Camille LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Camille is a powerful League of Legends champion and one of the top picks in the current meta. She’s a powerful fighter who can hold her own in any team composition, thanks to her ability to deal out massive damage while simultaneously protecting her teammates.

In this article, we’ll dive into all the details you need to know about the champ, from her abilities to the best builds and strategies.

Overview of Camille

Camille is a champion in Riot Games’ popular MOBA game League of Legends. Camille is a hybrid fighter who specializes in hunter mechanics, combining offense and defense. Her kit allows her to pick off enemies, quickly jump around the map, and outplay her opponents with careful management of her abilities. Camille plays an important role in the top lane, providing heavy early killing potential with area control capabilities and survivability due to her healing.

Her passive adaptive Deflector shields most special attacks while further amplifying Camille’s resilience through hextech shrapnel resistances. Tactical Sweep gives Camille a safe waveclear source to trade with melee opponents and make plays – if need be from afar or through walls using the hookshot.

Camille’s hookshot-like hookshot provide the ability for strong engage onto units on cooldown or without Move Quick for long-range plays, but it’s important to keep a close eye on it as this tool provides both safety during dives as well as mobility for escaping unfavorable fights.

The E (Hookshot) is one of Camille’s best tools to create chaos if used correctly however it also has various uses from disengaging from bad fights or setting up ganks around the map making it arguably one of Camille’s best set of abilities aside from her ultimate Judgement Call which could be used very well both offensively and defensively with its powerful AOE damage + combo ejector which let Camille effectively kill runners easily with few usage option change that frequency between multi gaps walls playmaking boosting its value even more overall making Camille goingly ever more popular each day amongst other players.

Camille’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Camille is a versatile force on the Summoner’s Rift. Her ultimate ability allows her to travel across the map in a blink of an eye, making her a dangerous foe in one-on-one team fights or when assisting allies. She also has excellent sustain, making her difficult to kill or push out of lane. However, she’s weakest against ranged champions and susceptible to stuns and crowd control effects which can render her vulnerable against team fighting.

On the battlefield she excels at tanking and controlling objectives using Hextech Ultimatum. This allows her to keep enemies away from important locations such as turrets or dragon pit while she tears apart enemy frontline with The Hextech Protobelt-01 active, she deals an incredible amount of damage in an area around her while also recovering health thanks to Vorpal Spikes passive.

Camille’s offensive potential comes from Adaptive Defenses; every third basic attack grants Camille increased damage and a shield that absorbs any incoming damage for 4 seconds; this means that facing Camille head on is generally not recommended due to her formidable defences. Finally Hammershot grants Camille enhanced mobility which allows for quick escapes or rotations across the map when needed; which makes it very difficult for enemies to catch up with Camille when she decides it’s time to flee.


Camille is a powerful champion in League of Legends who has a wide range of abilities. Her abilities are geared towards initiating fights and dealing with tough enemies, making her a formidable foe. Her kit includes an impressive array of mobility options, crowd control, and even some healing abilities. Let’s dive into Camille’s abilities in more detail.

Passive – Adaptive Defenses

Adaptive Defenses is Camille’s passive ability. When Camille takes damage, she temporarily stores a fraction of the damage taken as grey health. Once this partial health reaches 25-50%, it will convert to a shield, absorbing additional damage until the shield is depleted or the duration ends. This allows Camille to sustain battles in extended engagements and gives her an added advantage against attack damage based champions.

The strength of the shield scales with Camille’s level and bonuses from ability power and armor can also increase its effectiveness.

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W – Tactical Sweep

The Tactical Sweep is a channeled ability that allows Camille to shoot out a wave of blades in a cone-shaped area in front of her, dealing physical damage as well as applying hextech debuffs. It is one of the more powerful abilities in the game, easily taking down big groups of enemies or stronger single targets like dragons and barons.

The Tactical Sweep’s channel time can be reduced with additional attack speed, allowing it to be used on multiple targets quickly. When paired up with other champions’ CC ability, it can also be used to trap enemies for an extended duration. In addition, Camille also gains movement speed when she hits an enemy with Tactical Sweep and it can be used to safely kite enemies or perform quick escapes.

E – Hookshot

Camille’s E ability is Hookshot, a nature of ability that allows her to latch onto terrain such as walls and structures and propel herself through the air in a single direction. By using Hookshot, Camille can quickly close the gap between her and enemies or reposition herself during fights.

When used with Hextech Ultimatum, Hookshot enhances Camille’s gap-closing capabilities even further, allowing her to quickly catch out straggling opponents or any enemies attempting to escape from her team. Hookshot is also an effective tool for navigating maps and quickly navigating terrain in order to reach objectives or surprise enemies along the way.

