Ahri LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Ahri is an iconic League of Legends character. During her time in the game, Ahri has undergone a number of changes, making her an interesting and increasingly popular champion.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of Ahri, her abilities, her strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to play her effectively:

Overview of Ahri

Ahri is a versatile and powerful mage champion in League of Legends. Her kit is comprised of an array of both damaging spells and mobility tools, allowing her to take the offensive in teamfights or be the backbone of displacement. As well as having versatile damage dealing capabilities, Ahri also has powerful CC offered by her ultimate, Spirit Rush, allowing her to quickly root enemies and create openings for herself and her allies.

Combined with her strong Area-of-Effect damage potential and high target priority, Ahri’s capability to control teamfights as well as manage map positioning thanks to her ultimate makes her one of the strongest mages in the game.

Ahri’s Abilities and Gameplay

Ahri is a mage champion who excels at waveclear, extensive kiting and high mobility in team fights. She is a very versatile champion and, when played correctly, can make a huge impact on the game.

Ahri has access to three primary abilities; Fox-Fire (Q), Charm (E) and Spirit Rush (R). Each one of these abilities carries its own unique power that can be used in different combinations in order to best suit the situation.

Fox-Fire is a damage dealing ability, which can be used for wave clear or for initiating fights with pivotal bursts of damage. When it comes to team fights, this ability allows you to quickly spread out your damage across multiple targets if misused – however; you should always aim to hit Spellthief’s edge proc Q marks on an enemy as it will amplify your damage output more efficiently.

Charm (E) is Ahri’s signature CC ability which deals good amounts of damage while disabling their target’s ability move or act. This spell can also be used proactively before taking a fight in order to disable the whole enemy team at once, allowing your team more time to emerge victorious and can guarantee Ahri an easy get away if needed as Charm prevents any movement from spell dashing champions like Rek’ Sai and Nidalee.

Finally, Ahri’s ultimate is especially powerful when fighting with her team rather than solo laning carrying out tasks usually done by her lane opponent like wave clear or strategic tower dives. When combined with Flash her ultimate not only allows you freedom of maneuverability but also allows Ahri incredibly strong map control capability prior to any given fight. Her greatest strength is the element of surprise she brings when ulting around corners that enemies thought were safe enough or near invisible walls too hard to spot on time – letting you land stunning Charm/ultimates that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without Spirit Rush up your sleeve!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ahri is a powerful and versatile League of Legends champion. With a combination of mobility, damage and crowd control, she can make an impact in any fight. Her abilities lend themselves well to both sustained damage and burst damage, making her a versatile champion with a lot of power.

However, like all champions, she also has some weaknesses that need to be addressed. Let’s go over the strengths and weaknesses of Ahri:

Ahri’s Strengths

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is an assassin/ mage type of champion in League of Legends. She has a wide variety of abilities that can be useful both in and out of combat, making her a versatile champion. Her main strengths are her crowd control effects, mobility and burst damage.

Crowd Control: Ahri’s main source of crowd control comes from her Charm ability, which causes an enemy to be rooted and take extra magic damage from Ahri’s following attacks. Additionally, she has great followup abilities such as Spirit Rush which can allow her to quickly jump into another enemy or retreat after charming someone.

Mobility: Ahri is able to travel across the map quickly thanks to her Ultimate ability, Spirit Rush. This allows her to quickly get in and out of fights without being detected and also escape difficult situations easily. Additionally, her passive does not require mana so she can use this early for extra mobility when combined with Summoner Spells such as Flash.

Burst Damage: Ahri’s kit allows her to deal a great amount of damage quickly thanks to some powerful abilities that have high damage values and cooldowns that don’t take too long to recharge especially with Cooldown Reduction items or Runes & Masteries. Her ultimate deals very noticeable amounts of damage so even if you are low health it’s possible for Ahri to kill near by enemies before they can react.

