Akali is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends (LoL). She is a formidable assassin, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in the blink of an eye. Akali is a tricky champion, and requires a great deal of practice and skill to master.

In this article, we’ll explore Akali’s strengths and weaknesses, her abilities and her core playstyle. This will help you develop an understanding of how you can use Akali in your team compositions, as well as how to best counter her.

Overview of Akali

Akali, the Rogue Assassin is an agile assassin with a high learning curve who utilizes her unique elemental system to wreak havoc against her enemies. As an enhancer of the Kinkou Order, Akali is unparalleled in her mastery of martial arts. By manipulating her unique pool of five elements, she can imbue herself with various powers for both offense and defense, allowing for a multitude of combat strategies. In addition to these capabilities, Akali’s ability to switch between different stances creates more strategic options as well. With good positioning, Akali can decimate enemies unlucky enough to cross her path.

Originally one of the greatest warriors of Ionia, Akali has since abandoned that role and instead focuses on weaponizing the Kinkou Order’s teachings in order to strike down evil where it lurks most—in darkness. Her journey led her many places before she returned home and now she serves as the first female leader in history of the Kinkou Order. Those who follow in her footsteps are rewarded with powerful mystical abilities that make them legendary warriors on Summoner’s Rift.

Akali’s Abilities

Akali is a powerful and unique champion in League of Legends. As an assassin champion, she possesses great power that needs to be tapped properly to maximize her potential. Using stealth, mobility, and graceful selection of abilities, Akali can burst down enemies with great precision.

Akali’s repertoire of abilities are as follows:

  • Passive: Five Point Strike – Akali gains bonus energy whenever she hits a nearby enemy with an ability or basic attack. These bonus energy charges grant bonus movement speed for 2 seconds, stacking up to 5 times if the same target is hit multiple times within 4 seconds. When 5 stacks are reached her next basic attack has bonus range and deals 110-220 (+25% Ability Power) bonus magic damage (+ 150% AD). The damage is increased based on the number of stacks consumed when it was used.
  • Q: Mark of the Assassin – Akali throws her kama at a target dealing physical damage and marking them for 6 seconds. If Akali damages marked targets with basic attacks or abilities they consume that mark dealing additional magic damage over 4 seconds and restoring Energy per mark consumed (max 3). Damage dealt to monsters with Mark of the Assassin cannot exceed 250 per cast but can stacking marks up to 3 times will increase its potential on monster affected units.
  • W: Twilight Shroud – Akali creates a magical zone around her which reduces sight in its area for all players leaving only hostile visible units revealed within it. This shroud grants her camouflage while she is in it becoming invisible after 0.5 secs except for at the edges where she fades out gradually over 0.75 secs before becoming fully invisible until leaving it or if crowd controlled / damaged by enemies revealing her again instantly inside it. Enemies outside the zone have their movement speed reduced when trying to enter ensuring their path is blocked unless they’re willing risk encountering an unsuspecting Katana-wielding Bad*** or have clear/reveal/vision skills set up both inside/outside Twilight Shroud giving an early warning spot in case they decide to come closer 👀 even though this latter may not always save them! 🤪
  • E: Shuriken Flip – Akali flips forward using both legs together exploding shurikens outwards upon landing dealing physical damage in a circle around her then slashing nearby enemy units dealing more physical damage. If there are no targets close enough to hit then this ability has no effect binding cooldown resets when hitting at least one enemy indicating that multiple uses can occur forging extreme burst potential! If a target champion is marked by Mark of the Assassin then only 1 shuriken will be thrown after flipping reducing burst amount drastically by half!
  • R: Perfect Execution – Akali dashes forward throwing 3 kunais along its path before leaping stunning all enemies hit for 1 second and slowing them for 2 seconds additionally going through walls during this Ultimate’s duration allowing kills from unexpected angles if correctly positioned! Cooldown resets upon killing an enemy champion indicating wise selection should ensue due offering versatility on team fights with acute assessment from opponent side necessary thwarting Evelynn’s attempts towards killing foes obstructing Ace-Outs situations where playing aggressive could mean death as consequence due receiving twice amounts of individual engaging focus solely herself making caution innate prioritizing even more importance perfect timing possessing without understanding conundrum results pending assuredness being nonfigurable outcome otherwise being unable eliminating hardcored predicaments such as Onesided Teamfights really risky!


