Burst mage can be described as a mage that does massive burst damage and takes down opposing mage classes in a very short amount of time. In League of Legends EsportsPro Ahri is a Burst mage with nine tails and an appearance reminiscent of a fox.

Ahri, an adult Vastaya is more than a hundred years old. Inspired by the Kumiho in Korean mythology, and the mythological Chinese nine-tailed Fox, Ahri was born.

Many legends and myths have been told about the Gatekeeper. One myth says she’s a bloodthirsty and hungry demon fox that will devour anyone who enters her gate. Another legend claims that she lives in the temple outside of town and comes to take your soul if ever you die.


Ahri: Who are you?

Ahri is a Vastaya Mage who can transform her magic to create powerful energy orbs.

Ahri is a cunning champion. She plays with her opponent’s emotions first, manipulates their emotions and then destroys their whole life essence. Ahri is a strong and destructive character but she still cherishes the memories of the souls that she consumes.

Ahri was found abandoned in Northern Ionia’s woods. She knew very little about her true family, other than what she had been given. She was fortunate to find a group of people who taught her how she could survive. Ahri also learned how to adapt to hunting and became an icefox after all her hard work.

Ahri is a natural mage who can learn magic from the environment. She learned to form destructive spheres and how to kill the people that hunt her.

Ahri’s Skills & Abilities

Ahri is a champion who has many tricks to her sleeve. She can heal herself, damage her opponent and even take them down. She can use her passive ability to restore health after she hits an opponent.

The most unique part about Ahri’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. Charm, for example, damages the target and heals Ahri for half the damage.

Let’s take a closer look at her unique traits and abilities:


Ahri can be a great mage. When she touches her opponent she activates her innate abilities. She can devour her opponent, improving her stats. Here are Ahri’s capabilities that you should not miss.

Essence Theft – Ahri’s Nine Tail Fox form allows her to have a wide range of abilities. The Orb of Deception is her ability heal herself from all damage. She can heal herself with nine stacks of health and a perfect hit attack to make her stronger.

Orb of Deception. Ahri is able to control her orb completely. It can send out, pull in, or go wherever she pleases. It can also do equal damage by sending out the item and bringing it back to those who pass it. Ahri’s Mana Costs vary depending on what she does during battle. But, no matter what, she will always be prepared for whatever happens next.

Fox Fire: Ahri is the most powerful of Ahri’s foxfire powers. This can be used to slow down enemy movements or to do massive amounts of damage to armor that is thicker than normal. Fox Fire, Ahri’s last ability, allows her to move 40% faster than normal while using 1.5 seconds before they disappear. Fox Fires are also great for increasing damage to magic or annihilating energies nearby.

Charm: Charm, the third ability in her arsenal, is Charm. This attack can do a lot of damage to your opponents but you must have 70 mana. When Charm activates, powerful magic strikes your opponent, making them vulnerable and preventing any further progress.

Spirit Rush: Ahri can use Spirit Rush to sprint while firing three bolts magical energy that will damage and pierce any champion they come across. This power can be purchased for 100 mana. It can be used up to three times within a ten-second cooling down period.


Ahri can be a champion and make or break your team. Ahri is a champion that can make or break your team. There are many combos you can use to win for your team.

  • You can use the charm to create combos that will ensure you get the Fox-fire spell and the Orb of Deception. These spells will work as intended if you tap on them and press the spacebar, or click with your mouse.
  • The charms can be used to initiate team fights, or chase down stragglers using Spirit Rush.
  • You can use a spirit rush to activate all Ahri’s abilities and create a deadly combo. You can use it to activate charms, double your hits with the Orb of Deception or attack with the Foxfire.
  • You can chase other champions by using fox-fire, followed by the Spirit Rush.
  • The Orb of Deception allows you to harass other champions.
  • The Orb’s unpredictable movement patterns and long range can allow you to deal huge damage by simply aiming it at an enemy champion.
  • Ahri is a formidable force in team fighting due to her charm and killing ability. Her Orb of Deception can be used to take out all enemies at once by waiting for them to group together before casting it on a target within the enemy’s ranks.
  • It is important to keep in mind that some champions are difficult to dodge. Therefore, make sure you hit your targets first with Charm before unleashing any other skills. This will make your opponents vulnerable outside of your defensive line, where they can be easily picked off by allies!

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