Amumu is a champion and has played the role of a tank. League of Legends. This champion is a powerful crowd control tool that can deal a significant amount of damage.

Amumu is a sad and beloved mummy in League of Legends. Amumu’s individual crowd control, CC, armored stats and AoE damage abilities make him ideal for holding down key champions or launching surprise attacks during teamfights.



He is the poor and lonely ancient Shurima soul who travels the globe looking for friends. As an ancient curse, his fate will be to remain alone forever. Amumu’s touch is death, and his affection has been ruined.

Amumu is described as a tiny, living corpse with lichen-colored bandages. Amumu has inspired folklore, legends, and myths told for many generations that it’s impossible to separate truth from fiction. Amumu’s unfortunate condition is that he lives in an empty, lonely and friendless state. They are always looking for someone to be their forever companion. His existence is cursed.

AMUMU’s Skills & Abilities

The combination of all these abilities can make your opponent’s team completely in control for many seconds. This gives you and your team plenty of time to defeat them.

Cursed Touch. Amumu’s primary attacks Curse Touch his opponents, bringing them to grasp true bonus damage from the approaching magic damage.

Bandage Toss. Amumu’s Bandage Toss can throw a sticky bandage at their enemy, damaging and stunning the target while he pulls himself near them.

Despair. Overcoming agony, closer opponents lose a percentage of Amumu’s max health every second and have the effect of Cursed Touch refreshed.

Tantrum. It reduces the physical harm Amumu could inflict upon others. Amumu can let go of his temper and inflicts damage on the opponents. Every time Amumu is being hit, Tantrum’s cooldown is lowered by 0.5 seconds.

Curse Of The Sad Mum. Amumu can trap enemies around him using bandages, Cursed Touch, and destructing them.

Playing as an amumu

To clean his jungle, Amumu requires a lot of Mana. He can’t do it swiftly without his Despair ability. Amumu can be defeated if you steal his blue bluff and contest it.

Amumu needs a team fight after pursuing level six when he gains his Curse of the Sad Mummy—counter Amumu by outpacing him in his jungle, dueling with him in the early game, and stealing his jungle.

Amumu’s Bandage Toss is in his hands from the moment he grabs it. You can only go a short distance to make Amumu’s gap close. Amumu’s abilities have a limited range, but they can be used to do extensive damage.


Here are some essential tips and tricks that will help you master the mechanics and nuisances of this amazing, yet deadly, mummy.

  • The E cooldown lessens by 0.5 seconds when you’re being attacked. You should focus your efforts on killing Raptors, Wolves, or Krugs. The E cooldown will decrease by 0.5 seconds if you allow the small monsters to strike.
  • It quickly drains your mana so make sure it is on whenever you are clearing or fighting the camps. It should be turned off when you are leaving the fight.
  • LeBlanc or Zed are two examples of champions that can be difficult to hit with the Q. If you want to defeat opponents, move closer and press R. Then hit your Q again.
  • If you are unable to find your R or don’t want it to be used, the Blue Smite can be used to slow down enemies and make them avoid your Q.
  • Last but not least, save Flash for teamfights. You can press R for an AOE stun or just press R!

Amumu, especially at level six, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and popular gankers in League of Legends. For new gamers, please know that Amumu’s Bandage Toss is not used to just hit the opponent champion for a good chunk of damage, but also to trap them for a small amount of time while Amumu is launching himself towards them.

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