Akali is an incredibly powerful champion in League of Legends, who is mainly played as an assassin. She excels in quick burst damage and mobility, which can make her a formidable opponent. She’s often seen as one of the best solo laners in the game, able to quickly and efficiently secure objectives and eliminate her enemies.

Let’s take a look at some of her strengths:

High Mobility

Akali is a champion character in League of Legends whose strengths are her high mobility and her ability to dish out huge amounts of damage to enemies. Her mobility, which comes in the form of dashes, allows her to quickly move around the map and gives her good escape options. Additionally, Akali’s energy resource can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, allowing her to maintain pressure on enemies while also making it difficult for them to engage or catch up to her.

Akali’s high damage output is achieved through two major abilities: a ranged energy ball and an auto attack reset which maximizes burst damage from basic attacks. To complement this power, she also has the ability to restore health with each takedown or execute. All these abilities allow Akali to make swift work of enemy players regardless of whether they have shields or armor. Akali also has a passive skill that marks target enemies when she uses an ability, allowing her team mates to help secure kills more easily.

High Burst Damage

Akali is a burst-oriented champion whose kit enables her to deal high single-target damage in a very short amount of time. She has two active spells, Mark of the Twilight and Five Point Strike, as well as an ability that grants her bonus attack speed and further increases her single-target burst potential.

Mark of the Twilight deals magic damage and applies on-hit effects to enemies within range upon use. Akali can also cast a second auto in the same direction for free with this ability, extending its range and overall effectiveness. Five Point Strike is Akali’s signature spell – which deals physical damage to all enemies within range in the shape of a pentagon or star. The ability’s passive allows Akali to strike out twice with her basic attacks, dealing increased physical damage on both hits. Finally, Akali gains increased movement speed and attack speed when she emails enemies using Shinobu’s Vow – allowing her to quickly move between targets before bursting them down quickly in succession.

Versatile Kit

Akali stands out amongst other champions due to the versatility of her kit. Her signature ability – Twilight Shroud – allows her a unique way to engage and disengage in team fights, providing her with a safe zone from where she can poke from and heal when needed. Additionally, she has a powerful dash ability that can be used to both initiate or avoid certain situations, outplay others and secure kills quickly by moving across walls.

Akali also possesses several strong damage abilities, that once all pieces are combined can easily burst down an opponent. Her ultimate is incredibly powerful as it deals an incredible amount of damage when used in combination with the rest of her kit. All these strengths mean that Akali excels in many kinds of fights – both in small skirmishes as well as thrilling teamfights. She therefore is a great choice when battle calls!


Akali is a formidable champion in League of Legends, but she does have some weaknesses. Akali is quite a squishy champion and doesn’t have a lot of sustain so she is vulnerable to being burst down. Furthermore, she can be quite easily countered by champions with hard crowd control abilities, as her mobility is her biggest strength.

Let’s move on to further analyse Akali’s weaknesses:

Low Sustain

While Akali is an extremely powerful damage-dealer in the right hands, she has a fairly low sustainability factor, especially in the early game. Akali’s fragility in teamfights exposes her to hard counter initiations and makes it difficult to get out alive. Her lack of hard crowd control can also make it hard to escape if she is focused.

Additionally, Akali’s long cooldown times make her vulnerable and weak when enemies are unexpectedly approaching her lane. Her mobility, while strong, does come at a cost of having lower defensive stats than many other champions who roam around the map.

High Skill Cap

When playing as Akali, one of the most important elements is understanding her weaknesses. Akali is known to have a high skill cap—this refers to the level of difficulty that expert players have in mastering her abilities and playing her optimally. This means that while Akali can be powerful, it takes a great deal of technical knowledge and skill to executed effective strategies with her.

