Anivia is one of the most powerful and versatile champions in League of Legends. She is a strong pick in both solo queue and competitive play. Anivia has a complex skill set that allows her to make plays in different ways depending on the situation.

This article will give a comprehensive introduction to Anivia and her playstyle, covering her abilities, her strengths, her weaknesses and some tips on how to use her. Read on to learn all about the Cryophoenix.

Overview of Anivia

Anivia is a powerful, magical bird champion from the League of Legends video game. She can take multiple forms for various purposes, allowing her to change perspective on the battle quickly. She is often played as a mage and has a range of abilities that both increase her damage output and support her allies. With her frosty defenses, Anivia can be an intimidating addition to any teamfight.

Anivia’s passive ability, Rebirth, allows her to revive upon death, making fights more dynamic. In addition to Fireblast and Frostbite, Anivia also possess Glacial Storm – an area of affect ability which heavily slows enemies while dealing damage over time – and Crystallize – a wall that blocks paths temporarily. Her Ultimate ability is called Glacial storm which allows her to launch a huge tornado at the enemy team right before using Flash frost for extra crowd control and chaos during a team fight.

The unique combination of offensive utility combined with defensive capabilities make Anivia one of the most versatile champions in the game. Players who master Anivia have the potential to dominate teamfights and be incredibly useful in all stages of the game – from laning phase all the way through late game skirmishes!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Anivia is a powerful champion in League of Legends, and she is renowned for her abilities to lay traps and control shadowy forces. Specifically, she has three primary abilities that make her an effective presence in the game – frostbite, flash frost, and glacial storm. With these abilities, Anivia can easily control fights geographically while dealing hefty amounts of burst damage.

However, not every part of Anivia’s kit brings strength to the table. As with any champion in the game, this icy avian comes with certain limitations and weaknesses which can be exploited by opponents if they know what they’re up against. For example:

  • Anivia’s lack of mobility means that enemies may be able to place themselves out of her damage range or safely dive around an icy prison created by one of her spells before it takes effect.
  • As a squishy champion, Anivia doesn’t take much damage from enemy counterparts before going down due to her naturally low health pool.

It’s important for summoners who decide to pick Anivia to understand her strengths and weaknesses in order maximize the effectiveness of their champion play—as well as the opportunities for their fellow players when facing against such a powerful mage.


Anivia is a powerful champion in League of Legends that requires perfect timing and positioning in order to achieve success. Each of Anivia’s abilities are unique and can be used in combination to create some powerful and deadly combos. Understanding each of Anivia’s abilities is necessary in order to utilize the champion fully in game.

Let’s go over each of Anivia’s abilities and how they benefit the champion in game:

Flash Frost

Flash Frost is a powerful ability in Anivia’s arsenal and one of the most iconic abilities across the entire MOBA genre. This is an area-of-effect ability that slows any enemy it comes into contact with. When Flash Frost connects with an enemy a flurry of ice shards erupt from the target rendering them unable to move, attack, or use abilities for 1.5 seconds. Flash Frost also deals damage to all those within its radius and deals additional damage if it was not currently cooling down when it hit an enemy champion.

Utilizing this ability correctly can be integral to team fights, giving you and your allies time to pick off vulnerable targets or disengage safely in unfavorable situations. Overall, Flash Frost is one of Anivia’s most vital abilities and making sure it is being utilized properly can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Frostbite is Anivia’s main crowd control ability and deals a large amount of damage to the target. It can be used to punish enemies in the lane, prevent escapes, and quickly burst down unsuspecting enemies. Frostbite requires a single cast of Q and will root enemies in place while dealing damage over time. After the initial cast, you can activate your other abilities to further increase the Frostbite damage. This makes Frostbite great for combo-ing abilities with its long range and AoE capabilities.

It is important to note that Frostbite can only be cast once per target every 6 seconds so use it wisely. Anivia also gains increased movement speed when Frostbite is active on an enemy champion which makes it easy for her to run away or chase down an enemy in a teamfight.

Glacial Storm

Glacial Storm is a powerful ability that unleashes a powerful blast of freezing air, bringing cold damage and slowing effects to all enemies within its range. It typically has an area-of-effect range of about 10-20 yards, though this can vary depending on the power and level of the caster. The freezing cold damage can freeze enemies in place for several seconds, making them vulnerable to additional attacks.

This ability can be particularly useful when fighting multiple enemies at once, as it will limit their mobility and potentially defeat them quickly. Additionally, the slow effect can be used strategically to give your party more time to:

  • Prepare for battle
  • Escape safely from an area


Crystallize is Anivia’s signature spell, as it allows her to encase enemies in ice. When this spell is cast, a single target will become encased in a solid block of ice that blocks all non- elemental damage and increases their vulnerability. This frozen state only lasts for 3 seconds, but it can be reactivated up to two times with no additional cost. The cooldown begins the moment the first castDuration ends.