Ahri’s Weaknesses

Ahri is a powerful spellcaster capable of dealing tons of burst damage with her ability combos, but she is not without weaknesses. Ahri should be played as an assassin or mage in the mid lane, which means she will face many different champions seeking to outplay her. While Ahri’s strengths make her well-suited for skirmishes and team fights alike, there are a few champions that she has more difficulty playing against.

Her main weakness comes from the fact that her Extra Marks strikes from her passive Occult Setup can easily be dodged by other mobile champions. Ahri’s lack of innate crowd control has also been a point of contention since most competitive mid laners have some form of extremely powerful cc abilities like Annie’s stun, Fizz’s Playful Trickster and Talon’s Rake. While Ahri does have the 3 movement speed bonus when casting Spirit Rush, it often fails to guarantee secure engages with most characters who can leap in and out or become immune to all kinds of damage.

Ahri’s propensity for squishy builds makes champions with strong early-game poke even more dangerous such as Zed or Orianna. Champions like Katarina and Akali also provide huge threats when creating 1v1 situations on mid-lane or using their dashes persistently to escape any awkward situation they might find themselves while still dealing damage with their basic attacks. Summon: Tibbers (Annie’s ultimate) can also be incredibly deadly when used properly versus Ahri since once activated it deals immediate massive amounts of damage and staggers any incoming enemy engaged in its duration – leaving no escape route for them once activated but their death however quick it might be due to its unbelievable burst potential during those short 5 seconds.

Ahri’s Skins

Ahri is a beloved champion in the world of League of Legends. As such, Riot Games has provided her with a wide selection of skins for players to choose from. They range from the classic foxy looks of her base skin to the exotic galactic cosmic look of her Prestige Skin.

Here, we’ll look at all the skins Ahri has and decide which one is the best:

Overview of Ahri’s Skins

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is a champion in League of Legends with a wide variety of skins that are available for purchase. These skins range from special seasonal variants to illustration-style themes and come in many different colors. They can be purchased with either Riot Points or Blue Essence on the official League of Legends store and unlock unique animations, visual effects and extra content such as chromas.

Below is an overview of Ahri’s diverse selection of skins that are currently available:

  • Arcade Ahri: This skin features an 8-bit animation style and is reminiscent of classic arcade games like Space Invaders. It includes chromas for every color in the game and comes with new dance animations.
  • K/DA Ahri: This skin was released as part of K/DA’s music video launch and features a futuristic outfit adorned with glittering golds and whites. This skin comes with three dancers – Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa – as well as 12 chromas that reference K/DA’S music video.
  • Star Guardian Ahri: One of League’s most iconic Star Guardian skins, it brings together elements from outer space with fierce footwork ensuring there’s never an idle moment between combos. It includes four special dance moves for each chroma variation when a key is used in-game.
  • Foxfire Ahri: Foxfire Ahri brings a magical fox spirit to life through her blue flames blazing through the night sky featuring artwork reminiscent of traditional oriental styles blended delicately into her look while tailoring her abilities to match this theme also making this one of the most stunning pieces among all her other skins. She also has 4 variations on her recall Animation depending on which stance she takes up in Ult mode.

Ahri’s Skin Spotlight

Ahri is a highly-valued champion in League of Legends, and each of her skins showcase her agility, mystical beauty and strength. From the traditional Academy to each of her Victorious and Legacy skins, Ahri has something for everyone. Below, we’ll take a look at every skin released for this iconic champion to date.