Other weaknesses include having a low range on most abilities, meaning she must get close enough to enemies in order to properly utilize them. She also lacks an escape ability which can leave her vulnerable when caught out of position or in team fights if an enemy has crowd control effects (such as stuns or roots). Additionally, these same crowd control effects can be used to prevent Akali from reaching the enemy so she is unable to use any of her abilities effectively. Finally, all of Akali’s damage comes from short bursts rather than sustained damage, so if her attacks are disrupted she will take longer periods of time in order to do meaningful damage.

High Item Dependency

Akali is a highly item-dependent champion. While her inherent scaling and versatility make her naturally powerful, she does still rely heavily on building up items. Without them, Akali’s damage output can take a significant hit. This means that late-game teamfights require Akali to build properly in order to maximize her damage output.

On the flipside, this also means that late-game fights are when Akali is most powerful: with the right setup, she can cause an incredible amount of havoc in teamfights and quickly pick off enemies one by one. Be mindful of this item dependence when playing Akali in solo queue; if you’re not ahead or at least even with your lane opponent in terms of gold, you may be at a major disadvantage against tougher champions.

Tips and Tricks

Akali is a powerful assassin champion in the popular game League of Legends, and mastering this champion requires skill and practice. In this article, we will outline some tips and tricks to help you play Akali effectively. From item builds to rotations, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the most out of playing Akali. By the end of this article, you should be well-equipped to dominate the rift with Akali.


Positioning is key for success with Akali, as with any champion in League of Legends. As a melee assassin, her ability to approach and retreat from danger is essential to dominating the game.

While she can’t be as tanky as other champions due to her design, there are still some ways that Akali players can position efficiently and effectively. To begin with, understanding your opponent’s champion and playstyle can help you decide when is the best time to go for a engage or a retreat. Additionally, keeping track of enemy cooldowns and abilities will help you know when it’s a good time to engage an opponent or back off easily.

When engaging an enemy target using Akali, always try to keep your distance during auto attacks and casting spells if possible. This allows her range advantage to be maximized ensuring more damage is dealt on target while avoiding unnecessary damage taken from the enemy team. Remember that if you stay too close for too long in team fights, enemies may respond quickly thus killing you before doing enough damage for your team.

When retreating from opponents with Akali, pay attention to minion waves so that they will protect you while running away or provide an advantageous opening opportunity during Chase situations such as chasing down retreating enemies low on health. If possible, manipulate the minion waves so they are pushing towards either direction at different points in the match allowing yourself better opportunities while unleashing large bursts of damage through the waves in quick split second moments fast enough enemy teams most times won’t be able to react fast enough leading into an easy clean ace against them allowing your team gain decisive advantages over them depending on how skilled you utilize this strategy.


Timing is an important skill to learn in order to become better with Akali. It’s important to realize that although Akali has quite a few abilities at her disposal, her ultimate ability is the most powerful. When playing as Akali, it’s important to consider timing when considering your approach and play style during team fights as well as when facing off against other champions.

When it comes to laning and Ionian Fervor stacks, timing can also be very important. Using Augment of Wind or Mark of the Assassin correctly in order to maximize the damage dealt requires precise timing and planning. Remember, if you don’t time your attacks correctly you may miss out on crucial damage that could sway a fight in your favor!

Finally, when entering a fight knowing when Akali’s abilities are up can make all the difference. Knowing exactly how much energy she has and with which abilities she can do more damage makes a huge difference during teamfights. Make sure you’re aware at all times of your energy gauge and use the right ability at the right time!


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Akali is a versatile champion that can be used in a lot of different team compositions and situations. She has a wide range of synergies that can be used to her advantage. These synergies range from offensive playstyles to defensive setups.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the different synergies that Akali can make use of in the game of League of Legends:


Teamfighting is an important aspect of any Akali game, as her kit provides all that is needed to carry teamfights hard. In a teamfight environment, Akali will work best when she comes in after the fight has begun, and immediately starts looking to pick off a priority target with her combo.