Crystallize also slows the enemies it hits in a cone in front of Anivia, making them unable to use certain abilities while they are held back by its forces.


Itemization is a key factor in deciding how well Anivia performs on the battlefield. Anivia is a champion who is built for late game and can leverage the right items to become a powerful asset to her team. Knowing which items to purchase and when is vital in order to maximize Anivia’s potential.

This section will go into detail about itemization and provide a basic understanding of the items that Anivia should buy in any given situation:

Core Items

Champion-specific items for Anivia are very important when it comes to her playstyle and will directly affect the ways in which she fares against other champions. Therefore, understanding which items are best for Anivia is essential for success when playing this champion.

Core Items: These items should always be included as part of an Anivia’s build and will generally provide the most optimal damage boost and mitigation needed depending on the situation. These core items include:

  • Rod of Ages: Grants improved health, mana, AP, & a passive that increases the duration of CC by 5 seconds
  • Archangel’s Staff: Increases Mana and AP, plus a unique passive that gives permanent mana over time
  • Luden’s Echo: Excellent burst power and CDR in one item thanks to its unique active effect
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: Gives increased health, AP, and also adds a slow effect to one’s spells
  • Void Staff: Improves magic penetration which heavily enhances Anivia’s overall damage output.

Situational Items

When deciding what items to bring with you in any situation, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, think through the activities that you’ll be participating in and choose your items based on those activities. Next, consider the environment and weather conditions that may affect the type of clothing you need to wear or other supplies that will be necessary. Finally, think through any contingencies—like practical survival gear that could come in handy if an unexpected circumstance arises – and adjust your item selections accordingly.

Below is a list of items that are suitable for various situations:

  • Situational Items
  • Clothing (appropriate for weather conditions)
  • Food/Snacks
  • Water/Beverage
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Backpack or bag to store all your items
  • Sun protection (sunscreen/sunglasses)
  • A map and compass (or smartphone with location services enabled)
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Common first aid supplies such as bandages, gauze pads and antiseptic wipes
  • Emergency whistle
  • Multi tool with knife blade included

Tips and Tricks

Anivia has been a long-time fan favorite in the world of League of Legends. She is a great asset to any team looking to tear up the Summoner’s Rift. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help out when playing as Anivia.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to take your Anivia gameplay to the next level:

Harassing with Flash Frost

Harassing your opponents with Flash Frost is one of the most effective ways to win in any match. Flash Frost can be a great tool for zone control, slowing an enemy down and opening up an opportunity for a quick kill. Its fast projectile speed and wide-ranging area of effect mean that it can be quickly cast at multiple targets without losing any time or energy.

When using Flash Frost, it’s important to take into account its cooldown time of 10 seconds. This means you should use it carefully and strategically, as you cannot spam it in rapid succession. You can also use this to your advantage by learning your opponent’s habits: anticipate where they will move next and plan accordingly when casting Flash Frost to most effectively harass them.

  • The further away you are when casting Flash Frost, the more damage you will do, so try to position yourself accordingly when possible.
  • Keep in mind that Flash Frost will damage enemies through walls or shields before they are able to reach their target location; this gives you vital additional time should you need it.
  • Additionally, if your opponent is expecting a difficult fight coming up – cast Flash Frost just before entering a battle for some added burst damage!

Warding and Vision Control

Warding and vision control are essential elements of any League of Legends game, and are especially important when playing Anivia. It is important to position yourself well and to pay attention to the enemies movements. Map awareness is incredibly important, as it allows your team to see where enemies are moving, what objectives they are attempting to take, or whether they are preparing for a gank. Wards are an investment as each one reveals valuable information about the enemy’s map position and strategies.

Anivia excels at taking objectives such as turrets or neutral minions, where both protection and vision of the area can be crucial advantages. Using wards placed in advance around certain areas will help keep her safe while she focuses on taking those objectives. Her wall ability also makes Anivia great at controlling choke points on the map either in the jungle routes around her team’s base or defending against enemies trying to approach that position.

Map vision control allows you to move effectively around lanes, scout out enemy positions without getting spotted, and predict any upcoming movement from both your team’s allies and foes alike. Knowing which key points have wards on them is vital for constructing a successful strategy which relies on avoiding ambush from opponents or covering chokepoints from unwelcome advance from invaders. Learn how ward placement directly influences the outcome of the game with Anivia!