  • Academy Ahri – The classic Academy Ahri skin gives her a classic school girl-inspired look with a fur-trimmed cape and sleek uniform. Her fox tail is also lavender instead of its usual gold hue. This animated skin features unique trinkets that you wouldn’t expect from the Nine-Tailed Fox!
  • Challenger Ahri – This dazzling illustrated skin focuses on the development of young Ahri rather than embodying the spirit of an enchanting fox unto herself. She dons a simple dress with golden buttons but also incorporates special hairpieces as an homage to her foxy aesthetic in her concept art!
  • Midnight Ahri – This sexy skin strikes up a balance between powerful ladies like Mystic Enchantress Diana and charms like Charm Magician Quinn by transitioning from dark luxurious midnight blues to dreamy purples. To complete this look she even has petals accompany some of her spells! Both classically beautiful and modern looking all around!
  • Snowfox Ahri – Snowfox Ahri harkens back to more traditional legends about kitsune by sporting colorful winter clothing instead of focusing on futuristic looks like some other skins do! The vibrant pinks contrast well with darker pieces like that big bright scarf letting everyone know why she is famous as one of the strongest champions ever released!
  • Victorious Maokai – Maokai’s Victorious skin features him as a tanky tree monster wielding powers over nature itself (with his ultimate). He is encased in illusory ice while plants bloom around him symbolizing his connection with nature through life and death cycles. He even dons an icy mohawk adding another element to this mesmerizing visuals spectacle overall too!

Ahri’s Builds

The way you build Ahri in League of Legends (LoL) can drastically alter her playstyle, which is why her build is so important. Depending on what you prioritize, Ahri can be built to be a burst mage, an assassin, or a hybrid of the two. Let’s dive into the different builds you can use for Ahri and how to optimize them for maximum effectiveness.

Overview of Ahri’s Builds

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox is a champion in League of Legends that has become increasingly popular among both veteran and beginner players, thanks to her versatility and mobility. Ahri is able to fulfill multiple roles in the game, making her an excellent pick for almost any team composition. With proper itemization and team synergy, Ahri can dish out immense amounts of damage while still having potent crowd control capabilities.

Ahri often opts for a variety of different builds which allow her to fulfill multiple functions depending on the situation at hand. Making the right choices when it comes to itemization can be a daunting task but with a few key aspects in mind, anyone can easily grasp the basics of building Ahri correctly.

The first important step for building Ahri is to decide if you would like an offensive or defensive build depending on your desired playstyle and matchup composition. Both builds offer differing strengths with added tankiness or pure damage respectively. Offensively, most players will opt to build items such as Luden’s Echo, Runaen’s Halberd or even Rylai’s Crystal Scepter (depending on matchups) whereas defensively Spirit Visage or Zhonya’s Hourglass should be within consideration alongside other items such as Morellonomicon or Hextech Gunblade suite for increased survivability.

It’s suggested that when playing against Spell Heavy compositions it’s best to incorporate Rod of Ages into your build priorities; its mana regeneration and health give some much-needed sustainability while its ability power allows Ahri access to better damage dealing potential overall. The versatility that Ahri provides will often determine which item she should prioritize over another but as a general rule of thumb its wise building mana-regenerating items early alongside other defensive such as elemental resistances before finally focusing on adding safer utility options late game such as Void Staff and Abyssal Mask.

Ahri’s Core Items

Ahri is an incredibly powerful champion, so she should be built differently depending on the situation. However, there are certain items which are generally considered core items for her that can help maximize her performance in most games.

Core items when playing Ahri include two offensive ones and two defensive ones: Rabadon’s Deathcap, Liandry’s Torment, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Abyssal Mask. The Deathcap grants an extra 30% Ability Power (AP) to all of Ahri’s abilities and builds off her passive Essence Theft; Liandry’s Torment amplifies both the duration and damage of all of Ahri’s spells due to the increased magic pen it provides; Zhonya’s Hourglass grants an extra armor movement speed boost along with its active ability which allows Ahri to survive burst damage from enemies; Finally, Abyssal Mask gives an additional 20 Magic Resist (MR), allowing her to shrug off some magician based attacks or spells.

Having these four core items will provide a great base for any player who is looking play Ahri in League of Legends convincingly as it allows them to really capitalize on maximizing as much potential with their build as possible.

Ahri’s Situational Items

Ahri’s item builds largely depend upon the situation she is in. There are items that she can purchase to help her poke from a distance, others to protect her from being caught out of position, and yet others to increase her damage output.