In teamfights, it is important to remember the idea of “threat zoning” – not necessarily going into the middle of the fight and staying there, but instead moving around the edges looking to create space for your allies untargeted or jump in for clean up kills on lower HP enemies.

Once you have found a target and initiated with your combo, make sure to take advantage of your Skarner-like kit with Shuriken Flip and Twilight Shroud combo. Particularly when you land your Mark of the Storm with an E+Q combo you can follow up almost immediately by quickly dashing out after tagging them with an empowered W or Q. You also want to make sure that you are always using your Lunar Rush whenever it is available as it both refreshes CC duration off enemies and gives back energy allowing for tankier builds in some situations. As always be smart about positioning away from crowd control so that you can flit in and out without getting locked down constantly which can end up costing more than it helps.


Laning with Akali is all about getting the most out of her unique skill set. As an assassin, your primary focus will be on securing kills and using your mobility to stay ahead of the enemy team. To get the maximum value from each ability, it’s important to have enough energy (mana) to use them while laning. Akali has a relatively low mana pool and cooldowns, so manage them carefully.

Akali’s passive, Twin Disciplines gives her access to a large amount of attack damage when maxing out her energy requirements. This should be used to your advantage during laning by ensuring you have enough energy available for your ultimate, Perfect Execution, when engaging an enemy champion. Additionally, take advantage of Akali’s unique stealth ability (Mark of the Assassin) which can help her set up surprise kills against unsuspecting foes that don’t realize she has already left lane.

Finally, watch for any potential gank or team fight opportunities in lane that would benefit from Akali’s ultiplay potential or large burst damage from Twin Disciplines and Mark of the Assassin. Taking advantage of these quick skirmishes can take an individual lane lead for you and give your team an early game advantage over their opponents before battles move towards later stages in the game.

Objective Control

Akali is a champion in the online game “League of Legends” that requires the player to utilize smart strategy to fully take advantage of her abilities. With her particularly deadly combination of stealth and burst damage, Akali is a champion that’s capable of taking over a game if played correctly.

Objective control is an important part of playing Akali, as it can give her team an edge throughout the match. Objective control with Akali means actively pushing towers throughout the game. Because she has excellent mobility and stealth options, she is able to get around the map quickly and grab objectives that most other champions wouldn’t be able to reach. Additionally, while Akali may not have a great clear or teamfight presence early on in the game, she can make up for it by out-Rotating opponents and getting strategic dives on Towers or Dragons later on in the match. This objective control also creates space for your teammates to move around freely and secure kills or gold advantages across all stages of the game.

Finally, often times when playing Akali it’s important to establish lane priority – meaning don’t overextend by farming too deep into enemy territory as you might become vulnerable to ganks or lose valuable lane experience. Synergize your lane pressure with superior global objective control by knowing when it’s best to farm/roam and make sure you keep track when towers fall across your map; this should help create more window opportunities for enemies. As always remember teamwork is especially important when utilizing Akali’s global presence – it’s win more important than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Akali’s primary role in League of Legends?
A1: Akali is a mid-laner and assassin in League of Legends. She excels at bursting down enemy champions with her combo of abilities, making her a powerful pick in the right hands.

Q2: What abilities does Akali have?
A2: Akali has 5 abilities: Mark of the Assassin, Twilight Shroud, Crescent Slash, Shuriken Flip, and Perfect Execution. Mark of the Assassin is her main source of damage, while Twilight Shroud gives her a way to escape or ambush enemies. Crescent Slash and Shuriken Flip are her main crowd control abilities, and Perfect Execution is her ultimate.

Q3: How can Akali be played effectively?
A3: Akali is best played by mastering her combo of abilities and knowing when to use them. Try to keep an eye on enemy champions, and look for opportunities to ambush them with your burst damage. Her ultimate, Perfect Execution, should be used to finish off enemies that are low on health.