressure and smoothly sling away as her opponents try to stop her. She is mobile, precise and skilled at split-pushing. Her other abilities, such as Hex tech ultimatum and tactical sweep, allow her to prepare her kills to her affiliates who plan to make some explosives.

Among her weaknesses are her shield is more effective in one- on- one combats and not so much in team fights as it is based on her enemy’s damage type, and also for her hook shot to be effective, it needs to be used at the right timing and from an angle that is least expected.

Camille should be used only by more experienced players. You can also visit GNAR!