As with any champion, knowing when and which pieces of gear to equip Ahri with for each fight is important for maximising your wins and having optimal gameplay.

When selecting situational items for Ahri, it is important to consider the type of opponents you’re up against and your team composition. Here are some of the staple items you could use on this champion:

  • Items for sieging: Archangel’s Staff, Luden’s Echo, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Nashor’s Tooth. These items will provide a great damage boost while sieging objectives such as turrets or inhibitors or other players in teamfights.
  • Items for fighting in lane: Liandry’s Torment, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Void Staff. These provide AP along with survivability so Ahri can stay alive longer while duking it out with enemies in the laning phase of the game.
  • Items Against Tanky Champions: Abyssal Mask, Zhonya’s Hourglass. Both items make sense when dealing with tanky champions who would otherwise be hard to bring down because they have a lot of health and resistances that could be lowered through these two powerful defensive pieces of equipment.
  • Items for pressuring/roaming: Sorcerer Shoes, Deathfire Grasp. These two items provide a good mixture between speed an AP burst which makes them useful when Ahri needs to pressure opponents by bursting them down quickly or try to roam around without getting killed quickly herself due to lacking movement speed boosts elsewhere on her build path aside from Spirte Rush shoes which may not always be available at times in-game due its long cooldown timer meaning its better using theses two items instead at times if needed make sure its something you weighing up when playing as Ahri!

Ahri’s Counters

Ahri is one of the most played champions in League of Legends and consequently one of the strong picks in the game. Knowing which champions work well against Ahri is a key point to success, and understanding the matchups can give you an edge over your opponent.

In this article, we will take a look at Ahri’s counters and how to best win when up against her.

Overview of Ahri’s Counters

Ahri is a mid-range mage type League of Legends champion in the MOBA game. As an assassin-like mage, you’ll be expected to take down enemies quickly with swift and powerful base attacks. Ahri is known for her mobility, dashes, and ability to make stunning plays in addition to keeping enemies at bay by snowballying off of minions.

Playing against Ahri requires delicate positioning as even a slight spelling mistake can spell doom for you. Fortunately, various champions deal a significant threat against her if used correctly and can effectively counter her capability to snowball out of control. We’ll list seven champions that work well against Ahri:

  1. Lissandra: The former snow queen Lissandra has always shared an edge on other mobile mages like Ahri due to her outstanding crowd control abilities with ice pillars and targeted teleportation through Glacial Path. Her kit allows her to chase down enemies almost effortlessly while granting immense survivability with Frozen Tomb’s invulnerability.
  2. Yasuo: Easily one of the strongest matchups against Ahri due to his access to Wind Wall that blocks all projected spells fired at him during its duration, allowing him free real estate when it comes time to finish Ahri off while negating any dangerous Ultimate dashes with sweeping blade he has access too.
  3. Talon: Talon is well known for his ability to kite thanks largely due to his bursty play style suited for quick trades in lane and ultimate based Assassins plays around objectives Team Fights or Baron Nashor Control points on the map making him one of the most difficult matchups for Ahris arcane prowess.
  4. Akali: Akali’s overwhelming burst damage combined with high mobility shades make it hard for ahri’s clumsy mobilities lock onto enemies easily when trading as both players circling motions can cancel each other out over long periods off time. She also enjoys large amounts of resources from her mark stack from five point strike and ultimate finishers.
  5. Ekko: Ekko offers high levels of safety when trading favoring heavily towards defensive patterns such as utilizing the full effectiveness timing mitigation by using his double time zone manipulation speedup while still having enough AP damage output maintain pressure on just about anyone lane making it very difficult dark Sustain lane poking engages head on dominant trades that’s usually followed up by a deadly electrical surge at all times making sure no escapes are easy once committed too close combat situations which gives unfavorable odds towards ahris ability pick up efficient kills alone.
  6. Zed: Zed is often regarded as an anti-assassin type champion due, primarily, to his shadow lighting combination being able outplay pretty much any enemy target including those pesky foxes trying taking objective control away from out MEGA damage based roamers. His lightning fast shadow slash-tick setups player together block skill shots like ultimately quality providing teams press based rotational fighting paired quality burst spikes throughout teamfights granting almost godlike powers typically found exclusively under street festivals during summer breaks (trying new cultures made easy.) reaping benefits greatly more than forfeiting kills key teamster setup’s allowing allies become duel wielding demons controlled safely bin fights no escapees “allowed” classic Zed build way!
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Ahri’s Hard Counters