R – Hextech Ultimatum

Camille’s ultimate ability, Hextech Ultimatum, gives Camille increased movement speed and then takes hold of enemies in a circular area surrounding her, stunning them for a short period. After the stun is over, any enemies within the area are heavily slowed. This ability can be especially powerful when combined with other crowd control effects.

Camille can also use this ultimate to surprise enemies who may not realize what she is doing until it’s too late. With proper timing, Camille can single out an enemy champion quickly while also dealing area-of-effect damage with her other abilities. Hextech Ultimatum also leaves Camille with increased movement speed after the stun ends, allowing her to make a quick escape if necessary or otherwise out maneuver an unsuspecting enemy.


Camille is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. Knowing exactly what items to buy and where to place them can help you succeed in your games. That’s why knowing the right builds for Camille is essential if you want to maximize your gameplay.

In this section, we’ll go over the different builds and item sets that will help you get the most out of her power.

Top Lane Build

For those looking to play Camille top lane, there are some basic tips and tricks you’ll need to keep in mind. Camille is very flexible in her build path and can adapt to different circumstances. Here are the items you should typically look to buy when playing Camille top lane:

  • Core Items
    • Ravenous Hydra: A great item on a champion like Camille as it provides damage, tankiness and sustainability all in one package. You’ll never regret buying this item.
    • Mercury’s Treads: Ideal boots for most top laners, both offensively and defensively. These increase your overall mobility, making it easier for you to take advantage of your ultimate or get away from sticky situations.
  • Offensive Items
    • Goredrinker/Death’s Dance: Depending on the ship meta, either of these items will provide plenty of damage with tanky stats for survivability as well.
    • Maw of Malmortius: This is a great option if you’re planning to get into extended fights with mages or if someone has started building armor against you and the Ravenous Hydra procs aren’t enough.
    • Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge: These are the standard late game damage options for all ADC champions; both provide plenty of AD to melt squishies even faster than before.
  • Defense Items
    • Randuin’s Omen/Thornmail: These two items should be picked up depending on what sort of crowd control or burst opponents have; focus more on Randuin’s if they have long CCs like stuns but build Thornmail if they have hard hitting single target spells such as an ultimate ability that relies heavily on AD damage output, like Jarvan IV or Lee Sin ultimate abilities.

League gaming has been gaining massive attention recently and among the roster of champions is one who needs no introduction—Camille! When playing her top lane, there are certain builds that one should know in order to maximize her potentials not just as a damaging fighter but also a toughest tank in team fights! With these core and offensive/defense items listed above, one can become an unparalleled force with Camille top lane!

Jungle Build

Jungling with Camille is common in higher division games and the build is surprisingly simple. Start the game with a Hunter’s Machete, Refillable Potion, and full Health Potions. The Machete combined with Camille’s Passive gives her enough sustain to clear camps without needing to back between them due to lack of mana or health.

After clearing all the camps of one side it’s recommended to fast clear Blue (or Red) camp and then proceed to clear the other side of the jungle, after which you want to buy your second Tier 1 Jungle item – Tracker’s Knife – for increased resistance against enemy champions invade you and increased vision control in their jungle.

Afterwards it’s important not to forget that The Hextech Ultimatum helps a lot both in teamfights and split pushing so always try to build from it, Ionian Boots of Lucidity are often preferred as you want your Hexflash up as soon as possible for surprise initiations or flanks. You should also select a few Keystone Runes that suits your playstyle like Conquerer for splitpush or Fleet Footwork for increased survivability if needed.

To finish up your Core Build, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter increases Camille’s damage output significantly while giving her more sustain when trading against enemy laners due to its large amount of Health, Guardian Angel will give you some bonus Armor & Magic Resist while allowing you an extra life if killed during teamfights; Sunfire Cape also increases her power significally along with giving yourself additional Defense; Lastly Dead Man’s Plate can also be picked up instead of Sunfire Cape if you feel Stickiness is crucial in teamfights due its unique movement speed contribution.

Mid Lane Build

There are several different ways you can build Camille into a powerful mid lane champion, depending on the other players in your team, the composition of the enemy team and your playstyle. Generally, you’ll want to focus on itemization that will provide you with the necessary base stats and defensive capabilities to survive a laning phase, but items like Sword of the Divine and Infinity Edge can give you an edge in dealing out damage.

Generally speaking, for a mid lane Camille build, it is best to prioritize stats that will ensure you survive mid game skirmishes and teamfights. This build consists mostly of armor penetration (last whisper or edgedeathbringer), health (warmog’s armor or spectral waltz), Attack Damage (sword of divine or infinity edge) and cooldown reduction items to make sure her abilities are always available when needed. You may also choose to complete stacks with deathcap while building around these core items so as to not sacrifice too much survivability in return for extra damage.

