Cryophoenix, a battlemage class, plays an important role in offensive attacks. Annivia, a winged spirit that can be found in the battlefield, is one battlemage you can use. play in League of Legends. It can destroy all enemies with its power and strength as a demigod.

Anivia, the ancient protector of Freljord, is Anivia. Freljord is a land of unforgiving beauty, with fearless warriors and strong cultural values.

The Cryophoenix is a mythical representation of ice magic. She can even be in the coldest winter. Anivia, an benevolent spirit who is bound to Freljord after death, rebirth, or life, is forever protected and kept safe. Freljord was her destiny. It is her reason and purpose.


Who is ANIVIA and what are their responsibilities?

Anivia is an incredibly powerful mage champion who increases every team’s winning rate.

Anivia is a phenomenal champion and has excellent crowd control. Anivia provides a protective phase and push potential. She also gets a Guardian Angel that will help her survive burst damage.

The eternal cycle of death, life, and resurrection was endured by this winged spirit. She uses her elemental abilities to defend her homeland. She is a symbol to hope and deliver change. Anivia has sacrificed her own life, and she will be reborn with the strength to fulfill her duty.

The battle is moving well if Anivia has crystallization in her case. This utility spell cuts off key champions and creates an alternative route to escape. Anivia is able to revert as an eggs after she has taken great damage during a fight. She can then be reborn and recover her health. Anivia is a great addition to your champion set. You will be unstoppable if you master the techniques, abilities, and combinations.

Skills and talents of ANIVIA

Anivia is a champion who has many tricks to her sleeve. She can take down an opponent with magic damage, heal herself and even take them out! She can transform into Eggnivia, and gain back her strength. She can adjust her level to increase her armor or magic resistance.

The most unique part about Anivia’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. Anivia, for example, can use strong magic to target a particular area or summon an ice shield to protect the base.

Let’s take a closer look at her unique traits and abilities:

  • Crystalize: It is Anivia’s ability to cast a wall of crystalized ice in the target location and knocking down all the units in it. It is impassable terrain that lasts five seconds.
  • Rebirth: Anivia can sustain severe injuries when she attacks and protects midlanes. However, the resurrection allows her to cast spells that transform her into an Eggnivia. After a while, her health will return to normal and she can continue to protect the lane. She can also obtain extra armor and magic resistance.
  • Flash Frost Anivia makes a huge chunk of ice that slows down and damages all enemies it encounters. The ice will explode, shocking and damaging all enemies within its radius. Anivia has the ability to detonate her Ice before it reaches its maximum range.

Frostbite: This ability blasts the target champion with a freezing wind and great magic damage. Frostbite can double if the target champion was struck with a Flash Frost in the Glacial storm.

Glacial Storm: Anivia can summon hail and ice to a specific location. This will damage and slow down all enemies. The storm begins small, but increases in size for 1.5 seconds before reaching its maximum size and causing more damage. Anivia has the ability to stop the storm at will, or when she runs out mana.


Anivia can unify or destroy a team. There are many combinations you can use to win your team’s victory if you play as Anivia.

  1. Timing is everything. Frostbite and Flash Frost should be combined. This can cause you to inflict severe damage on your enemies.
  2. Anivia is dependent on mana in order to cash the Glacial Storm. Before you cast a spell try to find items that can store or improve your mana.
  3. Start aggressively at the beginning of a game. This can inflict tremendous damage on your opponents, as they are unable to kill her fast enough. Take advantage of this and play your trump cards.
  4. Anivia is a superb combo mage when it comes to combining her abilities and landing on the enemy. Three of her skills prove to be extremely useful. You can combine her skills with great crowd control.
  5. She has a great advantage in killing enemies because of the auto-attack ranges she can combine her abilities. Frostbite can be combined with Flash Frost to increase the damage. It slows down and chills the enemy’s movement, immobilizing it.
  6. It is important to keep in mind that not all champions are easy to dodge. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you use an all-in-combo strategy to eliminate your opponents.

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