Positioning and Mobility

Positioning and mobility are essential elements of Anivia’s gameplay – her ability to move around quickly and safely gives her the capacity to set up powerful teamfights, zone opponents away from objectives or create skirmishing opportunities, and manage team fights whenever needed.

With good positioning, Anivia can take full advantage of her long-ranged spells. The key is to keep your distance while delivering consistent bursts of damage with your Q and E main abilities. Her low mobility makes it hard for her to stay out of harm’s way when the enemies get too close. To increase your survivability, you should make sure you always have a Flash at hand, coupled with a use of Crystalized Frost passive to slow down approaching enemies.

Anivia is a great wave clearer with her Frostbite/Flash Frost combination which can easily clear out creep waves as well as harass enemy laners at an early game stage if used correctly. In addition she is also capable of taking towers from range with her impressive sustained burst damage but she needs support in order for successful tower dives to occur late game because no matter how powerful she may be on the field she will always be quite fragile in comparison due to her low HP pool.

Therefore, you need to find the balance between pushing minions aggressively and being aware of possible counter-gank opportunities or turret dives as these could spell huge danger if not prepared for accordingly. By utilizing Anivia’s mana pool regeneration (with improved items), waveclear potential and damage output while maintaining safe distance between yourself and enemies will enhance not just your effectiveness in lane but also keep you safe—making teamfight objectives much easier in focus.


Anivia is a champion in the popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL). She is a powerful, versatile mage-type champion who can be used in a variety of different team comps.

In this guide, we will go over some of the basics of Anivia, her abilities, the best builds, and some tips and tricks to get the most out of her. By the end of this guide, you should have a better understanding of Anivia and how to play her to her fullest potential.

Summary of Anivia’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Anivia is an extremely powerful, yet tough to perfect Champion within League of Legends. She is a creature of the cold winter, a mystical embodiment of ice magic, and an ancient guardian of the Freljord. Anivia is primarily a utility mage and boasts some impressive abilities; however, they can take some practice to pull off correctly.

Anivia’s Strengths:

  • Anivia has an impressive range and versatility with her skill kit which allows her to fulfill multiple roles simultaneously; one being able to damage the enemy while also protecting allies in teamfights.
  • She has decent cc and stuns with her ultimate ability: Glacial Storm, which gives her great burst damage potential combined with her other damaging abilities.
  • Anivia also has great ability scaling that helps beef up all of her damage dealing abilities as the game goes on.

Anivia’s Weaknesses:

  • Although Anivia has a ton of potential for damage dealing she does struggle in certain areas. Firstly Anivias cooldowns can be quite lengthy leaving gaps between significant crowd control or defensive moves for team fights.
  • Additionally, she can be very easily burst down if not played properly due to lack of mobility and high mana costs making it difficult to use skills frequently without running out of mana regularly.
  • Additionally – like all mages – she struggles against tanks due to their higher base health totals making it more difficult to deal significant amounts of damage quickly in team fights when faced with tanks on the enemy team.

Summary of Tips and Tricks

Anivia is a powerful champion in League of Legends due to her crowd control abilities and formidable damage output. It’s important to remember that Anivia requires good positioning and timing as she can easily be silenced or stunned, making her vulnerable. Here are some tips on how you can maximize Anivia’s potential:

  1. Make use of your Frostbite by using it with Glacial Storm for massive amounts of damage quickly.
  2. Position yourself between your allies and enemies to use Wall safely without placing yourself at risk. Simultaneously, try to position yourself so that Crystallize can be used in a way that cuts off the enemy’s escape routes.
  3. Use Glacial Storm defensively as well as offensively by using it on minion waves or enemies inside friendly minions or terrain walls to charge up your Spell Flux’s power quickly.
  4. Try to engage in fights while an ally is nearby who can stun or slow the enemy after you initiate with Flash Frost/Glacial Storm combo, allowing you more time and opportunity to cast Frostbite more freely.
  5. Be sure to spread out any Hextech Grenades attached onto multiple champions so that they all take the maximum full damage instead of half-damage shielding one another when bunched together too close together within the same AoE range of your trap Grenade spell casted onto one target enemy champion unit in team fight scenarios near-by!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What abilities does Anivia have?

A: Anivia’s abilities include Flash Frost, Crystallize, Frostbite, Glacial Storm, and Rebirth.

Q: What is Anivia’s role in League of Legends?

A: Anivia is a mage champion who excels at slowing and freezing enemies, as well as dealing high burst damage. She is typically played as a mid laner.

Q: What is Anivia’s damage output like?

A: Anivia is capable of dealing a large amount of burst damage to enemies with her Frostbite and Glacial Storm abilities, making her an excellent choice for a mage champion.