In summary: Your main goal while building mid lane Camille is to stabilize early game laning phase so that your carry has enough time to scale up into late game without any pressure from enemies. Itemizing towards survivability and burst damage rather than straight raw power will often be more beneficial for both your team and yourself – especially later on in the game.

Tips and Tricks

Camille is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends (LoL). She is known for her high mobility and versatility which makes her great in both offensive and defensive situations. She is an excellent jungler and able to gank and teamfight effectively.

In this section we will cover some tips and tricks on how to play Camille like a pro:


Positioning is a key factor when playing as Camille in League of Legends. As a champion, she offers considerable mobility, making it easy to reach her allies and fight against enemies quickly. Her kit allows her to engage right away using Hookshot (E), or pull back using Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (R).

In team fights, being able to position herself correctly is essential in order to make the most of her abilities. She should ideally remain close enough to support allies while still staying far enough away from opponents who can threaten her health. Positioning with Camille is all about finding the optimal distance between yourself and your target in order to be able to use her kit efficiently.

Using walls for either defense or offense is also important for Camille players. Wall Dive (E) can be used for closing distances and then Narrow Escape (W) can be used for dodging any lethal abilities that may come her way during a skirmish. Additionally, walls are great spots where you can use “hookshots” on the enemy without risking getting caught out by their gap closers.

As such, positioning around walls should always be taken into consideration when playing as Camille; this will allow you both move strategically around objectives as well as protect your allies from enemy waves with specific “wall dives”, allowing for quick interruptions when needed. It also helps create an easier escape route for your team by isolating opponents if you manage to jump over a wall before enemies can reach their target; this will leave them momentarily defenseless until they find another path or back off completely which could turn the tide of the battle depending on how strong your team composition currently is compared to theirs.


When playing Camille, it’s important to be aware of the different combosthat can be used. This champion has a large pool of combos available to her in both offensive and defensive situations which can be utilized to effectively outplay opponents.

In an offensive situation, one of the most effective combos with her is the W+E+Q combo. This should be done as quickly as possible after using her W to stun enemies and allows you to land multiple damaging abilities in quick succession. Another powerful option is her E+R combo which allows you to slow enemies while following up with a hard engaging ultimate.

In a defensive situation, there are two main combos available:

  • E+Q or Q+W for an incredibly fast escape followed by a safe distance for disengage.
  • E+W followed by your ultimate will give you more time thanks to the multiple slowing and blocking effects from each ability respectively.

Knowing when and how to use these different combinations will provide a great advantage against your opponents and will help distinguish you from other players who are familiar with this champion’s potential!


Teamfighting plays a crucial role in any game of League of Legends. As a result, it’s important to understand how Camille works as part of a team when fighting against multiple enemies.

Camille is incredibly powerful when fighting in groups or team fights, especially due to her Ultimate, Hextech Ultimatum. This gives her the ability to single out opponents with ease and helps the rest of your team focus on taking them out. When this ultimate is activated, use it strategically by targeting either a laned opponent or an isolated target.

Other abilities that prove useful during team fights include her Tactical Sweep and Adaptive Defenses. These abilities can provide a huge damage boost in addition to shielding your teammates from incoming damage. If you need extra crowd control, her Hookshot can be used for CC as well as for mobility around the fight. As an assassin type character, Camille also excels at taking down high value targets quickly and finishing off weakened opponents before they can escape.

Finally, make sure that you have backup in case things start going awry and you find yourself in trouble – your allies should always have your back!


In conclusion, Camille is a unique champion that excels in both tankiness and damage. Her ability to dive aggressively and outplay opponents up close is unparalleled in League of Legends. She has great crowd control and damage with respectable range on her E and W. It is essential to understand her kit before playing her, as they are complex and require considerable knowledge in order to get the most out of the champion; however, the payoff is worth it if you take the time to learn it. With enough practice, she can become an extremely powerful presence on the Summoner’s Rift that blitzes through opposing teams with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What special abilities does Camille have?

A1: Camille is a champion that specializes in mobility and crowd control. She has an ability called Hookshot, which she uses to latch onto an enemy champion and drag them to her. She also has a passive ability that allows her to dash forward and back, making her difficult to hit. Finally, she has an ultimate ability that allows her to create a wall of energy that damages and stuns enemies.

Q2: What is Camille’s recommended item build?

A2: Camille is an incredibly versatile champion and can be built in a variety of ways. Some recommended items for her include Trinity Force, Hextech Gunblade, and Sterak’s Gage. These items will provide her with the damage, mobility, and sustain she needs to thrive in the game.

Q3: How can I play Camille effectively?

A3: Camille is a champion that excels at aggressive play. When playing her, it is important to use her mobility to get into fights quickly and take advantage of her crowd control abilities. It is also important to build items that will increase her survivability and damage output. Finally, make sure to use her ultimate wisely and coordinate with your team for maximum effect.