Ahri’s hard counters are champions that can effectively shut her down even if she takes an advantage or snowball. These champions provide enough crowd control, burst damage and mobility to outlast and outplay Ahri in a 1v1 situation or in team fights.

In the mid-lane, Ahri’s hardest counters are the following:

  • Fizz: Fizz is especially troublesome for Ahri due to his ability to dodge her charm with his Playful/Trickster and his extended burst potential with Chum of the Waters as well as damaging ultimate.
  • Orianna: Orianna’s poke is strong against Ahri’s aggressive playstyle as she can stay safe from Ahri’s damage but still always trade favorably by moving away after engaging with Command Shockwave.
  • Azir: Azir’s sun soldiers provide a unique form of poke which makes it very difficult for Ahri to close in on him, therefore trading against Azir almost always turns into a losing endeavor.
  • Syndra: Syndra provides some of the most reliable wave clear with her Stun which makes it so much easier for Syndra to win trades because she will almost always have full mana while fighting Ahri who has no real sustaining abilities that help her stay healthy in lane.

In Skill Order against these Hard Counters, you should focus on maxing your charm first while taking points in your Ultimate whenever available before maxing W and E respectively. Make sure to take Ignite when facing Hard Counters since it increases your chances of successfully killing them before they can reach level 6 or react using their crowd control abilities.

Ahri’s Soft Counters

Ahri is a versatile mage with the ability to turn any lane into her own battlefield. She has decent control capabilities and can bring down solid poke throughout a game. Her mobility and charm make her a great ganker and duelist, but if you’re looking to take her down, outplay her quickly or end your lanes early, here are some of Ahri’s soft counters:

Champions such as Syndra, Xerath, Vladimir, Cassiopeia or Zed excel at dealing with Ahri and keeping her out of range due to their good wave clear, high mobility or sustained damage in team fights. Additionally, champions like Fizz or Katarina provide good harass from range due to their empowered abilities—which are hard for Ahri without items and levels—and can eventually force bad positioning out of Ahri if played correctly. Lastly bruisers like Irelia or Skarner excel at all-ins and skirmishes since they usually possess sustain abilities as well as crowd control which can be enough for counterplaying Ahri in most scenarios.

Ahri may still remain very competitive in the League of Legends meta but understanding these strategies may give you an edge when trying to come up against this champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ahri’s role in League of Legends?

A: Ahri is a mid-lane mage champion in League of Legends. She is a very versatile champion that can be played in different roles like mid, top, and support.

Q: What are Ahri’s abilities?

A: Ahri’s abilities are Orb of Deception, Fox-Fire, Charm, Spirit Rush and Soul Eater. Orb of Deception is a skill shot that deals damage and heals Ahri if it hits an enemy champion. Fox-Fire is an area of effect ability that deals damage to enemies in the area. Charm is a single target ability that charms an enemy and reduces their magic resistance. Spirit Rush is an ultimate ability that allows Ahri to dash forward and damage enemies in her path. Soul Eater is an ability that grants Ahri bonus attack speed and lifesteal.

Q: What items should I buy for Ahri?

A: Ahri is an AP champion and so building items that grant her bonus ability power is key. Some of the best items for Ahri are Luden’s Echo, Morellonomicon, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Void Staff, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Other situational items like Athene’s Unholy Grail and Liandry’s Torment may also be useful.